Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Human Parasite

Interview: Human Parasite

Band: Human Parasite
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Year Formed: 2008
Location: Besançon - Franche Comté - France
Members: Trash : Punishing Guttural Terrorism
Tchang : Heavy Brutal Groove
Jay : 7 Strings Massive Assault
Biere : Low Frequences Perversion

Interview Though Email

How would you describe your band?
     "Human Parasite is a brutal slamming death band with many influences, but the main influence is the New York death metal style, especially Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Suffocation etc., and some kind of Texas Death metal style (Devourment, Sintury etc).We are 4 members and each of us bring our own feeling in the band."

How do you feel about you debut album "Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe"?
     "Well, we are satisfied with this album, even if we are trying to make better songs, to progress in our compositions..."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "My favoriyes song is maybe "Revenge of the injured beast", or "Tormented by a psychopatic soul"."

How wold you describe the album?
     "The album is about human perversions, sexual perversions, psychotic perversions, and in general all what make human being a parasite. For example, the song "Proud to build the insidious catastrophe" is more in the ecologic theme, it explain how we are proudly destroying our planet,exactly as a virus do, but more pervertly because we a destroyer only for money interest.  I think all of us are fuckin' parasites. The music is heavy and brutal, not really technical."

What was the game plan to go record this album?
     "We have recorded it in our town of Besançon -Franch Comté-, @ PE studio. We knew PE since a long time before the recording, and some friends of us have recorded demo or album there. So it was more easy for us to record there. We wanted to records approximatively 8 tracks, and to make the accent on a powerfull production. After the mastering of the album, I send it to Mirus from SFC records, and he told us that it was great !! So, we were satified and we could make the deal with SFC."

When should we expect to hear some new music?
     "We have 3 complete new songs and others are under construction. I hope we could records new shit at the end of this year."


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