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Monday, July 16, 2012

Interview: Adrian Powell from Awake by Design

Band: Awake by Design
Genre: Melodic Metal, Heavy Rock
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Memebers: Adrian Powell - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Callum Downing - Lead/Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Luke Smith - Lead/Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
 David Favill - Bass Guitar
Gary Arlett - Drums
Raedon Mac - keyboards

Interview with: Adrian Powell

Interview Thought Email:
How did you come up with the name for the band?     "It took us awhile to come up with a band name we were happy with, same with most bands really! we had a song called "Awake By Design" before we had a band name. My guitarist said that would make an awesome band name. I always looked at it as a song name but I'm really glad we used it as the name! I've never looked back!!! The actual song never gets played now, it was never very good anyways haha!"
How does you upcoming album "Carve the Sun" differ from "Sentiment"?
     "It differs a lot but still keeps the Abd sound! The new songs show a new side of Abd a more deep Awake By Design shall I say? There's lighter elements and faster elements. The songs I think are a vast improvement on the "Sentiment" songs. As we've used a lot of new keys and emotions and made it more interesting for us and the listener."
How would you descride Melodic Metal to some one that has never heard of it?     "I would describe it as therapeutic Rock music with beautiful pop melodies and emotional vocals in a heavy drum and distorted guitar sandwich. Or am I just describing what Awake By Design's version of Melodic Metal is?"
Is there a message behind your music?     "Lyrics Yes! each song has its own message. I've written about vanity to happiness and anything I feel about at that particular time"
What has been the biggest hill you had to over come?
     "We're alyways climbing, The hill never ends!!! but so far the stress of recording an album when it's not going right. Every musician knows what I'm talking about!!! It can be more stressful then the soundman telling you he doesn't have enough inputs for your vibrator."

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