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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview: Phil Salazar from Eden Burning

Band: Eden Burning
From: San Antonio,TX
Album: Banged Up N Dirty
Interview with: Phil Salazar (Singer/Guitarist)

Interview through Email:
If someone that has never listen to your band before came up and ask you why
should I listen to your band. What would you tell them?
"Eden Burning is a feel good band that connects with its audience, My thing is I want people to come to our shows and buy our music to forget there problems and have a good time. It's been said that our cd can make you drive
faster and head to the nearest bar to party haha. We are a hard rock band with
gritty grinding dirty Rock n roll with the occasional ballad thrown in . Most
bands these days sound very heavy and angry and that's okay, but I'm sorry I'm
just not that pissed off at the world, I think every day is beautiful if the
sun rises and you walk out that door ya know."

What is your inspiration to writing music? "I grew up on Mötley, Kiss, Guns N Roses and bands of that genre. I loved them because of there timeless music and high energy shows. I began
listening to Rock n roll when I was in 4th grade, I would day dream alot and
draw cartoons of Ace Frehley of Kiss on my notebook pads. All I have ever
wanted to be was a Rock n roll musician . It is possible to live your dream and
pursue it, I am living proof. Keep your day Job because you gotta pay the man , but strive for the best and do all you can to pursue your dreams every single day. Lucky for me I am in music 24/7 from managing a huge music store, writing, producing, recording, touring, writing a book, and fronting Eden Burning. It can be done."

What is the message you want the listener to receive while listening to your music? "Have a good time, Crank it up, and forget your troubles and have another shot."
How did you come up with your name? "I was in a book store reading on a day off and stumbled across a book called Eden Burning that was misplaced, I looked at it for a second and thought hmmmm I kind of like that. Researched it and it was free and clear so I took the name. There was a Celtic band called Eden Burning way back in the early 70s but they disbanded long ago, there is no hard rock act on the scene with this name but us."

Out of all the bands that you have open for, Which was your favorite? "There are so many , I have been lucky to open for many bands I grew up listening to. To date I have opened for
Tesla, Saxon, Steven Adler, Ratt, Dokken, Great White, Faster Pussycat, The Genitortures, La Guns, The Bulletboys, Bang Tango, George Lynch, Lita Ford, Quite Riot, Doro Pesch, Bret Michaels, Riot, UFO, Orgy, Adema and so many more."
         "Every one has been a favorite because I have been lucky enough to be invited to share stages with these bands. If I had to choose one single event though it would have to be Dokken. That show in San Antonio a few years back was so packed and every one was hanging on your every word , and singing along. The band was totally cool except that we never met Don Dokken because when he
arrived he went straight into his dressing room and shut the door, but other
than that, It was a great time."
       "Playing The Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles last month was a milestone for me, When I saw our name on that marquee on Sunset Strip I knew I had arrived, all the years of rockin and there I was on the Sunset Strip Whisky Marquee."
       "I leave every musician out there with this. "Success is what you
define it as, You can be anything you want "."

I would like to thank Phil Salazar for doing this interview with me. I wish them nothing but the best. Keep Rockin'.
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  1. Great interview, What would u say to the younger generation that is being introduced to ur music these ages range from 16 to 24yrs old. Some. Very mature 12 to 15yr old as well. What is the message u would like them to get out of ur music and what would u say to them to inspire them to reach and go for their dreams...

    Sincerely, yours
    Julia Villegas Phelps (Author)