Everything Heavy Metal: 2012-07-08

Interview: Stefan Kreitczick from Evenstorm

Band: Evenstorm
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Year Formed: 1985
Members: Joe Ziegler - Vocals, Bass
Klaus "Punky" Malik - Guitars
Ben.E Bernert - Guitars 
 Stefan Kreitczick - Drums

Interview with: Stefan Kreitczick

Interview Though Email:
You have been doing this since 1985, how do you feel about the band'scareer?
     "In this loong periodthere are always ups and downs. We started very ambitious but we had to learnthat you can not trust all the people in the industry. After very successfulfirst years we had a bit of a downturn in our mood to continue but finally wedecided to do things on a semi-professional basis and to manage everything byourselves. As of today I must say it was and it is a great time with Evenstorm.After all these years we are still doing music and we are still in the sameline up since the beginning. And we still have lots of fun when we play ourmusic."
How have you seen the music scene change?
     "The music in generalchanged very much, but Evenstorm kept its style in True Metal – these areour roots and we do not want to loose them. I have to admit, that we did some “upgrades”in some sounds which you might recognize when you compare the records and thesongs from the different decades, but we have a main road which we do not wantto exit."
What has been the biggest hill you had to overcome?
     "Being represented at Midem and had absolutely no result out of this."
What is your writing process?
     "Michael „Ben.E“Bernert is the brain of the sound and arrangement. He regularly comes with theidea which we develop during live sessions while we are practice. Joe Zieglerdoes the lyrics and they develop mostly with the arrangement. We had the one orthe other case where the lyrics were first and music came later."
How would you describe your sound?
     "Tru Metal, Classic HeavyMetal/Hard Rock, 80´s Metal."
How do your new sound differ from your old songs?
     "See above. Some upgradesin the sound with a bit more modern touch/arrangement not loosing our roots. Straighterarrangement, tighter play."
Why did you start this band?
     "To do something seriouswhere we all had the biggest fun factor."
Where was your first show? And how did it go?
     "It was a little stage ina bavarian restaurant in May 1985. I remember that lots of friends and familywas there as the big fan group – maybe the same story with any other bandwhich starts to perform."
     "The sound was awful andwe where way too loud and too nervous. At least it was the best feeling eversince we made music."
What do you do outside the band?
     "We all have regular jobslike baking man, sales manager, social worker and Musician. Unfortunately we missed the step to make money with music but we still keep going on."

Interview: il Lurido from Redwest

Band: Redwest
Genre: Spaghetti Western Metal
Location: Milano, Italy
Members: il Lurido - vocals, harmonica, effects
 il Randagio - guitars & backing vocals
 il Molesto - guitars & backing vocals
 il Losco - bass & backing vocals
 il Timido - drums
 la Straniera - backing vocals
Interview with: il Lurido

Interview Though Email:
 How did you come up with this idea for a sorta of western Metal band?
     "The idea was born for fun from il Lurido (singer, composer of the band), when the cover of "They call me Trinity" soundtrack has been recorded. It was made a videoclip and then put it on youtube      (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MVozICGsmA) It received immediatly thousands of visits and many people asked us how to find our music, so il Lurido decided to take the project seriously and then..."
What s Spaghetti Western Metal?
     "It's the perfect blend of cowboys flair and the heavy metal sound. We'd like to specify that we don't come from America, so we don't like the "country-metal" label or something like that. Our roots are Italian, we grew up with the Italo-Western movies of Sergio Leone and we have a strong passion for hard'n'heavy music. Spaghetti Western Metal is not just a music label, but a life-style!"
How did you start this band?
     "When il Lurido has decided to make a real Spaghetti-Western Metal band, has carefully searched for other members. But it has been easier than expected because the project sounded interesting and stimulating and the band was complete in a short time."
What is your inspiration?
     "Our songs are influenced by western movies soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, the rebel country music of Johnny Cash, a touch of Italian irony and the epic and powerful Heavy Metal."
Your latest release was the "Play your Hand" EP, what was the gameplan going to record that EP?
     "When we published the first EP, we put all efforts into doing live shows to promote the band and our new sound. In that period, at the same time, new songs were born like a second nature to us So the band decided that it was time to record a new EP and here we are!"
How do you feel about the final cut of it?
     "The final result is explosive, epic and something we never expected before. All the band members did their best and so we are very proud and happy about it."
Do you have a favorite song off the EP?
     "No, every song that composes the EP is characteristic and sounds different from the other ones. The lyrics have various themes, too: the gambling addiction, the death, life values and also something funny and ironic."
When should we expect a new full-length?
     "We hope as soon as possible!
We will keep you informed for sure!"

Interview: Parasite

Band: Parasite
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Label: Unsigned

Interview Though Email:
How did you come up with the Band's name?
     "The name came from the main focus of our ideology. Basically, we write our lyrics about almost anything we think that worth the pain, but mainly about human nature. We look at humanity from a critic point of view, taking people as parasites of themselves, always trying to get benefit from anything at any cost. "
Why start a Thrash Death Metal band?
     "We wanted to feel free to compose without thinking if what we’re doing sounds like this or that. We don’t like to put boundaries in our music’s style, so we found the possibility to express the way we want by mixing these two genres, in this way we can go as fast or slow as we want, and mix different kinds of vocals."
What are some of the bands the influence your music?
     "We feel influenced by Death Metal bands like Unleashed, Benediction, Obituary, Massacre and Six Feet Under, but we find a remarkable tendency in our sound towards the traditional rough style of bands like Raped God 666, Kilcrops or Sepultura."
What is the message behind the song "Yoke of Pain?
     "Yoke of Pain is a critic to the stupidity that possesses people in mass. One person is able to think and have an opinion and position to face something, but the mass is easy to deceive and manage, so people end taking themselves into their own yoke even without noticing it." 
Your latest release (If I am up to date) was in 2011, the EP "Rehearsing the Infection" what was the game plan going to record this EP? And what should people expect it to sound like?
"     We released this EP as something “rare” and limited to one hundred copies that were spread through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in our “Carrying the Disease” tour. We were promoting our first EP from 2010 that is called “Infected Pleasure”, and wanted to have something extra and special to offer in this countries, so we recorded a rehearsal with three tracks from “Infected Pleasure” and two unpublished ones. The sound of this recording is obviously more rough, precarious and dirty than the previous one, this was the intention."
When are you planning to come out with a full-length?
"     After promoting these two first EPs we have been composing and starting with the recording of our first album. We plan to have it ready for distribution at the beginning of 2013."

Interview: Daryl & Malevolence

Band: Malevolence
Genre: Grindcore/Metal
Year Formed: 1992
Label: Independent
Location: Auckland NZ

Interview with: Daryl & Malevolence

Interview Though Email:
What was the band's experience at Christchurch Satanfest and Wellington Hellingtion666?
     Daryl: "Satanfest was always a good show. I didsound for most of them so I’m biased though. I think I dressed as a nun for theoccasion - Satanfest was set around Halloween each year so loads of peoplewould turn up in various horror metal garb. It was a party more than just agig."
     Julz: "I don't remember Satanfest well, but I remember that Hellington666 had a stage plan for the goat skulls"
     Ben: "I didn't play Satanfest - before my time.That Hellington666 skull stage plot was awesome."
     Daryl: "I’d forgotten about the stage plot. We wereat Matt from Backyard Burial’s house and his flat-mate was involved inorganizing it, and was showing us the plans for set up."

The band formed in 1992, How would you described the band's career?
     All: "Long and awesome (laughs)"
     Daryl: "To be honest it was a very different bandin 92 more thrash oriented. I’d just left a Death Metal band and wanted toexplore something more musical. It didn’t last too long J Along the way the bandhas grown and moved in different directions. I tend to think of it as anevolutionary process - sometimes this process has thrown up mutations, butgenerally each change has brought growth. The current lineup is in its 7th yearand I don’t think I ‘ve ever been happier with Malevolence - everyone is on thesame wavelength and moving forward."

What are your live shows like?
     All: "Short and awesome. (laughs)"
     "Our favourite description from an audiencemember is “its like being torn apart by hyenas while someone throws pieces of adrum kit at you”
Being tight is extremely important inthe type of music we play so we strive to nail every change and stop. Arelentless assault."

What are some of the bands that influence your music?
      "We try not to sound like anyone inparticular, and we all listen to a wide variety of music. I’ve always been into Metal and I’m not too fussy about sub-genres, Julz comes from a much more punkand noise direction but appreciates any extreme music. Ben prefers Black Metaland Grind, but we have our common ground. We all love Napalm Death, Phobia,Gorerotted and a wide range of other stuff, from Mercyful Fate to The Exploitedto Rotten Sound and beyond."

What should some one expect to hear from your upcoming CD set to release in 2012?
      "The best thing we've done so far - much morerepresentative of our live shows than anything previously released. Initiallywe recorded 8 songs for it, but it clocked in at around 15 minutes so we had tohold off and write more songs. We really wanted to break the 30-minute barrier J If people want tocheck out rough mixes or earlier material go to our website http://www.malevolencenz.com where mostof it is available as a free download."

Have you pick out a name for it yet?
      "The working title is “Nothing and Nowhere”and we’re just doing the artwork and layout so it’s pretty much done and dusted- We’ve got nearly an EP worth of new material too so a follow up isn't too faraway."

Where will it be available for some one to pick up?
     "Grindhead records in Australia are releasingit later in the year, so details will go up on the site when we sort that out.We’ll be selling it at shows and on the website as well."

Album Review: Sepulchral Torment by Rex Shachath

Band: Rex Shachath
EP Name: Sepulchral Torment
Genre: Death Metal
Year Relased: September 7, 2012
Label: Hostile Media
Lenght of EP: 18:23
Number of Tracks: 6
Favorite Tracks: ALL
Rating: 9/10
Reason of the Rating: Production is some of the finest in this genre. If you like Death Metal then this is a EP you need to pick up. The whole EP is in your face start with there first track to the last!! Not going to give out to much details now. But when this EP comes out you need to get it. There is not a lot of Death Metal/Metal bands that are this good! Going to be the next big thing in            Death Metal/Metal.

Interview: Our Last Crusade

Band: Our Last Crusade
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Members: Scott Wilson - Vocals
Brady Schmidt - Guitar
Matt Danko - Bass
Garret Brewer - Drums

Interview with: All Band

Interview Though Email:
What are some of the bands that influence your music?
     "After the Burial, Whitechapel, Lamb of God, The Contortionist, Born of Osiris, Bermuda"

 If some one listen to your music what should the expect to hear?
     "Something heavy and different. A newer sound that doesn’t quite sound like any other heavy band."

If some one wanted to find your music where would they go?
     "Facebook, Youtube, basically any site you usually visit to listen to music."

 What are the bands goals?
     "Continue to grow, get signed, tour for as long as we can "

How did you come up with your name?
     "It was just an idea that someone brought up that we thought had a cool premise. Something memorable but not too cliche"

What is the metal scene like in Calgary, Alberta, Canada?
     "Lots of good young up and coming bands with fans willing to come out for local shows."

What is the bands writing process?
     "Pretty basic, our guitarist and bassist put together riffs and get an entire song written. Then it is brought to practice for the drums to be written and after everything is finished lyrics are written." 

Interview: John Paul from Sick Trust

Band: Sick Trust
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Members: Mike "Junior" Kornfield - bass / vocals
Charles "Chaly" Piacentino - guitar / vocals
Jesus "Zeus" Gordiany - guitar / vocals
John Paul - drums

Interview with: John Paul

Interview Though Email:
Why did you start this band?
     "Well it was really started because we all enjoy this type of music and we were annoyed and frustrated with other projects that we had worked in that fell apart."

What can someone expect to hear off your debut album?
     "Hard, heavy riffs that hit you in the gut.  But we've also got some other melodic elements in there as well as some groove oriented progression."

What was the game plan going to record the album?
     "Well we had picked out 9 songs that we felt were our best, or the most complete songs structurally.  We went in to a studio and engineer we were all familiar with who really knew his stuff.  We were looking to get kind of an old school feel to the recording and we recorded directly on analog tape, to help get that heavy sound."

Do you have a favorite song of the album?
     "Well they are all our babies, but I think my personal favorites are either "America" or "Blind Faith"."

What are your live shows like?
     "Our live shows are a blast!!  We tend to get up there and do our thing and really enjoy doing it, and the crowd seems to feed off that.  We perform for the crowd/fans.  It's ALL for them and usually the transfer of energy between the stage and the crowd is phenomenal!!!"

Interview: Dan Sorber from Thy Kingdom Gone

Band: Thy Kingdom Gone
Genre: Battle Metal
Year Formed: 2012
Location: New Jersey
Label: Unsigned
Members: Tim Correll - Vocals
Dan Sorber - Guitar
Khalid Ilahi - Guitar
Steve Goldberg - Drums
Scott Schafer - Bass

Interview with: Dan Sorder

Interview Though Email:
What is Battle Metal?
     "Battle Metal is our self proclaimed genre. Listen to the music: tell me you don't want to pick up a sword and lay siege to your neighbor's yard!
     But in all seriousness our music is about a lot of things: it tells the story of warfare, of strife, oppression and never letting go of hope; of one day seeing a hero rise and looking forward to a time of peace. However, lyrical content and themes that reflect ever day life can be found. Introspective themes, from dealing with the loss of a loved one to embracing life and loving to be alive can be found.
     Life is a battle. Stand up and fight for yourself. Fight for what you believe in. Fight for who you love. This is the soundtrack to that life."

What is the song "Tomorrow" about?
     ""Tomorrow" is about dealing with the loss of a loved one and having the strength to carry on."

Where can some one pick up your music?
      "As of right now you can download "Tomorrow" for free as well as stream some of our other promo songs at www.reverbnation.com/thykingdomgone We currently do not have an official release.
     We plan to release a 5 track EP by the end of the summer followed by a full length by years end. Best way to keep up with us is to sign the mailing list at either the Reverbnation page or our homepage www.thykingdomgone.com"

What are your goals for this band?
     "Total world domination! Let the heathens of false music kneel at our feet!
     No really... I've always been one to follow through in what I do. You write some songs, so the next step is to rehearse them. Play some live shows. Record the songs, release an album, promote the album. Start over with the next one. I'd love to be able to make a living on my music again. I did it before so I know it can be done again.
     Come what may."

What is you inspiration to write music?
      "Life, really. I find inspiration in the day to day. I am also a sucker for a good story, so sometimes I get the urge to write one myself. "Tomorrow" and "Break of Dawn" are examples of life inspiring music while "Service of the Blade" is a story, for example."

How did you come up with your name?
     "THY KINGDOM GONE was inspired by the loss of my sister several years ago. When I lost her that's exactly how I felt: as if my kingdom had come crashing down around me. It serves as a reminder of how fragile life is. How in the blink of an eye, everything can change."

When would we be seeing a full-length album come out?
     "By the end of the year we will be seeing a full length release with close to an hour of music. The material is all there. Its just being recorded and mixed. At the end of the summer, we are releasing a 5 track EP as well."
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