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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview: Joakim Hedestedt from Mass Murder Agenda

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Band: Mass Murder Agenda
Genre: Industrial Hardcore
Year Formed: 2009
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Black Lodge
Members: Tristan Agdler: Vocals
  Joakim Hedestedt: Bass
  Martin Sundberg: Guitar
  Henrik Blomqvist: Audio Warfare
  Chris Barkensj√∂: Drums

Interview with: Joakim Hedestedt

Interview Though Email:

What are some of the bands that influence your music? "We are mostly influenced by Ministry, Slayer and Nine Inch Nails. Somesynth bands also give some inspiration.

You have a song out on itunes called "Never Again" what shouldsome expect to hear from it? "“Never Again” was written for the solepurpose to fit in the category “radio friendly”, so that make it one of ourmost commercial songs. It have it all, catchy chorus, driven hard verse, softbreaks and more….but I would not call it representative for the rest of thealbum."

What is the Metal scene like in Sweden? "Most bands in Sweden are influencedby Gothenburg and the melodic death metal sound  that they produce, like In Flames, Soilworketc. Our style are not that common…yet. As chances to play live I think wecould do better, we have too few venues and too many bands."

What are your live shows like? "I decided when we started this bandthat our live shows should be more visible and amazing than the average bandwithin our size, we use our own lights and have two TV screens with videos thatare matched to the songs we play….nothing for a weak stomach…I always bleed onstage…that’s the dedication we will give you. I can assure you that you won’tforget us after a show."
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