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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interview: il Lurido from Redwest

Band: Redwest
Genre: Spaghetti Western Metal
Location: Milano, Italy
Members: il Lurido - vocals, harmonica, effects
 il Randagio - guitars & backing vocals
 il Molesto - guitars & backing vocals
 il Losco - bass & backing vocals
 il Timido - drums
 la Straniera - backing vocals
Interview with: il Lurido

Interview Though Email:
 How did you come up with this idea for a sorta of western Metal band?
     "The idea was born for fun from il Lurido (singer, composer of the band), when the cover of "They call me Trinity" soundtrack has been recorded. It was made a videoclip and then put it on youtube      ( It received immediatly thousands of visits and many people asked us how to find our music, so il Lurido decided to take the project seriously and then..."
What s Spaghetti Western Metal?
     "It's the perfect blend of cowboys flair and the heavy metal sound. We'd like to specify that we don't come from America, so we don't like the "country-metal" label or something like that. Our roots are Italian, we grew up with the Italo-Western movies of Sergio Leone and we have a strong passion for hard'n'heavy music. Spaghetti Western Metal is not just a music label, but a life-style!"
How did you start this band?
     "When il Lurido has decided to make a real Spaghetti-Western Metal band, has carefully searched for other members. But it has been easier than expected because the project sounded interesting and stimulating and the band was complete in a short time."
What is your inspiration?
     "Our songs are influenced by western movies soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, the rebel country music of Johnny Cash, a touch of Italian irony and the epic and powerful Heavy Metal."
Your latest release was the "Play your Hand" EP, what was the gameplan going to record that EP?
     "When we published the first EP, we put all efforts into doing live shows to promote the band and our new sound. In that period, at the same time, new songs were born like a second nature to us So the band decided that it was time to record a new EP and here we are!"
How do you feel about the final cut of it?
     "The final result is explosive, epic and something we never expected before. All the band members did their best and so we are very proud and happy about it."
Do you have a favorite song off the EP?
     "No, every song that composes the EP is characteristic and sounds different from the other ones. The lyrics have various themes, too: the gambling addiction, the death, life values and also something funny and ironic."
When should we expect a new full-length?
     "We hope as soon as possible!
We will keep you informed for sure!"
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