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Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview: Stefan Kreitczick from Evenstorm

Band: Evenstorm
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Year Formed: 1985
Members: Joe Ziegler - Vocals, Bass
Klaus "Punky" Malik - Guitars
Ben.E Bernert - Guitars 
 Stefan Kreitczick - Drums

Interview with: Stefan Kreitczick

Interview Though Email:
You have been doing this since 1985, how do you feel about the band'scareer?
     "In this loong periodthere are always ups and downs. We started very ambitious but we had to learnthat you can not trust all the people in the industry. After very successfulfirst years we had a bit of a downturn in our mood to continue but finally wedecided to do things on a semi-professional basis and to manage everything byourselves. As of today I must say it was and it is a great time with Evenstorm.After all these years we are still doing music and we are still in the sameline up since the beginning. And we still have lots of fun when we play ourmusic."
How have you seen the music scene change?
     "The music in generalchanged very much, but Evenstorm kept its style in True Metal – these areour roots and we do not want to loose them. I have to admit, that we did some “upgrades”in some sounds which you might recognize when you compare the records and thesongs from the different decades, but we have a main road which we do not wantto exit."
What has been the biggest hill you had to overcome?
     "Being represented at Midem and had absolutely no result out of this."
What is your writing process?
     "Michael „Ben.E“Bernert is the brain of the sound and arrangement. He regularly comes with theidea which we develop during live sessions while we are practice. Joe Zieglerdoes the lyrics and they develop mostly with the arrangement. We had the one orthe other case where the lyrics were first and music came later."
How would you describe your sound?
     "Tru Metal, Classic HeavyMetal/Hard Rock, 80´s Metal."
How do your new sound differ from your old songs?
     "See above. Some upgradesin the sound with a bit more modern touch/arrangement not loosing our roots. Straighterarrangement, tighter play."
Why did you start this band?
     "To do something seriouswhere we all had the biggest fun factor."
Where was your first show? And how did it go?
     "It was a little stage ina bavarian restaurant in May 1985. I remember that lots of friends and familywas there as the big fan group – maybe the same story with any other bandwhich starts to perform."
     "The sound was awful andwe where way too loud and too nervous. At least it was the best feeling eversince we made music."
What do you do outside the band?
     "We all have regular jobslike baking man, sales manager, social worker and Musician. Unfortunately we missed the step to make money with music but we still keep going on."
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