Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Jorge from Conceived by Hate

Interview: Jorge from Conceived by Hate

Band: Conceived by Hate
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2002
Location: El Salvador

Interview Though Email With Jorge
How do you feel about the band's first release "Pestilence Reborn"?
     "We feel great, we began to work on this record on 2007 but there was a lot of shit going on that delayed for years the release."
What is the overall theme of the album?
     "CbyH was formed in late 2002 after i quit working with my previous band called DISORDER, getting the correct line-up, gather the gear for the studio and also the money for the production, designs, etc., was a complete journey of sacrifices and perseverance; almost 10 years later we finally release our first full lenght with songs that have been ready for years; this record was originally conceived as the album that will mark our return to the metal scene, a reborn in a new band so that is why we called it "Pestilence Reborn". That was the original intention of the title eventhough we release an EP before it. This is not a concept album we got songs that talk about religion, personal issues, the business of war and how the ancient native culture of our region has been isolated since the colonial era."
Do you have a favorite song of the album?
     "All songs are special for me but songs as At The Gates Of Nowhere and Guardians Of The Ancient Wisdom could be at the top of my selection."
What are you doing to support this album?
     "Well, we are scheduling local live shows and also looking for promotion in other countries using the Internet.
     Why did the band name change from SPIRITUAL DEMISE to CONCEIVED BY HATE? It was changed because not all of the members felt identified with the concept of Spiritual Demise so in order to take in count all the opinion and in order to have all the members happy with the name i decided to change it. We felt Conceived By Hate was an original name that was not following any particular trend."
What is the future of the band?
     "By now we have almost 18 new songs for new releases. We plan to release a Split late this year and the second full lenght on 2013. We will continue to write honest songs and try to play live and put out new releases until we die! I would like to thank David Russ for the interest in our band and for doing this electronic interview, we send you all metalheadz a heavy metal cheerz around the world!" 


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