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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Interview: Mikael, Stefan, Andreas from Captain Crimson


Interview Though Email with: Mikael, Stefan, Andreas

You are a fairly new band, how would you describe your band to some one that has never heard of you?
       Stefan: "I think all of us have our roots and our inspiration in the music from the sixties and the seventies. I am talking about band such as The Grand Hogs, Blue Cheer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jethrou Tull, Cactus and so on. I guess the lyrics are about people like you and me." 

      Micke: I agree with Stefan, we have a lot of common inspiration sources although there is some differences to. Me for one take a lot of my inspiration from all sorts of jazz. So there is a lot of things to discover with our music.
      We're quite an easy going band, the main thing is to have a blast every time we play a venue or even when we're rehearsing. And we always do!"

      Andreas: "Difficult question! But this it is whats so fun with this band. That we have so many different music style that makes us sound like captain crimson.
One thing is for sure, we are all in love with music from the 60s and 70s. So if you like classic rock you will love Captain Crimson!"

How did the band come up with their name?
      Stefan : "I am not sure about this part in the bands short history. (Laugh) I think I were sitting at home and checking out some clip on YouTube called Captain Crimson, and the name was a really cool band name."

     Micke: "Yeah, I think it was Stefan who came up with the name and we all liked it. I think we had some other suggestions but I can't remember them right now..."

How did you start this band?
     Stefan: "I asked Micke and Anders if they were interested to play with me and they were. They were playing in other bands at that time but we started out  jamming and we felt that there was something really good in there. After a couple of months I meet Andreas at a party and I knew he was really good on lead guitar and asked him if he wanted to join us. And he did!"

Where can some one find your music?
     Stefan: "You can buy our album in your favorite record store or net shops.
But our label Transubstans records got their own record store called"

     Micke: "Yeah, check out Record Heaven. There's some really good stuff there.
You can also pre order our album right here"

How would you describe your deput album "Dancing Madly Backwards"?
     Stefan. "Heavy Blues riffs with a touch of doom, someone else, what do you say guys?"

      Micke: "Mhm, there is some really high octane bluesrock. But there is a lot to discover, hard to tell. You really need to listen to it to discover all the sweet stuff we planted in there."

How did you come up with that name?
      Stefan: "It’s a track from a Captain Beyond album from 1972 I think? Not one of my favorite songs but it’s a really good name by the way. We know that people can criticize the choice of name but we are not the first band in space to do a thing like that. And Captain Beyond is a hell of a band right!"   

     Micke: "Captain Beyond is one hell of a band! Someone of us mentioned the title "Dancing Madly Backwards" and we really liked it. It felt like it was the right thing to name the album."

How do you feel about that album?
      Stefan: "I have played in a lot of bands but never been so proud as I am today when I am playing with Captain Crimson. I guess you can hear that on the album. I think that I am talking for everyone when I say that. And we made this songs very fast after we first meet. They just came to us."

     Micke: I think it's a killer album, even though we have played all those songs over and over and over a thousands of times I still like them a lot. They are really fun songs to play and they are really great songs to listen to.

     Andreas: "Everything on the album from making songs to recording all the songs went very quickly and was great fun to do. Can't wait until we get out on the road and show the world who Captain Crimson is! I am super proud of the album!"

When should we expect some new music?
      Stefan: "As soon as possible! We already have a bunch of new songs (laugh)"

     Micke: "We can record it tomorrow and have a new album out soon!"
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