Everything Heavy Metal: Cruelty's Heart Announces New EP

Cruelty's Heart Announces New EP

Cruelty's Heart has been working on the EP, entitled Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm and is due to complete recording sessions in September. The final tracklist will be:

1. Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm
2. The Blood of the Wyvern
3. Haraldr Sigurðsson
4. Over the Rainbow Bridge
5. A Ship Bound For Thule
6. In King Hroðgar's Hall

This will be released under Wodfreca Records.

In addition, Cruelty's Heart has recently completed the recording of the song A Dream of Ænglaland (which can be found on the band's youtube channel, CrueltysHeartUK) which will be released on 03/12/12 as part of the compilation album from Wodfreca Records, entitled 'Leoþhord I; Hƿit Ƿyrm Ariseeþ ofer Angelcynne'. Finally, Cruelty's Heart has recently agreed to record a cover of Forefather's epic song 'Steadfast' for the album 'Ealdgesegena - A Tribute to Forefather' which is due for release next summer.


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