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Monday, July 16, 2012

Interview: Pete Wells from Apathy

Band: Apathy
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2004
Members: Pete Wells: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Mike James: Bass
Daniel Cadena: Lead Guitar
Bill Jameson: Drums

Interview with: Pete Wells and Band

Interview Though Email:
Why start a Thrash Metal band?
     (Pete Wells) "Growing up listening to all types of metal, Thrash Metal always seemed to fit me, The aggression and angst behind the sound was honest. You couldn't fake it. As Emo and the so called NU METAL was the in thing, I made sure APATHY did not stray to the norm, "Apathy is a Thrash Metal band always and nothing more" When we started doing shows back in '05 we were criticized as being old school metal. Thrash Metal's played out. Now it seems everyone wants to start a Thrash band here NJ."

What is the message the band wanted to display with your debut album "A Decade of Violence"?
     "The message behind the album was never planned, its just happened! While we were in pre-production, the producer kept asking what each song was about, (self loathing, destruction and the evil shit men do) as we explained it, it hit us, that each song had a violent twist to it. So we thought, oh we gotta name the album "Violent Nature" which is the last song on the album. But then that seemed so typical! Pete kept mentioning how he wanted the record to be as raw Metallica's "Kill em All" and then it hit! Call the album "Decades of Pain"! all of us thought that was fucking cheezy! Then as the art work came, with the world all blown to shit, "DECADES OF VIOLENCE" would be the title. Mankind is always fucking shit up, decade after decade so why not call it that, its fit all the tracks including the instrumental "Mourning After". The title actually came from two songs "Forever In Darkeness" the first line in the song is "Decades of pain and truthful lies, seems the way we live, we will die" and of course you already know were Violence came from."

How do you feel about that album?
     "It was good for what we wanted, we did not want to overdue it with effects and stuff, because we aren't like that live. We wanted it to be raw not polished! From a fan stand point, we were all blown away at the response the record received. We thought people weren't going to like it, but it received great reviews and won Best thrash metal album of  2009 on a website called People actually had to go on and vote. We were up there with Slayer, Megadeth, Gama Bomb, Kreator and others we look up too. It may not be a grammy but it was acknowledged by the Thrash Metal community and that was huge for us."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     Pete: "Final Threat"
     Bill Jameson: "Era of Terror"
     Daniel Cadena: "Born Into Pain (new lead gutarist as of Aug 2011)"
     Michale James: "Still learning the songs but so far they are all good (new bassist as of June 31,2012)"

Where do you see the band in 10 years?
     "Hopefully still making music and touring as our permanent occupation! It would be really cool to see us sharing our metal around the world! Taking over were pur thrash legends left off!"
How would you describe your band?
     "We are a dysfunctional group of misfits, that seem to gel together well. We have a saying in the band, its called the "Apathy moment" because just when we think things are going great. Something happens! Example: first day of recording drum tracks, we are in the control room listening to Bill warm up and we hear "beeeeep-doooom" the audio control board and PC died! found it was the PC! Delaying the recording almost a month."
What are some of the bands that influence your music?
     "Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Onslaught, Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator and so much more." 
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