Everything Heavy Metal: Metal Album Review: Miss May I: At Heart

Metal Album Review: Miss May I: At Heart

Band: Miss May I
Album: At Heart
Year Released: 2012
Label: Rise Records
Genre: Metalcore
Producer: Machine
Album Number: 3
Length of Album: 44:38
Number of Tracks: 13
Favorite Tracks: Hey Mister, Road of the Lost, Gold to Rust,Ballad of a Broken Man 
Rating: 6/10
Reason for the Rating: Every song sounds closely similar to each other. They don't really bring anything new to the table. If you are looking for the same band in that made Monument, not going to find them. If you are wanting to get into Miss May I, you may not want to start with this album. Now having said that, is it a bad album? No, it's a pretty good album. But they could do better.

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