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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Interview: Cody Hancock from Predominant Mortification


Interview Though Email with: Cody Hancock
The band started as a one-man band, Why did the band change to a full band?
     "I feel like there is an element that a full band brings to the stage that can't be achieved as a one-man act. The other one-man bands are awesome but I feel that a full band is the best direction for Predominant Mortification"

Why start a brutal death metal band?
     "I love how intense the music is. I do have another band that isn't as heavy but I have love death metal since I first heard it. And for me, the more intense the better."

What is the message behind your music?
     "I'm sure some will find this contradictory to my lyrics and song titles, but I want everyone to just have fun and enjoy the music. Be that by moshing, headbanging or any way you would enjoy music. It's an outlet for everyday life."

What is the furture for this band?
     "I hope there is a big future for the band. We are lining up some tours in the future. Maybe not the near or immediate future but sometime by the end of the year or next year."

When should we expect some new music?
     "We are working on new music as we speak. So hopefully by mid October, I would say."

When the members are not making music what are they doing?
     "Working. [Laughs] But hanging out is probably the most popular of past times." 

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