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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Interview: Vakka from The Black Coffins


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Interview Though Email with: Vakka

How did the band come up with the name 'The Black Coffins'?
     "When I and J. Martin (guitar) spoke about starting the band, he was still living in Sweden, where he stayed for one year. During this time some riffs and ideas about how the band should sound. Of course, the name came in one of these conversations.
     I was watching to Werner Herzog´s "Nosferatu, The Vampyre" [1979], and in one scene he sends The Black Coffins from the castle to the city. The coffins are filled with rats and the idea is to destroy the village with diseases.
     I thought the name sounded simple, straight and just carried the message we wanted. So I suggested it and he liked the idea right from the start."

Just listen to the song 'Sunsets in a Tomb Sky' what was the game plan record this song?
     "The song is fast and straight. A monolithic piece in this album and that´s the way we wanted our songs. It is very special for us, cause it was the first time we worked with Dmitri Globa, a russian musician, now based in Egypt. He used to play in a funeral drone act called Phurpa. He is one of the most talented musicians alive nowdays and i interviewed him for my blog and we became friends, so i asked him if he could write this piece specially for us, and then he did and gave us.
     So we had an intro for that song that made it really homogeneous. I think the intro + the song + it´s tittle really fits and delivers the whole ideia of what we are trying to achieve with our music."

What is the overall theme of the song?
     "The end of all, not only human life, but everything... from its very center of earth to the cosmos. Eternal darkness, dying of suns, stars and the rotting of our decrepit blue sky. Most of our songs deals with this. I am really interested in dirges, burial ceremonies and i try to read all about it from every culture, and it try to bring it to a newer level. 
     Our next album is entittled Dead Sky Sepulchre, a straight mention to the tibetan funeral ceremony Sky Burial. Sunsets in a Tombsky wraps it all."

When should we expect some new music?
     "Our debut full lenght album is done, we will release it via Black Hole Productions. We will wait a until it gets born next month. This album has a few amazing collaborations with really special musicians like Milozs Gassan (Morne) singing Chambers of Eternal Sleep, Marissa Martinez (Repulsion) in a song called Dead Planets, James (Facada) wrote the lyrics and sung in Transition: Compulsory and once again our friend Dmitri worked with us. He did 3 interludes this time, which are about 12 minutes of drones, tibetan rituals and all of his stuff with myself editing and mixing up these parts."

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