Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: B. Kottmann from Intractable

Interview: B. Kottmann from Intractable

Band: Intactable
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Location: Switzerland
Members: B. Kottmann
M. Hospenthal
D. Meier
M. Schuler

Interview Though Email with: Beni Kottmann
How did you come up with your name?
     ""Slayer" was allready used, so we've choosed "Intractable". No seriously, "Intractable" reflects our characters. For example, our drummers doctor told him"intractable" means in medical-terms "no chance for healing", [..]"

What bands influence your music?
     "hard to tell, we all listen to very different music. we're influenced by all kinds of good music."

How do you feel about your career so far?
     "career? did we missed the start? sriously. Till now we can't talk about a career. We hope to reach more people with our new CD. But at the moment, we're looking for a Label which help us to share our music arround the world!"

Can you give some history about the band?
     "In the year of 2006 Dominic Meier (Git) and Benjamin Kottmann founded INTRACTABLE in SURSEE/LU. After a while Michael Schuler (Bass) and Markus Hospenthal (Git) joined them to complete the band. INTRACTABLE  has been touring the stages of Switzerland since December 2009, from the small club shows up to bigger venues supporting such acts as: GURD, WARBRINGER; SKELLETON WITCH and many others. After the release of the first self-recorded Demo CD “First eruption” in spring 2010, which included 5 Songs, the band went into the studio to record our first album. With the 12 songs being mastered and the artwork in progress, the record is getting it’s finishing polish, to be released soon."

What should some one expect to here off your album "inner decay"?
     "honest metal music. Given the fact that we don’t focus exclusively on one metal genre, a Pantera fan can enjoy our sound as much as a death metal freak. But it’s always best if people build their own opinion on our sound by listening to it."


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