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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Interview: Dennis from Raw Ensemble

Band: Raw Ensemble
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Location: Ulm
Members: Uffe

Interview Though Email With: Dennis

How did the band come up with the album name 'Jesus is Back...And He is Fucking Anrgy'?
     "This is one title of my very first band 20 years ago and it was inspired by a t-shirt I found in Bremen at one shop. The same shirt was mentioned at a Steven King book, I think it was Tommykockers, but I am not shure anymore.
     The lyrics based at the totally misunderstanding of Jesus throuout the Church or even their believers - in a funny way."

What is the overall theme behind that album?
     "We are asking some questions of life (it should be the original title, but the actual is more fun and you will remember it much better)."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "Yes, all of them because we recorded our faves which should give the listener an overlook of our music! [..]
     We have a straight one (Jesus), a fast one (Question) a melodic (Kingdom), a Rocker (ghostrider), a stomper (murder) and a long hymn (Devil)."

How would you describe the overall sound of the band?
     "Blasting Thrash Metal, inspired in between the Bay Area and Germany (of course)."

What is the future of the band?
     "I am not an oracle, sorry!  But I hope we can continue with our after work  band for some more years and play at weekends for friends and fans If they want!"

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