Everything Heavy Metal: Interview With Drakum

Interview With Drakum

Band: Drakum
Genre: Death Epic Folk Metal
Year Formed: 2009
Location: Barcelona, Catalunya
Members: Conrad - Drums & choirs
 Jose Luis - Bass
Feni  - Guitar
Marc  -Guitar
Javi "Caleb" - violin
Javi - Voice
Paula - keyboard & choirs

Interview Though Email
On the band's Facebook page you describe the band's genre as "Death Epic Folk Metal" What is that?
     "It is a mere description, a label like any other, so that the public can get a previous idea of how it may sound and if the music is near their musical tastes.
     There are growls, so many people put it into the sack of Death Metal. There are epic lyrics, about fantasy, battles, glory... some people call these kind of songs 'epic metal'. And there are influences from traditional and folk music. Anyway, you may or may not agree with that labels, the only important is that you like the music when you listen it."

Why start a Folk Metal band?
     "Why start a band of any music style? Because we love it! And to have a violinist helps a lot, too."

What makes your band differ from other bands in this genre?
     "We are crazy, drink a lot, talk about trolls and stuff... no, we are the same shit as all the other bands. Please, don't listen to us. Never."

What is the overall theme of the demo "Around The Oak"?
     "Is not a conceptual work, but if you drink and dance while listening, then you've got the idea."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "We are seven people with different tastes, and everyone has their favourite. But we enjoy a lot when the crowd goes wild with Around the Oak at our shows."

When should we expect some new music?
     "If all goes as it should, at the beginning of 2013."


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