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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interivew: Fang VonW. from Lords of the Trident

Band: Lords of the Trident
Genre: Metal
Year Formed: 2008
Location: Madison, WI
Members: Fang VonW. - Lead Vocals
Killius Maximus - Lead Guitar
Asian Metal - Lead Guitar
Pontifex Mortis - Lead Bass
Sledge Garrotte - Lead Drums

Interview Though Email with: Fang VonW.

How does the music you recorded in "Death or Sandwich" differ from the music in "Chains on Fire"?
     "The first album ("Death or Sandwich") was a lot more haphazardly put together than "Chains on Fire". This was the first time we had ever recorded an album, and we recorded the songs as we wrote them. Due to this, we recorded on a large array of different amps and setups. Chains on Fire was a much more concentrated effort, and the production is much improved. In terms of the songwriting, a large majority of the songs off of the first album were written or co-written with our original guitarist, the Socrates of Shred, who is no longer with us. Asian Metal and Killius Maximus have easily picked up the the songwriting duties, however, so we never really had a break from creating new material."

Do you have a favorite out of the two?
     "Definitely "Chains on Fire". We're always trying to create better songs, or songs that speak to us currently, so I think we usually gravitate towards recommending our new stuff. There are some fantastic songs on "Death or Sandwich" as well, though."

How did the band improve in between those two albums?
     "There was a huge amount of change that happened between the first album and the second. We lost two founding members of the band, and were lucky enough to replace them with equally talented immortals of metal. We solidified ourselves as a band by playing a large number of live shows, and growing our fan base by touring around the Midwest. I learned how to record more instruments more skilfully. Lots of change!"

How did the band up come with there names?
     "Pssh, foolish mortal! These are our birth names! We only use our invented "human names" when we have to check into a hotel all incognito-like. Or on standardized tests. You know how they have those boxes where you can write your name, and they only give you so many boxes to use? Usually "Fang VonWrathenstein" is far too long for the amount of boxes provided. I thought "Ty" would be a much shorter name to use."

How bands influence your music?
     "Since we've been playing metal since the dawn of time, technically most bands are influenced by us. Iron Maiden totally ripped off our schtick. If I had a pick bands that closely resemble us, and that we enjoy listening to, I'd say Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dream Evil, Dio, Savatage, and possibly Scar Symmetry."

How would you describe your band?
     "Lords of the Trident is the most metal band on earth. Our metal's so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Our amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on our door and asked us to "please turn down". Don't let your girlfriends near LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, 'cause our music is guaranteed to make panties explode. You think you're bad? While you're watching our sweep picking wondering how we bend space-time to fit all the notes in, we'll punch you right in the face without missing a beat."

When should expect to hear some new music?
     "We're currently working with industry mogul Martin Atkins (Drummer for Nine Inch Mails, Killing Joke, and Pigface) on the next EP. We should hopefully be headed to the studio in a few months, and you'll probably get to hear the new stuff shortly after that!"
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