Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Andrey Aza from The Name

Interview: Andrey Aza from The Name

Band: The Name
Genre: Progressive Metal/Metal
Location: Bilbao, Vizcaya, Es

Interview with: Andrey Aza

Interview Though Email:
What are some of the bands that influence you music?
     "There are a lot of bands and names of musicians that all members of 
The Name we follows during our lifes, but the most important bands 
would be these:
Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Pink Floyd
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Spiritual Beggars
Paradise lost"
How would you descride your music?
     "Well, each one of us - band's members - have his own influence, favourite music style, own mode of instrument playing, etc., so the combination of all of us, appends to our music touches of force, melody, feeling, rhythm and so, represented in differente rock and  metal styles. The union of all I could describe like contemporary metal, loyal to the classic heavy metal, with some touches of 
progressive metal and classic and hard rock. Our music is the expression of the filling of the 5 members of the band, so the basic style adquieres varied touches of different styles."
What is your writing process?
     "Usually is the singer, me (bass player) or solo-guitarrist brings to our rehearsal hall, the idea, like giutar riff, or chord progression, and all band begins working in the idea, developing the song. This is the more pleasant process, but is the most uneffective, because there are a lot of differences in our opinions, so is difficult to come to an agreement. The most effective method is to develop our own ideas each one of us at home, an than bring semi-finished ideas to the rehearsal and terminate it in team."
How do you get ready for a show?
     "Many people could think that, being the metal band, we get a lot of  beers, whiskyn and other stuff before the show and than we go plaing... But no, our way is taking a look on the choreography notes, more difficult parts of the songs, cable connections, and so. I think we are a bit responsible so we would prefere to have everything ready to show, to play nervousnesslessly, and enjoing our music, the show and people reception."
How do you feel about the band's career?
     "The music is our hobby, but, we feel us "musicians". The musis is that we like and appreciate, the music is a part of our lifes, so we're trying to "make a step". We're looking for shows, for the artistic 
agencies who helps us to prepare the shows, for the discographyc agencies to distribute our CDs, and so: we are musicians, so we're working in our ideas making music, and we hope we will make a step to pass to the next "music division"."


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