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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview: Arthur Migotto from Hazy Hamlet

Band: Hazy Hamlet
Genre: Classic Heavy Metal
Year Formed: 1999
Location: Brazil
Members: Arthur Migotto - Vocals
Fabio Nakahara - Bass
Julio Bertin - Guitars
Cadu Madera - Drums

Interview with: Arthur Migotto

Interview Though Email:
Why did you start this band? And how did you come up with the band name?
     "Well, back in 1999, all we wanted was to play cover of our favorite groups' songs. Needless to say that in very shortly Hazy Hamlet started to writing its own songs. The band name was suggested by Fabio Nakahara, band founder and bassist, and it refers to the sad world we live in. We believe a lot is hidden from us due to the interest of huge corporations, churches and politicians, and so we live behind a curtain of lies, an illusion. They impose us their rules but fill us with cheap entertainment and coax us their lies in a way that we believe it is fine. Blinded by media and promotional brainwash, we even love them! In summary, this planet is a small hazy hamlet, a dense fog of lies."

Whats the Metal scene like in Brazil?
     "You know, Brazil is huge and the metropolitan areas are really far from each other. With very little or no investment at all, it is very difficult for underground acts to promote their work, and even big Brazilian names are struggling. On the other side, true passionate headbangers are numerous, wild, and our country is going through a fertile period when talking about Classic Metal groups."

How do you feel about you debut release "Forging Metal"?
     "We know there are mistakes and sound problems, but we had so many troubles to release it – it took four years from its concept to its release – that we are really proud about it. Although it still has some Power Metal in it, remains from former members, there are many songs that aim at the root of Classic Metal, and the album was really praised by True Metal community. It was the key for taking Hazy Hamlet to be acknowledged and respected worldwide."

How did you come up with that name for the album?
     "We already had composed the homonym song, and we wanted a title that represented all our effort and passion. Something with impact, strength. We then came with all ideas and details for the cover artwork. Promoting the song name to the album title was almost automatic."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "No, not an unanimous one. Each one of us has its favorite. However, we all like Field of Crosses and Chariot of Thor, because of their choruses, transitions and solos with a lot of feeling."

When should we expect to hear some new music?
     "Soon! We've been composing for a new album since February of this year, and in July we were in studio tracking rhythm guitars, basses and drums. In September we'll track vocals and guitar solos. We already have a great cover artwork ready, and if we manage to close a deal with a label for a vinyl press quickly, the album will be released by the end of the 2012."

Why did you choose to release the "Monuments of Steel (True Metal Compilation)" and "The Crimson Cover (Tribute to WASP)"?
     "In fact we did not choose, but we were chosen – and this is very cool! After releasing Forging Metal and some months promoting, the album received a lot of positive critics. Hazy Hamlet was then invited by Bart Gabriel, chief-editor of Poland's Hardrocker Magazine and also producer, to take part on Monuments of Steel compilation, with the honor of featuring aside names like Whiplash, Steel Assassin, Metalucifer ... Parallel to this, we were invited to record a cover song for a tribute to WASP titled The Crimson Covers, which was released by German label Remedy Records. It wasn't easy, but with had a lot of fun!"

How do you feel about your career so far?
     "We've gone through so many problems in these 12 years - health issues, member changes, studio trouble, member moving, promoter default – that we don't even know how we're still together. But we've raised the flag of Brazilian Heavy Metal and we are part of its history now. Add this to lots of delightful moments, and we can assure you we feel really proud about it all. The problem is we're not teens anymore, and accumulated responsibilities are making it harder every day, so we'll bet everything in this new album and put all our passion and effort in it to have a chance to present our Metal worldwide, once and for all."

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