Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Vaginal Chicken

Interview: Vaginal Chicken

Band: Vaginal Chicken
Genre: Death Metal/Metal
Year Formed: 2005
Location: France
Members: Roots - vocals
 Loco - 7 strings from hell
GV - bass
Toma - drums

Interview Though Email
How did the band come up with the band name?
     "Ahaha, actually we were totally drunk during one of the first time we met each other and Remi, our guitar player thought about this name, Vaginal Chicken, and we were like "hey why not !", this name came with the stupidity and incomprehension of this world, what's better than that..."

How would you describe you album "Hangover Chicken"?
     "The album was the beginning of the good tunes we created, before that it was a little bit less inspirated. And for sure it was the first stuff we released with a real sound ! In there we made some real groovy tunes, others more brutal, it was the beginning of some serious stuffs we made, that ends with our best CD, the split with Defecal Of Gerbe and Bestial Devastation "Grind Your Life", a masterpiece!"

What is the message behind your music?
     "I wouldn't speak about a special message, everything in our lyrics is about the madness of the world, and the way that a lot of people become crazy, kill everybody, etc. It has always been something which inspired me for the lyrics, that's really a fascinating subject."

What makes your band different from all the other bands?
     "I don't know if we are really different from a lot bands, but maybe just in the way we always made our music, half serious, half fun, because i think that too many grindcore bands are just fun and others are really extreme, if i would choose of course i would be on the extreme side, but maybe more with a more modern approach of the grindcore music."

Can you give a short history of the band?
     "We began the band in 2005, and played with a lot of major bands like Inhumate, Debauchery, Total Fucking Destruction, Dead Infection, Extreme Noise Terror, Pungent Stench, Squash Bowels, etc. At the beginning we were 2 singers, there has been some changes, and at the end there was just me as singer (only on our last record, "Grind Your Life" split album). But for the others guys it has always been the same, with Thomas as drummer, Remi as guitar player and Guillaume as bass player. We made our last gig as Vaginal Chicken in 2009. Thomas moved in the south of France, so we putted the band in stand-by. We created MAAT, with a new drummer and second guitar player but we never released something with that band. Then Remi joined Carnal Lust and I created Beyond The Dust with some others guys. Now we are discussing about something new for Vaginal Chicken or for a new project with Remi."


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