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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interview: Parasite

Band: Parasite
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Label: Unsigned

Interview Though Email:
How did you come up with the Band's name?
     "The name came from the main focus of our ideology. Basically, we write our lyrics about almost anything we think that worth the pain, but mainly about human nature. We look at humanity from a critic point of view, taking people as parasites of themselves, always trying to get benefit from anything at any cost. "
Why start a Thrash Death Metal band?
     "We wanted to feel free to compose without thinking if what we’re doing sounds like this or that. We don’t like to put boundaries in our music’s style, so we found the possibility to express the way we want by mixing these two genres, in this way we can go as fast or slow as we want, and mix different kinds of vocals."
What are some of the bands the influence your music?
     "We feel influenced by Death Metal bands like Unleashed, Benediction, Obituary, Massacre and Six Feet Under, but we find a remarkable tendency in our sound towards the traditional rough style of bands like Raped God 666, Kilcrops or Sepultura."
What is the message behind the song "Yoke of Pain?
     "Yoke of Pain is a critic to the stupidity that possesses people in mass. One person is able to think and have an opinion and position to face something, but the mass is easy to deceive and manage, so people end taking themselves into their own yoke even without noticing it." 
Your latest release (If I am up to date) was in 2011, the EP "Rehearsing the Infection" what was the game plan going to record this EP? And what should people expect it to sound like?
"     We released this EP as something “rare” and limited to one hundred copies that were spread through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in our “Carrying the Disease” tour. We were promoting our first EP from 2010 that is called “Infected Pleasure”, and wanted to have something extra and special to offer in this countries, so we recorded a rehearsal with three tracks from “Infected Pleasure” and two unpublished ones. The sound of this recording is obviously more rough, precarious and dirty than the previous one, this was the intention."
When are you planning to come out with a full-length?
"     After promoting these two first EPs we have been composing and starting with the recording of our first album. We plan to have it ready for distribution at the beginning of 2013."

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