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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chimpgrinder New Album Oliver

Chimpgrinder has relased there new album "Oliver" on

"For twenty years Oliver had been kept in a small, isolated compound. Agent Jefferson was his only friend. He exposed Oliver to the blues, he shared cases of Budweiser with the Astro Chimp as they watched boxing matches and the Discovery Channel, he brought in armfuls of magazines Oliver used to makes collages; Agent Jefferson was the one-time space chimp’s pipeline to the outside world. Jefferson was also the man paid by the government to keep Oliver satisfied and imprisoned. When Oliver found a photo of a certain blonde nurse in the wallet that Jefferson carelessly left out one day, 20 years of friendship, and imprisonment, came to an end. Now Oliver, with blood on his hands, must face the legacy of a past he doesn’t understand and a future that has flashbacks of Centaurus A screaming across his mind."

Tracklist for "Oliver"
01. Warm Beer, Cold Ape (Intro) 00:39
02. I. Turning From the Sun 01:51
03. II. Meetin' My Baby 01:53
04 III. Just an Animal After All 01:45
05 IV. My Crime 1:49
06. V Sacred Ape 02:19
To listen to album go to this link
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