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Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview: Justin Gizzi from Molasses Barge


Band: Moasses Barge
Genre: Doom Metal/Heavy Rock
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Members: Brian "Butch" Balich - Vocals
Amy Bianco - Bass
Justin Gizzi - Guitar
Ken Houser - Guitar
Wayne Massey - Drums

Interview Though Email With Justin Gizzi
What is the Metal scene like in Pittsburgh?
     "It's varied. Our last gig was the Lady Beast record release show, with fellow locals Zeitgeist. Wall to wall people in the back room of a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall bar (that I love) called Gooski's, here on Polish Hill. Lady Beast have a nwobhm sound, while Zeitgeist are a pretty stark sounding punk band. Two of my favorites, locally. Out of town crust-punks Murderess opened. The crowd response to each band was pretty rabid. We dig shows like that, a mixed crowd, with different sounding bands booked together.
     There are a couple of bands like us in the doom/stoner vein. A few grindcore bands. A few thrash/crossover bands. Some trad/epic metal bands. Many death metal bands. Quite a few bands with the sort-of "Lamb of Pantera" sound. Plus, several bands that mix the modern breakdown-oriented hardcore with technical death metal styles.
     Pittsburgh will always be a sports-first town. Attendance numbers at shows are generally decent to good. It's a bit over-saturated with venues here. It's usually not a question of if you're booked opposite your buddy's band the same night. It's more- how many of them, and how close to the venue you're playing. I handle most of our booking, so I try to steer away from that whenever possible by checking listings ahead of time. You can only do so much, though." 
You guys came out with an EP, Jewels, what is the overall sound of that album?
     "It breaches a few genres. Some pretty overtly doomy sounds, mixed with some heavy 70's sounding rock, with stoner and psychedelic stuff mixed in. Strong and soaring, to low and grim sounding vocals. It's available at"
Where can some one find your music?
     "The old, familiar places. MySpace, ReverbNation, there's some studio, and hacky live stuff on YouTube. The videos with "Iron Atrocity" tags sound pretty balanced. If you "Google us", you'll get a bunch of leads."
When should we expect a full album?
     "We're aiming for a Spring 2013 release. 8 or 9 songs."
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