Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Danny Lilker from Nuclear Assault

Interview: Danny Lilker from Nuclear Assault

Band: Nuclear Assault
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 1984
Hometown: New York, NY
Members: Danny Lilker
John Connelly
Scott Harrington
Glenn Evans

Interview Though Email With Danny Lilker

The bands last release was in 2005, Third World Genocide, how do you feel about that album?
     "To be honest, I do not like that album, and I actually regret releasing it."

How does that album differ from the music the band was making in the beginning?
     "It doesn't have the intensity of the older stuff, there's too much mid-paced material and not enough   all-out thrash."

The band appeared in the Metal Merchants Festival in Oslo, Norway in 2011, how was that experience for the band?
     "That was a GREAT show! It was the band's first time ever up there, and it was fucking killer."

You band Brutal Truth latest album, "End Time", that came out 2011 what is the over all sound of that album?
     "Ultra hi-speed chaotic grind, yet also filled with memorable riffs at the same time."

What is the future for the Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth?
     "Nuke is pretty much over, but BT is writing music for a split with Bastard Noise and lining up festivals for next year."


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