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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interview: Patrik from BatAAr

Band: BatAAr
Genre: Art Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Location: Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Members: Seb - vocals
 Patrik - guitar
Simon - guitar
Felix - bass
Tobias - drums
Interview with: Patrik

Interview Though Email:
You describe your band as "Art Metal", what is that?
     "Art Metal is the sound only BatAAr can create together. We want to show that our kind of rock music has so much more potential. There's a profound thought behind everything we do and every single detail we put into our music, and that the emotion should dictate what we play right now. We don't want to be bound to any specific genre. If we ever feel like writing a song that goes from, for example, black metal to a funky piano ballad, that's what we will do."

What is the Metal scene like in Sweden?
     "People have this idea that Sweden is some kind of mecca for metal music in the world. But honestly, lately it feels like it has become stagnant. We don't know why, but we want to be the kind of band that goes on to break the trend of painting yourself into a corner and being stuck with a sound forever."

What are the things that influence your music?
     "Pretty much our own experiences and feelings. Things we witness. We try to write and compose things that are true to ourselves rather than trying to write about things we don't really know much about."

What are your goals for this band?
     "To surpass ourselves and never write the same song twice."

What is the message behind your music?
     "Even if there might be a specific message behind our music sometimes, we'd rather leave it up to the listeners to interpret our songs and performances, and build their own ideas from it. This interview sure was a bit light on details, but we enjoy this mystique."
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