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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview: Sandro Capone from Bejelit

Band: Bejelit
Genre: Heavy Power Metal
Location: Arona
Label: Bakerteam Records
Members: Fabio Privitera: Vocals
Sandro Capone: Guitars
Marco Pastorino: Guitars
Giorgio Novarino: Bass
Giulio Capone: Drums and Keys

Interview with: Sandro Capone

Interview Through Email:
What are some bands that influenced your music? "Eeach member of the band writes and composes our own songs, so everyone of us listen to different bands and genres: from Sonata Arctica to Symphony X, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Children Of Bodom, Queen and many more bands and artists over rock and metal music. The mix of our music preferences give our final influences."

You have released 4 albums, if some one wants to start listening to your music what album should they start with to bring them to like your music? "Our four albums are very different. Our first album, Hellgate, is direct, power and energetic but the quality is quiet similar to an eighties production. Our second album, Age Of Wars, is more epic maybe our third, You Die And I..., is very aggressive with dark atmosphere. Our fourth album, Emerge, is the best one about quality and production, more positive than the third one and very very power! After this short review of our discography it's not easy to reccomend a specific album but we are very proud of our latest release so I reccomend to listen Emerge."

You list your bands genre as "Heavy Power Metal" can you explain what that means?
"We list Heavy-Power metal because journalists and reviews list us with these words. It's too easy to talk about us as a power metal band because we have too much more influences from every genre of metal. We prefer to play the music that we like and leave the comment and the list to the people that listen to us."

Why did you start this band? "We start to play for fun so we would like to write personal music and try to make something that we like.. after our first demo we saw that people like us and we understood that we could make something more than a demo."

How as the band evolved since the release of the first album? "Many thing are changed in these past years. By our first album I think that the most relevant thing is to approach the life of a real band. From the two latest album we have worked hard and seriously to this project, to spread the name and the music all over the world by internet and with our gigs. The only thing that has not changed is the way to write and compose our own music and have fun to play it."
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