Everything Heavy Metal: Interview: Alex from I Am War

Interview: Alex from I Am War

How is this band differ from other bands in punk/hardcore?
Our band is just about creating brutal honest music. Brandan and I have diverse musical backgrounds and like all sorts of music. We are just about kicking ass and taking names, we don't care if people like it. Some bands worry about that. We don't.

What was the game plan going to record the band's debut album "Outlive You All"?
We wanted to record 13-16 songs that were well under 3 minutes long. Really raw angry shitkickers that make you want to break stuff.

What's your favorite song off the album?
I like "Plug Me In". It's about listening to hardcore punk and metal as a kid and how pumped up and alive it made me feel. It's about still getting that feeling to this day as well.

When should expect some more music?
Well our record is out 8/28/2012 so we don't have plans to record for a while.

Who are your idols and why?
My mother and father for being honest good people and working hard to provide a good life for each other and their children. Not the most metal answer, but it's the truth. I don't worship people in bands.


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