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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Obsidian - Call It Quits

What's with the sudden trend of bands calling it a day? Now it's Obsidian's turn. The Dutch progressive death metallers announced today that the band is no more, mostly due to lack of energy and creative inspiration. The band released two albums: Emerging (2007) and Point Of Infinity (2010).

Here is the band's full statement: "Sad but inevitable news from Obsidian. After more than a year of searching for inspiration and energy to re-ignite the metal machine, the oil would not flow anymore. After our latest release Point Of Infinity we noticed that our musical focus had shifted. We thought about (and tried) changing our direction, creating a new set list. Basically to start over again. But we could not find the energy needed to pull something like this off. Individually we still spend a lot of time in making music, so our creative hearts won't stop beating, although it might not be for the same genre in some cases."

"So, from the more than a few bands called Obsidian, there will be one less. We hope that people have enjoyed the music we brought out and urge people to not harm themselves in light of this new perspective of a world without Obsidian. We want to thank everybody who helped Obsidian directly or by just making wind by hair to our music."

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