Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Ragnar from Atrum

Interview: Ragnar from Atrum

Band: Atrum
Genre: Extreme Metal
Year Formed: 2005
Location: Iceland
Members: Sigurður - Vocals and lead guitars
Ragnar - Drums and percussions
Úlfar - Rhythm guitars and vocals
Sigurgeir - Bass guitar and vocals

Interview Though Email With Ragnar

On the bands profile you put the band had to go though some line up changes, when some one leaves the band, for any reason, what does that do to the band?
     "It can have two effects. Sometimes it takes some key element out of the band and it quits altogether or morphs into something else. Sometimes though, and it is usually only when a band has a defined style and vision, a member leaving can leave space for fresh inspiration. Atrum has had some line-up changes but in the end the outcome has always been positive. Nobody who has been in the band has left without their mark on the band and our personas. I hope there need be no more changes from now on."

Also put that the band had to go though musical changes, can you describe what that means?
     "In the beginning the band was somewhat aimed in the direction of folk/black metal but later the band got more focused and more extreme. We have kept the classical inspirations to the songs and will keep on expanding that sound. We will not do anything to stop the music from evolving and will always play what we like to hear."

How has the band made an impact on the Icelandic metal scene?
     "We like to think that we helped inspire the new wave of bands to be more focused and professional in their attitude towards this really suppressed style of  music. On the other hand it is really hard for me to speculate on those things."

What was it like playing at the Wacken Open Air 2011?
     "It was awesome and we are still thrilled about it! Hopefully it will not have been the last time we visit that unique festival."

What was the game plan going to record the band's EP, Opus Victum?
     "We had recorded the Ep in various forms 3 times before and kept adding and kicking out songs. We did absolutely not want to release anything until we were 100% certain that we had all the ideas for the songs recorded in the way we imagined them. It took painfully long to get the final product but now it is done and we can keep writing music."


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