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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interview: Jacob Schmidt from Defeated Sanity

Band: Defeated Sanity
Genre: Progressive Brutal Death Metal
Year Formed: 1994
Location: Berlin, Germany
Label: Willowtip Records
Members: Konstantin Lühring - Vocals
Christian Kühn - Guitar
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Lille Gruber - Drums

Interview with: Jacob Schmidt

Interview Though Email:

What is Progressive Brutal Death Metal?
     "I made that one up haha. Well we are influenced a lot by progressive metal bands like Watchtower, (early) Cynic or Atheist as well as Jazzrock stuff. I think you can hear that in our sound and I figured it is more accurate to be called "progressive" Brutal Death rather than the often used term "Jazz Death Metal"."

What is the Metal scene like in Berlin?
     "It is alright but has seen better days to be honest. Right now the "extreme" music scene here is all about nu-core. There are still a few bands left like Sinners Bleed, Harmony Dies, Requital, In Demise, Cerebric Turmoil, Orth and of course a lot of softer metal Bands as well."

The band is coming out with an album called "Passages into Deformity" in 2013, what should someone expect that album to sound like?
     "People can expect this to be our masterpiece of course. Well everybody says that, I know, but I'm really confident that this is our best material so far and the most worked-out to date composition wise. I think there will be something for everybody: slams, technicality, jazzy parts and of course pure death metal riffing."

Whats that game plan going to record this album?
     "We're going into the studio in September for recording and mixing. We'll be recording live (= all together in a room) again like we did on Psalms but of course with some overdubbing to improve things."

How does the music that band record in "Prelude to the Tragedy" differ from the music being recorded for this album?
      "Prelude was more a compilation of songs written over a couple of years which makes it our least consistent album in my opinion. Nowadays we know better what we want and what exactly we don't. Everybody is contributing and it sometimes really feels like we have the same mind when thinking about riffs."

How did you come up with the name for the band?
     "Lille came up with that in the 90s, long before I was in the band. The name just represents what our lyrics are about: the weak mind, despair and infatuation that are the reason for human cruelty and sometimes also a result of it."

The band started in 1994, How do you feel about the band's career so far?
     "It has been going pretty slow til the late ninetees. Lille and Wolfgang were mostly jamming and recording demos for years before ever entering a stage. From 1998 it all started to shape up and from then with every album we gained more experience and also reputition.
We never made a sudden big step of fame or anything, it was very consistent. Maybe it's the better way..."

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