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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Metal Album Review: Anthrax: Worship Music

Band: Anthrax
Album: Worship Music
Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Label: Mageforce (U.S.), Nuclear Blast (Europe)
Producer: Anthrax, Scrap 60, Jay Ruston
Year Released: 2011
Album Number: 10
Number of Tracks: 14
Length of the Album: 60:45
Favorite Track: The Devil You Know, Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't, In the End, Judas Priest, The Constant
Rating: 9/10
Reason for the Rating: Anthrax really fell off the Thrash Metal scene for a while, but with this album you have to talk about Anthrax now. With Joey Belladonna back on the vocals for this band, it really gives them there old school feel back.And since Joey was there when Anthrax was making there best albums, you could say before this album was to come out that this album was going to be good. Not only that but you can't talk about Anthrax without bringing up this album as one of there best album, not there best album but it is in there top 5. With the guitars, bass, and drums giving the listener the feel of old school Anthrax, the listener would think that these songs were made in the 80's. This album is a must have for any Metal fan.

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