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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Interview: Troy Bell from Avarice

Band: Avarice
Genre: Metal Punk
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Oakville
Location: Toronto
Members: Troy Bell: Lead and Rhythm guitars
Chris Flynn: Bass guitar
Alex Dabic: Drums

Interview with: Troy Bell

Interview Through Email:
You list your genre as a Metal-Punk band, can you describe Metal-Punk?"Metal punk is kind of a genre that we created since we don’t feel that we fall exclusively within any existing genre of music. It basically merges different elements of both metal and punk together, but in a different way from metalcore. Basically we wanted to take certain elements of metal such as primal drumming, fast riffs and solos, and merge them with a punk attitude to create a dirty, aggressive sound, but one that still focuses on melody. It’s a hard thing to describe. Listen to the songs and hopefully you’ll see what I

Your debut album is called "A Fatal Indulgence" what is the message you are trying to get across with that title, if any?"The message we were trying to get across with naming the album, “A Fatal Indulgence” is very similar to the theme for the band name, “AVARICE”. For those that don’t know avarice means greed, and that is something that we found to be very prevalent in modern society. In the same way we found that many people currently engage in excess in many ways in their lives that ultimately have a negative effect of themselves and the world around them. So in a way the album title reflects our band name in that it is about the manner in which individuals indulge themselves to the point of self destruction."

Why did you start this band?"We started this band because we love music and want to play it for
the rest of our lives. The goal is to take this all the way to the top and show that you don’t have to compromise your artistic integrity in order to succeed."

What is your inspiration to write music?"The band that got all of us into playing music was The Offspring. They’re still one of our favorite bands. Our guitarist (Troy), who writes most of the material, started playing guitar after hearing their album Conspiracy of One. After one listen he went out and promptly bought every one of their albums."

What has been the biggest hill the band had to come over and what has been the greatest moment?"The biggest hill we’ve had to climb is the one we’re still climbing, which is getting more and more exposure and making this dream of ours a reality. The best moment we ever experienced as a band was playing a show called No Money No Soul in downtown Toronto. The whole crowd had never heard us before, but absolutely loved us and gave us one of the best crowds we’ve ever played to. It really meant a lot considering that there were two other bands that basically were ignored by the audience prior to us playing. To us it was confirmation that we have something really special here and that we need to pursue it. To anyone out there reading this, check out our free music"

We would like to thank Avarice for doing this interview with us. We wish them nothing but the best in there career!

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