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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interview: Scott Kianka from Desolation

Band: Desolation
Year Former: 2008
Genre: Drone/Depressive/Ambient/Metal
Location: Daleville, AL
Member: Scott Kianka (Kei) - All Instruments, Vocals, Etc.

Interview with: Scott Kianka

Interview Though Email:
Why start this project?
      "Mostly because I could never get the results I wanted with an actual band. the sound was always wrong. people always tried to change things. at least now i get the general idea across despite my limitations. you'll never really get the music to your specifications when you have to rely on other people to get it there."
How would you describe your music?
      "I always used to describe it as Elegant Ambient Violence. its sort of an unexplainable fusion of whatever style of music I happent to feel like playing at the time. I don't feel the need to confine it to one general style or genre. music isn't supposed to be that limited. it should reflect whatever you're feeling when you play, and not simply be created to please your fans and get you paid."
Can you give some history of this project?
      "Ihe project was started around October 2008 (the exact day escapes my memory) because of my dissatisfaction with all of my actual "bands", and the assholes that always ruined them for me. my initial intent was just to create my own music for my enjoyment and possibly 2 or 3 friends of mine who had taken an interest. an (now) ex-girlfriend actually talked me into posting it online and making a page for it. the first Desolation page was on myspace shortly after her nagging drove me to create it. the first generation of releases were (in order) Misery (demo), Desolation, Anguish, and Corruption. Corruption was actually unfinished due to a fairly massive throat infection that killed off my singing voice entirely and made it incredibly painful to scream. took me months to get back to normal. during the time between Corruption and the Obscurity demo (mid 2009 through around early 2010) Desolation was dead. In 2010 i started it back up again, and Obscurity (demo) and IV were released. again took a hiatus to try to get my life back in order after IV. as of several months back, Desolation is active again, and Shinigami (demo) was released as a prelude to the next album (V), which will most likely be more in a Ritual Ambient style and less in the older Doom/Black Metal/Ambient styles i have been focusing on. though you never know how things will turn out in recording. things may change as i record the album."
How does the music you were making in 2008 in the project differ from the music that you are making now in it?
      "There is absolutely no comparison. the old music was more rock/black metal. the songs were less abstract. the Misery demo from 2008 sounds nothing at all like Desolation from the very first full length album right after it. the emphasis now is more on ambiance and mood, and less on metal and standard structures and patterns. its far less important to me now to make "music", as we generally accept it, and more important to make something with emotion and atmosphere."

As of right now you are working on your album called 'V" how is that going?
     "V being the Roman numeral for 5, as it is my fifth full length album. its not going well. constant issues so far. computer problems, recording gear blowing up, hard drive malfunctions, etc., but despite all this, it is slowly getting done. i'm three songs into the new album as of now. my estimate of the release date for it may have to be pushed back, but it will be finished, hopefully before the end of this year."

What is the game plan going to record this album?
     "There's never a plan. my work is unpredictible, and i just have to do it when i can find time. i can't read or write music, so i have to record ideas as i have them. all Desolation albums are improvised recordings. i do wish i had a more formal background in all this, so i could plan ahead and do this a bit more properly, but i just have to do it the best i can manage."

What should listeners expect it to sound like?
     "Darker. slower. still heavy as hell but with less emphasis on the metal aspect for this album. i'm more interested in the atmosphere and the mood this time."

What are the things that influence your music?
     "Nature and poetry, as far as physical things i can interact with. my personal life in general has nothing to do with my music, as it seems to have for a lot of other artists. i make music to escape from life for a short time. as far as other bands are concerned, Celestiial, Funeral Mourning, and Lustre."
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