Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Abibial from Imago Mortis

Interview: Abibial from Imago Mortis

Interview Though Email with: Abibial

Why start a black metal band?
     "In 1994 we heard a the spiritual vocation that guided us toward the exploration of the dark side of the soul through the occult practices."

What is the Metal scene like in Italy?
     "The extreme metal scene in Italy is currently very wide, in our city Bergamo, located in the north of Italy, we are about fifteen devoted extreme metal bands: Black Metal, Death, Doom and Old Thrash Metal. Although we have this good scene we have some difficulties: few spaces for live exhibitions, no labels or honest promoters or organizers, many of their using the fuck system “pay to play” in a mafia-style, but I am sure that in the time, our real underground resistance will destroy this system!"

Why did that band choose to come out with a Live Demo?
     "Because in those days we had no money in sufficiency Tobe able to pay a recording studio and a live recording was a fast method to capture our black art."

How would you compare the band's two full length albums, Una Foresta Dimenticataand Ars Obscura?
     "A Forgotten Forest is an album of pure traditional Black Metal,cold, black and occult, whileArs Obscura is an album more negative and occult, n introspective journey in our esoteric tradition of northern Italy, where we alsouse the Latin language and our local dialect, one mark of our identity and esoteric particularity."

What are the future plans for this band?
     "Soon it will be realized ​​a 7” entitled "Sgàbula" under the sign of Drakkar Productions (www.drakkar666.com)which means “Malediction” and speak of witchcraft and Sabbath tradition of the Alps and our region, the Lombardy, you feel the odor of burning flesh and the witchesto prepare rituals! Thank you for the interview and support, for more info www.imagomortis.net"


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