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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interview: Longo from Norte Cartel

Band: Norte Cartel
Genre: Hardcore
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Members: Felipe Chehuan: vocals
Daniel Portugal: guitar
Longo: bass
Dudu Manel: drums

Interview with: Longo

Interview Through Email:
What are some bands that influence your music? "Basically NYHC bands such as Warzone, Agnostic Front, SOIA, Madball and Brazilian oldschool hardcore such as Ratos de Porão, Sociedade Armada, Agrotóxico."

Why start a Hardcore band? "We have been playin' in hardcore bands since the mid 90's. It's
something we can't live without. It's a very important aspect of our lives."

What is you inspiration to write your music? "Our everyday lives, the life in a big urban city, our feelings regarding our culture, our scene. That's basically where our ideas come from."

What is the music scene like in Brazil? "There's plenty of crap music just like anywhere else... But I guess you must be asking about the underground hardcore scene, right? It grows stronger everyday. There are a lot of shows, a lot of great competent bands. There's a lot of integration between the scene from different cities. It is emerging in a beautiful way!"

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