Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Joonas Koto from Malpractice

Interview: Joonas Koto from Malpractice

Band: Malpractice
Genre: Metal/Progressive
Year Formed: 1994
Location: Kouvola/Kotka/Helsinki
Members: JOONAS KOTO - Guitar

Interview Though Email with: Joonas Koto

You started off as a Thrash Metal band, why did the band change over to a Progressive band?
     "We always had progressive elements even when we played more Thrash oriented metal. Our influences were always more from the progressive side of Thrash and metal/rock. The Progressive stuff just seemed more musically appealing. We still haven't totally cast aside those Thrash elements

How does the music you were making in your first album "Of Shape and Balance" (1998) differ from the music you are making now?
     "First of all it's more focused and better written mainly because of the amount of experience gained throughout the years. The basic building blocks are still the same: Complex guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies with a lot of harmonies. Of Shape And Balance was a bit all over the place arrangement-wise so I guess you could say we're more mature musically nowadays."

How do you feel about your career so far?
     "There's been a lot of ups and downs that's for sure. But mainly I'm happy that we have had the possibility to make our own kind of music without making compromises. Of course it would be great to get more success internationally, but that's something you can never know. It's been a long road since 1994 but definitely worth every struggle."

Why did you start this band?
     "Why do people start bands in the first place? For the love of music and as an outlet for creativity and expression. And of course to have a blast with good friends."

When should we expect to hear new music?
     "We have already recorded the drum tracks for our next album. Guitar sessions are on as we speak. If everything goes well, the next album will be out within 6-8 months. The new material is even more versatile than before. Both extremities, the melodiness and Thrashiness have been stretched further once again. So watch out! We're not done yet!"


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