Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Vince Levalois from Psychosis

Interview: Vince Levalois from Psychosis

Band: Psychosis
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 1989
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Members: Bruce Hall - Vocals
Kragen Lum - Guitar
Vince Levalois - Guitar
Jason Mirza - Bass
Jimmy Schultz - Drums

Interview Though Email With Vince Levalois

How has the band impacted the Thrash Metal scene in Los Angeles?
     "Since Psychosis has been around for so long, technically since about 1988 or so, we've made somewhat of a mark on the scene.  Our EP "Lifeforce" is recognized as a highlight of Thrash at the time and can be found on several websites as being somewhat influential.  Still, the scene in L.A. has never really been that good overall for Metal believe it or not.  Crowds here aren't as rabid as in other parts of the country or Europe for that matter."
Why did the band disband in 1993?
     "We didn't really disband, we changed our name to Prototype and got a new drummer and bass player.  Kragen and I have been the stable core of the band from the beginning.  At the time we got a letter from another band called Psychosis that was threatening to sue us over the name.  Even though we knew we had possessed the name longer than this other band, we were changing directions in sound and just decided to change the band name ourselves."
During the time the band was not together what were the members doing?
     "The only time Kragen and I weren't together was for a brief period of time in 1997.  Other than that, we've always been working on music.  Psychosis lay dormant from 1993 to about 2007."
How has the band improved since 1989?
     "Needless to say we're all a bit more experienced at what we do as well as better players overall.  We're focused on making quality Thrash and so far so good!"
On the band's website the first song on the music page is 'Face of War' what is the theme behind this song?
     "Here's what Bruce had to say about it:  "Well...effectively it is anti-war, anti-violence.  It is saying how humans have to overcome their nature which is cowardly, weak, and scared.  Our vicarious thrill from violence is kinda chicken hawky.  Most Americans won't fight for anything but they love people fighting, y'know?""
When should expect some new music?
     "We're working on a new 5 song EP which we should have ready in a few weeks.  We'll have a Kickstarter campaign with some exclusive items to stay tuned!"


  1. As an important side note, Jason Mirza is the original bass player of the Lifeforce era PSYCHOSIS and despite not continuing on as part of Prototype, has been consistent part of Psychosis in addition to Kragen and myself... Cheers!


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