Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Christopher Olsson from Dirty Passion

Interview: Christopher Olsson from Dirty Passion

Band: Dirty Passion
Genre: Hard Rock
Year Formed: 2006
Location: Malmoe, Sweden
Members: Kriss Lohikoski Svensson - Vocals
Christopher Olsson - Guitar
Markus Winberg - Drums
Nasty Laine - Bass

Interview Though Email with: Christopher Olsson
You shared the stage with Y&T, how you expirence with that band?
     "Great! That was our first big-show in a big venue. We dident know anything about Y&T at that point, never really heard of them. But when we got the offer to be the support act we checked them out, and I was really surprised. They are one of my favorite bands now, they got so much. They have great metal-riffs in some songs, great ballads, amazing voice and every song is well written."

It also looks like you ha ve tour with a lot of famous bands, is there a band/bands that you had the best expirence with?
     "We did a tour with LA Guns (tracii guns) in March this year. That was one of my favorit tours. Everybody was just so relaxed. And I belive that the bookers/promoters and agencys that was involved in this tour was much more serious than some others we have experienced."

How do you feel about you deput album "Different Tomorrow"?
     "We got what we wanted. We wanted to record an album the way they did in the 70 & 80`s with alot of old analog studio gear, and we wanted to sound like they did in the 80`s too. We were really into all that stuff 2 years ago. But things have changed and we are writing much heavier songs now. Still with the "classic rock" sound but i think we have a much heavier sound for the next album, with a more modern touch."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "I like them all, but Selling Your Soul has always been a favourite. "Without You" is also one of my favourite songs on that album."

What was your/the bands reaction when you saw that your album went to number 4 in category Hard Rock on the Swedish charts?
     "That was great! at that point we`d been on the charts for several weeks. some weeks we were nr6, nr9, 13 etc. One week we were nr 4, that was cool!"

As of right now you posted the band a currently working on their second album, how is that going as of right now?
     "We are currently putting the finishing touches on the last few songs. All the major parts are recorded and done so right now we are mostly getting ready for the photo and video shoot. If all goes to plan well have an early copy of the album by september and all fans can get their hands on it in october when it hits the stores."

What should the fans expect the album to sound like?
     "A more modern take on our original classic rock sound with a bigger production then on "Different Tomorrow". Also the song writing is more organic and "effortless" these days. Essentially its the sound produced when the four of us get together to play."


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