Everything Heavy Metal: Interview with Allos

Interview with Allos

Band: Allos
Genre: Christian Heavy Metal
Year Formed: 2003
Location: Belo Horizonte - MG
Members: Celso Alves
Júnior Oliveira
Edley Winderson
Wilmer Richard
Wallace Ryan

Interview Though Email

Why start a Christian Heavy Metal?
     "We are Christians for long time and when we were very young we used to listened bands like Petra, Acts II, Stryper, Stauros, Bride, and others. So when we had the idea of forming a band, the Heavy Metal style came naturally."

How spread Christian though your music?
     "Firstly, we want to create a musical identity with the listener and then propose to him the validity of our beliefs. Our lyrical inspiration is the Bible itself."

How would you describe the sound of the bands music?
     "Power Metal with classical influences and a bit of progressive metal."

The band has release the debut album "Spritual Battle" How do you feel about the release?
     "It was a Dream come true! The target was to make an album 100% with our identity. We're very happy to have reached our expectations in the whole album production."

What was the game plan going to record that album?
     "Initially we just wanted to record an EP in our home studio, but the compositions were being completed and we decided to record a full album in the studio WZ from Eminence band. The album was produced by the band along with Alan Wallace and Márcio André. Alfredo Ribeiro finished the audio, mixing and mastering the whole album."

When should we expect so new music?
     "We are already working on new songs but we don't know yet when we'll start the project for the next album."


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