Everything Heavy Metal: 2012-06-17

Interview: Cyrus Saint Leviticus from Masquerade of Shadows

Photo of Masquerade Of Shadows
Band: Masquerade of Shadows
Genre: Prog Metal
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Interview with: Cyrus Saint Leviticus

Interview Through Email:
Why start a Prog Metal band? "All of the members of Masquerade of Shadows like progressive metal. We love the elements of technique combined with the emotion of metal music. It is a great combination! Symphony X is one of our favorite bands and a huge influence on us."
You have members that have lived all over the world, does that help bring in new ideas when writing music? "Having a diverse musical palette has added a nice mixture to our rhythmical and melodic compositions."
What is the Metal scene like in Alaska? "Here in Alaska the most popular form of live metal is the Thrash and Grind Core type stuff. There are not a lot of venues to play at in our city of Anchorage. There are many metal music fans here though."
How did you come up with your name? "Originally, we wanted to call our band "Masquerade" after the Phantom of the Opera song. Since there was a band (out of Sweden, I think) that already had the name we decided on "Masquerade of Shadows". It seems to fit us perfectly!"
Thank you Masquerade of Shadows for you time. Wish you nothing but the best of luck

Band of the Day: The Name

The Name - Photo
Band: The Name
Genre: Doom Metal
Year Formed: 2003
Location: Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Number of Demo/EP: 2 Demos
Number of Albums: 1

Album of the Day: Way of the Fist by Five Finger Death Punch

Band: Five Finger Death Punch
Album: Way of the Fist
Genre: Groove/Alt Metal
Year Released: 2007
Producer: Zoltan Bathory, Jeremy Spencer
Label: Firm Music
Album Number: 1
Length of Album: 39:02
Number of Tracks: 10
Favorite Tracks: ALL
Rating: 10/10

Work Cited:

Album of the Day: Population: Declining by Hail the Villain

Band: Hail the Villain
Album: Population: Declining
Genre: Hard Rock/Alt Metal
Year: 2010
Label: Warner Music
Album Number: 1
Length of Album: 40.9
Number of Tracks: 12
Favorite Track: Take Back the Fear, My Reward, Runaway, Pyro,  Mission Control
Rating: 9/10

Band of the Day: Grifteskymfning

Band: Grifteskymfning
Genre: Black Metal
Year formed: 2007
Location: Sweden
Label: Ancient Records
Number of Demo/EP: 2 demos
Number of Album: 1 album

work cited

Metal Album Review: Altar of Embers by Leper Lord

Band: Leper Lord
EP: Altar of Embers
Genre: Black Metal
EP Length: 21.8
Number of Track: 6
Favorite Tracks: Prophet of the Horned One, Abortion of Holy, Behemoth Divine, Altar of Embers
Rating: 9.5/10
Reason for the Rating: If you like Black Metal then you need to pick you up a copy of these EP. Altar of Embers starts off fast and brutal with Blessed are the Dead, then it is just non stop in your face for the rest of this EP. Production value is good, better than what a lot of some of these Black Metal bands are putting out. There is this feeling that we have that these guys are going to be the next big thing in Black Metal, just watch out! 

Pick you up a copy on itunes!

Metal Album Review: Reign Supreme by Dying Fetus

Band: Dying Fetus
Album: Reign Supreme
Genre: Death Metal
Producer: Steve Wright
Album Number: 7
Album Length: 37:32
Number of Tracks: 9
Favorite Tracks: Subjected to a Beating, From Womb to Waste, Dissidence, In the Trenches, Devout Atrocity
Rating: 9/1
Reason for the Rating: Fast, in your face Death Metal. If you haven't listen to this band and you like Metal, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This album has a clean and tight production. The first listen to this album it will blow you away. This album is a must have for any Death Metal fans. This album can be summed up into one word "Brutal"

Get your copy now!!

Work cited:

Band of the Day: Dead Talking Mind

Band: Dead Talking Mind
Genre: Death Metal
Year Formed: 2007
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Location: France

work cited

Album of the Day: Megadeth: United Abominations

Band: Megadeth
Album: United Abominations
Year: 2007
Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner
Producer: Dave Mustaine, Jeff Balding, Andy Sneap
Album Number: 11 of 13
Length of Album: 47:57
Number of Track: 11
Favorite Tracks: Sleepwalker, Washington Is Next, United Abominations, Gears of War, Burnt Ice
Rating: 9/10 

work cited

Interview: Vermin from Leper Lord

Band: Leper Lord
Genre: Black Metal
Location:Winchester, VA
 Influences: Bathory, Watain, Sargeist , Gorgoroth, Behexen

Interview with: Vermin (lead vocals)

Interview Through Email:
Not a lot of people really listen to Black Metal, so if some one is trying to start listening to Black Metal what advice would you give them? "Black Metal has become a pretty wide spectrum over the years. Some people like one sub-genre over another and some like certain eras. You really have to just read up on the genre's history and legacy and find the bands and albums that do it for you, y'know. I personally can be a bit picky when it comes to Black Metal, I can really name only 15 bands that I feel got it right in both a musical and atmospheric sense. But that's just me. There are, sadly, a fuck-ton of posers in this genre too, and some of them have been quite successful with what they do. But I guess everyone has to have some cake to eat."
When you went to record Altar of Embers, what was the mind set of the band and what was the bands goal with Altar of Embers? "Well, originally the EP was supposed to be a rough demo and Leper Lord was just going to be a short-lived side project. We actually had no intentions of playing a lot of shows or even making a follow up to "Altar of Embers" (Which is actually what we are working on currently). It was just going to be this one time only thing. But over time we started writing more songs, started to understand the genre at an even deeper level, started playing some shows and realized that we enjoyed it all too much for it to be as short-lived as we had originally planned. When we went into the studio to record this, we just wanted to make the best CD we could. A CD that WE would listen to. We don't care if some critic says "Oh this isn't mixed right" or "Why aren't there any keyboards". Erm... Where you there? Are you in the band? Did you write any of the music? We do this for ourselves and for the people who support it, and we think "Altar of Embers" came out pretty good."
In Forbidden Magazine the writer gave you guys and pretty positive review. How does that make you feel that some one actually likes and supports you music? "That was a pretty positive review. Whenever I hear that someone understands, supports, and appreciates what we are doing, I feel very humbled. I have seen many goals realized within this band, and that review was definitely one of them."
In a comment at the bottom of the review in Forbidden Magazine someone posted "Catch Leper Lord now before they start selling out" What is you response to that comment? "Funny story actually, that was written by a close friend of mine who was just kinda kidding around. She's even listed on the "Thank You" section of the CD booklet. But that aside, we have gotten some negative feedback before. Not for the CD, but for a show we played at in Harrisonburg, December of 2010. That was probably the most negative response we ever got. We received about 3 or 4 messages from people who attended the show trying to "convert us to Christianity"... yea we all laughed hysterically at that. From what I hear people down there STILL rant about that show. Not sure how much truth is behind those statements, but hey, any press is good press I suppose. I mean any "negative" feedback we just kinda shrug off. We don't really care if someone doesn't like what we do. That's fine with us. Means we are doing our job right."
How did you come up with you name? "Our guitar player, Heathen, came up with the name for the band and originally he wanted to call it Hellghost. He said the name (Leper Lord) just kinda came to him. It wasn't until later when we found out there was an avant-garde acoustic troupe named Death in June who had a song called "Leper Lord", and a Mayhem song called "Impious Devious Leper Lord". But he really did not get the name from those songs. The glove just kind of... fit."

When you play at a show do you play all original songs or do you play a few covers? If so what overs? "We play mostly originals, but we have played a handful of covers. At our second and third shows we played two Misfits songs, "Halloween" and "Death Comes Ripping" and we honestly BUTCHERED those songs, especially "Death Comes Ripping"... Sounded more like "Death Comes Crashing Down the Stairs". There is a video recording of that awful rendition somewhere. Hope no one sees it. Anyway, recently we've had Mayhem's Deathcrush as our main closing song for our sets, and on occasion we'll play Freezing Moon (also from Mayhem). We have talked about playing some other covers like Slayer's "Antichrist" or Watain's "Serpents Chalice" and a handful of others, but we try to focus on playing original material in our sets."
If some one buys your album what should they expect to hear? "They should expect to hear Leper Lord. An honest translation of the dark energies that hide dormant within the four fleshy vessels named Heathen (guitar), Vermin (vocals), Bastard (bass), and Corpse (drums)."
What are your goals for this band since the band was going to be a one time thing? "I'm not sure you could truly call us a goal driven band. I mean when we started in June of 2010 we wanted to be a one time thing, but this beast has a mind of it's own and we are just grabbing onto the tail and holding on tight... and feeding it when it needs food too. What some people don't understand about us is, we really do this for ourselves and our own expression. We aren't doing this to get a Roll Royce!"
How did you get into Metal? "Well, I can't speak for everyone in the band, but, I got into metal through my aunt's record collection and the first "metal" record that I ever listened to was Ratt's self-titled EP from 1983. I remember hearing the drums at the beginning of "Sweet Cheater", then came this raunchy guitar riff and then came Stephen Pearcy and his shrill snarly voice. I must have played that album back to front 10 times that night, I was hooked! I was like, 10 or 11 years old, and even though some people would say that this next sentence isn't very "metal" of me, that album is one of the most important albums of my life. Sure it's not the heaviest thing out there, and it really isn't, but that's the album that popped my metal cherry."
What inspires the music for this band? "Satan... Yep, I pulled a Ghaal. Satan is one of the main influences in this band, as well as the unseen fifth member. Heathen is truly in a trance when these riffs are written, and they just... flow out. Like they where meant to be. Same thing with our new drummer, Corpse. He hasn't been playing the drums for very long, matter of fact, he's only been playing for a few months, and he sounds like a machine! It's gotta come from somewhere. Call it whatever you want, but there are some dark energies projected in the room when we play. Many people have told us that you can almost smell it. The music and the stage's atmosphere have to link together in our world. We do not play with out our carrion's and totems. If we just went up there in baggy clothes, swoopy hair and eye-liner like every other band out there, it wouldn't be Leper Lord. Violent Black Metal has to have the violent showcase."
We would like to thank Leper Lord of doing this interview with us. We hope these guys keep doing what the are doing for a long time.

Interview: Bram Keijers from Hellblast

Band: Hellblast
Year Formed: 2008
Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Nederweert

Interview with: Bram Keijers (Drums)

Interview Through Email:
Is there a band that you would like to tour with that you haven't? "At this moment we haven't toured much, only short weekend trips. But when we could choose we would definitely want to tour with Misery Index,Dying Fetus, Origin and all other US death metal bands who inspired us to write extreme music. Also we really would like to go to the US, Asia and Australia (and tour with Psycroptic!!) but until we really get the change to make long tours across Europe these continents are still unreachable."

What is your favorite song you have written? And why? "Our favorite song is the title track of our upcoming EP "The Die is Cast" because it contains all the elements we want to include in our music; we want to have tempo changes, aggressive riffing and some diabolic melody's mixed with the thundering voice of our latest singer Marius (which is debuting on this EP)."

How do you get ready before you play a show? "I as a drummer have a short warm up routine consisting of playing single strokes at various tempo's with the feet, paradiddles and double strokes with the hands and I like to do some blast beats at the tempo's of the songs; so at this moment the fastest song contains a blast of 260 BPM so I make sure that prior to the show I have done some blastbeats at this tempo. Same with the feet: the fastest double bass roll in our songs is now 240 BPM
so I make sure I reached this tempo."
     "Marius our singer likes to warm up with singing some opera music. I love the look on the face of members of other bands when Marius starts to warm up with a deep and very low opera like voice while on stage he can grunt on any pitch imaginable. Also when he is having a cold he would drink a zipof vodka of whiskey just to numb his throat a bit. And then he always complains the show went bad while nobody can even hear the slightest difference."
     "Our guitar guys like to warm up with some stretching of the arms, legs and neck (on stage there is always headbanging and windmilling). Also they pick up a guitar around 15 minutes before playtime to get their hands warmed up."
     "We hardly drink before a show. That is simply because we want to feel the fear and excitement before going on stage and we want to give the people the best show possible."
What has been the biggest hill you had to over come in your career? "The biggest hill was getting everyone on one line and finding our way, which we feel we have done lately. From the original lineup only our two guitarists are the original members. Also our music took the time to evolve. But these struggles only made us stronger and we are ready to conquer the stages again."
Megadeth or Metallica? "Both; as teenagers everyone started exploring metal music with Metallica. But then we found out there was more awesome thrash in the form of Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus and many more. Also the British metal music like Iron Maiden really formed us in our Youth. So their are equally important for us.
     Also when we go out to play a show on the way there we mostly listen to trash metal to get ourselves in the mood. On the way back we mostly like to listen to dance music or talk shows but that's only to not fall asleep and crash."
What is your favorite brand of instruments to play? "For me it is Pearl drums and Demon Drive pedals, Vic First extreme 5B sticks, Evans heads on the toms, Remo coated on the snare and a Remo powerstroke pro (coated) on the bassdrum (which is awesome because it give a very low sound ideal to mix with triggers). Out guitarists play with Ibanez 7-string guitars and our Bass player likes to record with a specter 5 string bass but live it is too heavy so live he uses a four string."

We would like to thank Bram and Hellblast for doing this this interview with us. We wish them nothing but the best luck with there Metal career.

Also check out the link for the first song, Regurgitated by Satan, on there upcoming EP The Die is Cast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSiiGoSite8

Band of the Day: Kaira

Kaira - Photo
Band: Kaira
Genre: Symphonic Heavy Metal
Year Formed: 1999
Location: Gomel
Label: Irond Records
Number of Albums: 6


Album of the Day: Machine Head: The Blackening

Cover shows a skeleton wearing a cloak and a ball and chain. He holds up a plaque with backwards lettering, EHT / RVORRIM / hcihw / srettalF / ton
Band: Machine Head
Album: The Blackening
Year: 2007
Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner
Album Number: 6 of 7
Length of Album: 61:04
Number of Tracks: 8
Favorite Track: Beautiful Mourning, Aesthetics of Hate, Now I Lay Thee Down, Halo, Wolves, Slanderous
Rating: 9.5

Interview: Chris and Daniel from When You Scream

Band: When You Scream
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Osnabrück, Germany
Members: Chris - guitar, backing vocals
Daniel - guitar
Matwey - vocals
Michael - drums
Sven - bass

Interview with: Chris and Daniel

Interview through Email:
Is it hard being in a Death Metal band in this decade?
          Chris: "Well, it depends on what your plans are. If you just wanna get famous, then doing death metal is definitely not the ideal way. But if you just want to have fun, play gigs and have loyal fanbase, it's not so hard. It's always the same: If you enjoy a thing, it never gets too hard."
          Daniel: "Also if you want to get your music noticed its much easier to record and release albums today than it was 10 or 15 years ago."
     "The cost for recording equipment is significantly lower, because of new technologies and stuff, which is pretty great."

What are some of the bands that influenced your music?
          Chris: "Mainly those bands doing the classical swedisch (melodic-)death-sound: At The Gates, Dismember, Dark Tranquillity, Illdisposed, Callenish Circle.. But also other Bands, like The Black Dahlia Murder, Neaera, Bolt Thrower and even some black metal bands such as Catamenia, Siebenbürgen.."

"The Alchemist" is your latest album, what was the game plan going to record this album, and do you have a favorite track on this album?
          Chris: "Well, first of all, we wanted to do a full-length record with a lot of our newer stuff on it. After our first EP, it was the next logical step. We did a lot of research to find someone who could capture the sound in the way we wanted it to be, and luckily Matwey came up with this guy he met in Berlin, Shay Ofer. He really pushed us to do our best, came up with lots of ideas, and we're pretty happy with the result."
     "The recording procedure was quite different from what we had done before, more professional and focused on the overall sound and feeling. Favorite song.. that's a hard one. My personal favorite is Painted In Shades Of Red, but I love all of the other songs nearly just as much."

          Daniel: "The main difference was that we weren't in a hurry. Our first album was recorded in just a few days, everyone had basically just a couple hours to record his parts.
     Fortunately, now
the recording wasn't under such a pressure. I guess my favorite songs come down to these three: Precious Noise Desire, The Alchemist, Waves of Sparks, from which I cant really pick one out."

What is the Metal scene like in Germany?
          Chris: "We have a pretty big metal-scene in germany. Without this scene, well known festivals such as the Wacken Open-Air or the Summerbreeze wouldn't be possible. There is also a wide difference from region to region, especially regarding the favoured style of music. For instance, in our region, around Osnabrück, there is a good audience for oldschool death and thrash metal.
For other styles it's difficult to get attention. And it's pretty hard for a smaller band to get out of your hometown. That was one of the reasons to do a new record: Getting noticed by other bands, venues and organizers."
          Daniel: "And it seems to pay off so far. I think the metal scene here is like any other basically. My experiences with the metal scene make me think that some people really need to open up their mind for new things. "Metal isn't the only music there is, you know?" is my reply to people who can't listen to anything except metal and dislike everything else (for some silly reason like: it's not brutal enough...etc). We as a band and individually are pretty open to most kinds of music and I guess thats also shown in our music. We mix up old school metal influences with new school elements and it's cool to do that."

We would like to thank When You Scream for doing this Interview with us. We wish them nothing but the best. And don't forget to pick you up a copy of "The Alchemist"

Band of the Day: Weapon

Band: Weapon
Year Formed: 2006
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
 Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
Label: Unisgned/Independent
Number of Albums: 1
Status: Active

work cited

Album of the Day: Hellyeah: Hellyeah

Band: Hellyeah
Album: Hellyeah
Year Released: 2007
Genre: Heavy/Groove Metal
Label: Epic
Producer: Vinnie Paul, Sterling Winfield, Hellyeah
Album Number: 1
Length of Album: 43:47
Number of Tracks: 12
Favortie Tracks: Hellyeah, You Wouldn't Know, Waging War, Alcohaulin' Ass, Goddamn, Rotten to the Core, Thank You, Nausea
Rating: 9.5

Interview: Cerberus from Echalon

Band: Echalon
Genre: Black Metal
Location: Kherson, Uk
Label: Unsigned

Interview with: Cerberus

Interview Through Twitter:
Why did you want to start a Black Metal band? "Why black? Because I play Black Metal 12 fucken years and play other style? No I have band demonium (death black) echalon (black) getman (ethnic pagan black) now I search label for my solo project getman, new album was recorded at my studio, and I love black."

 What should we expect to here from the new album you are about to release? "new album of echalon have some style from heavy metal with black riffs and some symphonic elements, not so fast but very atmos-fear-ical. Sound style like immortal and dimmu borgir."

How did you get into Metal? "First step in Metal I go in 13 years. Its was funny time. first band abaddon,we play symphonic black metal and I was singing in the band. Of all my bands and projects, after abaddonme and my friend started demonium in 2005,we play very fast and angry black metal, now demonium play something like behemoth and nile, in echalon and getman i all recorded myself,its my 2 children."

We would like to thank Cerberus for doing this Interview. Make sure you all check out Echalon's music!

Band of the Day: Leper Lord

Band: Leper Lord
Genre: Black Metal
Location: Winchester, Virginia
Year Formed: 2010
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Status: Active
Number of albums: 0
Number of Demo/EP: 3 Demos/1 EP

work cited

Metal Album Review: Core 10: EP

Band: Core 10
Album: EP
Year: 2012
Genre: Rock
Number of Songs: 3
Key Track: ALL
Rating: 9.5/10
Reason for the Rating: The sound that this guys have made is so unique. The vocals are what really blew me away. The production is great. The instruments are on point. These are going into the right direction. I can't wait till the full album comes out.

Band of the Day: Athanor

Athanor - Photo
Band: Athanor
Country: Poland
Year Formed: 1998
Genre: Gothic Metal
Number of Albums: 1
Number of Demos/EP: 1
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Status: Split-up

Work sited

Interview: Guitarists from Turn the Tables

Band: Turn the Tables
Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Label: Red Line Records
Influences: Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Volumes, Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris, Erra, For The Fallen Dreams, The Ghost Inside, Confession, Structures, In Reference To A Sinking Ship.

Interview with: The Guitarists (Pelle Aarsbog, Ulrik August Linstad)

Interview Through Twitter:
Why start a Metalcore/Hardcore band? "It's actually hard to say what genre we're in. But we've evolved into a technical metalcore band the last few months, because that's where we take inspiration from."

If someone picks up your EP "Intentions" what should the expect to here? "If someone picks it up, the expectations should be far away from mainstream. Technical and weird rhymes that's setup smoothly."

Whats your favorite song off the EP? "The favorite song would be Lesson Learned! It's a good one."

Whats is the message behind your music? "There's not really a concept throughout the whole EP. There's concepts behind each songs, and you are the one to decide what the concept is."  

What has been the best moment in your career so far? "The best moment would be last Sunday when we signed our contract with the record label."

What has been the biggest hill you had to overcome? "The biggest hill we had to overcome would actually be about the money.. all bands have their huge money issues throughout their career."

Thank you to Turn the Tables for answering our question. We wish you nothing but the best for the rest of your career.

Interview: Phil Salazar from Eden Burning

Band: Eden Burning
From: San Antonio,TX
Album: Banged Up N Dirty
Website: Reverbnation.com/edenburning
Interview with: Phil Salazar (Singer/Guitarist)

Interview through Email:
If someone that has never listen to your band before came up and ask you why
should I listen to your band. What would you tell them?
"Eden Burning is a feel good band that connects with its audience, My thing is I want people to come to our shows and buy our music to forget there problems and have a good time. It's been said that our cd can make you drive
faster and head to the nearest bar to party haha. We are a hard rock band with
gritty grinding dirty Rock n roll with the occasional ballad thrown in . Most
bands these days sound very heavy and angry and that's okay, but I'm sorry I'm
just not that pissed off at the world, I think every day is beautiful if the
sun rises and you walk out that door ya know."

What is your inspiration to writing music? "I grew up on Mötley, Kiss, Guns N Roses and bands of that genre. I loved them because of there timeless music and high energy shows. I began
listening to Rock n roll when I was in 4th grade, I would day dream alot and
draw cartoons of Ace Frehley of Kiss on my notebook pads. All I have ever
wanted to be was a Rock n roll musician . It is possible to live your dream and
pursue it, I am living proof. Keep your day Job because you gotta pay the man , but strive for the best and do all you can to pursue your dreams every single day. Lucky for me I am in music 24/7 from managing a huge music store, writing, producing, recording, touring, writing a book, and fronting Eden Burning. It can be done."

What is the message you want the listener to receive while listening to your music? "Have a good time, Crank it up, and forget your troubles and have another shot."
How did you come up with your name? "I was in a book store reading on a day off and stumbled across a book called Eden Burning that was misplaced, I looked at it for a second and thought hmmmm I kind of like that. Researched it and it was free and clear so I took the name. There was a Celtic band called Eden Burning way back in the early 70s but they disbanded long ago, there is no hard rock act on the scene with this name but us."

Out of all the bands that you have open for, Which was your favorite? "There are so many , I have been lucky to open for many bands I grew up listening to. To date I have opened for
Tesla, Saxon, Steven Adler, Ratt, Dokken, Great White, Faster Pussycat, The Genitortures, La Guns, The Bulletboys, Bang Tango, George Lynch, Lita Ford, Quite Riot, Doro Pesch, Bret Michaels, Riot, UFO, Orgy, Adema and so many more."
         "Every one has been a favorite because I have been lucky enough to be invited to share stages with these bands. If I had to choose one single event though it would have to be Dokken. That show in San Antonio a few years back was so packed and every one was hanging on your every word , and singing along. The band was totally cool except that we never met Don Dokken because when he
arrived he went straight into his dressing room and shut the door, but other
than that, It was a great time."
       "Playing The Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles last month was a milestone for me, When I saw our name on that marquee on Sunset Strip I knew I had arrived, all the years of rockin and there I was on the Sunset Strip Whisky Marquee."
       "I leave every musician out there with this. "Success is what you
define it as, You can be anything you want "."

I would like to thank Phil Salazar for doing this interview with me. I wish them nothing but the best. Keep Rockin'.

Metal Album Review: Alter Bridge: AB III

Band: Alter Bridge
Album: AB III
Year Released: 2010
Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Roadrunner
Producer: Michael "Elvis" Baskette
Album Number: 3
Length of Album: 66:07
Number of Track: 14
Favorite Tracks: Slip to the Void, Isolation, All Hope Is Gone, Still Remains, Fallout
Rating: 8/10
Reason for the Rating: After there release of Blackbird I was not expecting that much, but this band has released another great album. The production is just as good as Blackbird, if not better. The guitarist are doing work in these. Some of the best guitarist I have listened to. If you are just getting into this band you may want to start with this album. If you stopped at Blackbird you shouldn't count this album out.

work cited
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