Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Southern Discomfort

Interview: Southern Discomfort

Band: Southern Discomfort
Genre: Southern Metal
Year Formed: 2006
Location: Kassel
Members: Sascha - Guitars
Marcel - Drums
Timo - Bass
Basti - Vocals

Interview Though Email
    How would you describe Southern Metal?
     "For us musically, it's the combination of the heaviest ball busting metal riffs, no matter of which genre, with those swampy blues influences. Beyond that, we think the categorisation of music in general is bullshit 'cause there are no boundaries in music. You can do whatever the fuck you want and thats the cool thing about it. You just play the music you love."

How did the band formed?
     "Me, Sascha (Guitar) and my brother Marcel (Drums) had a Death Metal Band called Cryptic back in 2006 but it went not so well with the project and at that time we get more into that sludge and southern music kinda thing. We listend to bands like Pantera, Crowbar, Down, Eyehategod and black sabbath, we loved that shit from the first song. So we thought, lets do this kinda music."

What is the song "Pounding Snake Eyes" about?
     "Snake Eyes was the first song we ever wrote for the band so you can call it a band classic. The Lyrics are about being pushed around, about growing confidence and revenge for things that other people did to you. It's a classic motive."

When should we expect some new music?
     "At the moment we writing some new songs and the next demo should be recorded in december."

What is your inspiration to write music?
     "That's simple. We are four metalheads that want to play metal. The inspiration is the music we listen to and the will to create our own kind of music."

Why should some one listen to your music?
     "If you want to bang your head or wreck something or just to party hard, it's your kind of music. There's no band like us were we live!!!!!!!! We don't want to fit any trend, Just honest, aggressive metal. Always against the stream. Trendkill!"


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