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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interview: Beramli Sami from Thorius

Band: Thorius
Genre: Instrumental Metal
Label: None
Location: France

Interview with: Beramli Sami

Interview Though Email:
Why start a Instrumental Metal band? "I decided to create songs alone and I don't sing , I listen to lots of instrumental bands too and I try to sing with my guitar."

Why did you decide to start a one-man Metal band?
"I didn't find people in Paris to work with on a metal band unfortunately , that's why I choose to start a one-man Metal band."

What is the Metal scene like in France? "Many many bands , many people love Metal but France is not opened musically. Metal isn't known enough , most of people got their own idea and it's most of the time bad bias. So it's hard for Metal french bands to be attractive unless they got a big notoriety. Fortunately , thanks to Gojira , Metal scene is progressing a bit."

Are you in any other bands? "I work with differents artists like Tibz , Thomas Parth , to live and that keeps me active by working with other people , thing that I miss a lot on my own project."

What has been the biggest challenge you had to face in your music career? "I think trying to live with a one-man instrumental metal band being alone is already a big challenge I have to face everyday !"
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