Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Deon From Strident

Interview: Deon From Strident

Band: Strident
Genre: Power Metal
Year Formed: 2008
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Members:  Deon van Heerden - Vocals and Lead Shred
George van der Riet - Rhythm Geet
Niell Schoeman - Stunt Guitar
Piet Delport - Bass and Backing vocals
Daniel Vollgraaff - Keyboards
Christian Burgess - Drums
Marcel Christie - Honourary Lifetime Member

Interview with: Deon van Heerden

Interview Though Email:
You release your debut about "Oath" how do you feel about that album?
     "We’re very proud of what we accomplished with Oath. It was an audacious musical statement in a metal scene filled with people who take themselves far too seriously. It contains the inevitable excesses and shortcomings of youth and inexperience, but it is also filled with passion, energy and ambition. It gave us a great deal of perspective on what we want – and don’t want – in terms of production, songwriting and delivery, and this has proved invaluable in the recording of our second album. It’s an album which will always have a special place in our hearts."

How would you describe your album?
     "Varied, ambitious and very tongue-in-cheek. It has it all: feel-good anthems of self-empowerment, songs of vengeance and fury, heartfelt ballads, all-out thrashy numbers, zombies, pirates and – of course – power metal from space!"

What is the Metal scene like in South Africa?
     "Although it is unlikely to ever reach the sort of commercial viability is has achieved in Europe, the US and South America, the number of South African metal bands, festivals and fans is growing by the day. And since ours is a niche scene, no one here is in it for the money. When you take the potential for earning money out of the equation, you are left only with those who have a fire for metal burning in their hearts. In other words, our metal scene is small, tightly-knit and fiercely dedicated. Our relative obscurity is, in many ways, our strength."

What are your goals for this band?
     "To write, record and play the sort of heavy metal we love. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Whether playing to an audience of ten or ten thousand, we want people to have a good time, and for the musical experience to be powerful, emotional and – ultimately – empowering."

Whats your inspiration to write your music?
     "We write the sort of music that makes us feel good, the sort of music which makes us feel as though we are atop a mountain with our swords in the air. Our inspiration comes from many sources, such as literature, film and powerful music; ultimately, it’s about expressing our ideals of honour, loyalty and pride."


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