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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interview: Dante from War Hammers

Band: War Hammers
Country of Origin: Mexico
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Label: Independent
Interview with: Dante (Guitar and Vocals)

Interview over Twitter:
What bands influenced you? Amon Amarth, Týr, Exodus, Kreator.
What's your favorite song that you have written? and Why? Oden. Beause is the favorite of our fans.
What is a band you want to tour with? Kreator
How did you come up with your name? For a game of words, "War" "Hammer."
What's your favorite type of instrument to use? Guitar.
How did you get started with your band? From my dream, my dream to be listened in all the world.
What are your goals with this band? Play and be listen in all the world...
Whats has been the biggest hill you have over came in your band's career so far? Recording our demos, and so many shows in all the country.

I would like to thank Dante of War Hammers for doing this interview with me. I wish them nothing but good things for the rest of there careers. And don't forget to check them out on FaceBook.
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