Everything Heavy Metal: 2012-07-15

Taking The Weekend Off

      This weekend we are not going to be posting due to the fact we are going to go see Kiss and Motley Crue this weekend. There will be a concert review and setlist posted up (If we remember what it is).

But if you still want to contact us then feel free and we will get back to you on Monday.

See you guys on Monday!!

Interview: Mindly Rotten

Band: Mindly Rotten
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Year Formed: 2003

Interview Though Email:

How would you describe Technical Death Metal?
     "It is a way of mixing brutality ,technique , harmony and speed."

What bands influence your music?
      "It is no easy to name bands that have influenced our music, actually there are tons of bands we like and admire. we also like  old school bands since they letf their trade mark."

You have released two albums "The Most Exquisite Agonies" (2005) and "Proliferation of Disaster" (2011) how do those albums differ from each other?
     "The first one is more chaotic from different point of views; the artwork, music and in some sense  lyrics.  For the second one we tryied to make   our music more understandable  and harmonic without leaving Mindly rottenS brutality,  also the band artwork has changed and of course we have matured our concepts as well."

Do you like on album of the other?
     "We like both, since they have different things to be analized and those things have helped us to improve our concepts for third album, it is our perception."

What should a listeners expect to hear from those two albums?
     "Brutality, harmony, speed and Mindly RottenS  respect for metalheads."

What was the game plan going to record "Proliferation of Disaster"?
     "It took us much time.We try to put the best of us in order to make a better production, and we think we got the goal with this new production. Also is important to mention two video cilps we made, these  gave us the chance to spread our music in many places and in a different way."

How did the "Russian Disaster Tour 2012" turn out?
     "We were invited by Coyote records Russia, we have worked with this label some years ago, it has spread our music and merchandise  in many many countries around the world. It was a really brutal experince, we could see how our music has been accepted in other cultures, we realized that all efforts done during these years have not been useless. It gave us more "fuel" to keep working for death metal music."

Interview: Scott Kianka from Desolation

Band: Desolation
Year Former: 2008
Genre: Drone/Depressive/Ambient/Metal
Location: Daleville, AL
Member: Scott Kianka (Kei) - All Instruments, Vocals, Etc.

Interview with: Scott Kianka

Interview Though Email:
Why start this project?
      "Mostly because I could never get the results I wanted with an actual band. the sound was always wrong. people always tried to change things. at least now i get the general idea across despite my limitations. you'll never really get the music to your specifications when you have to rely on other people to get it there."
How would you describe your music?
      "I always used to describe it as Elegant Ambient Violence. its sort of an unexplainable fusion of whatever style of music I happent to feel like playing at the time. I don't feel the need to confine it to one general style or genre. music isn't supposed to be that limited. it should reflect whatever you're feeling when you play, and not simply be created to please your fans and get you paid."
Can you give some history of this project?
      "Ihe project was started around October 2008 (the exact day escapes my memory) because of my dissatisfaction with all of my actual "bands", and the assholes that always ruined them for me. my initial intent was just to create my own music for my enjoyment and possibly 2 or 3 friends of mine who had taken an interest. an (now) ex-girlfriend actually talked me into posting it online and making a page for it. the first Desolation page was on myspace shortly after her nagging drove me to create it. the first generation of releases were (in order) Misery (demo), Desolation, Anguish, and Corruption. Corruption was actually unfinished due to a fairly massive throat infection that killed off my singing voice entirely and made it incredibly painful to scream. took me months to get back to normal. during the time between Corruption and the Obscurity demo (mid 2009 through around early 2010) Desolation was dead. In 2010 i started it back up again, and Obscurity (demo) and IV were released. again took a hiatus to try to get my life back in order after IV. as of several months back, Desolation is active again, and Shinigami (demo) was released as a prelude to the next album (V), which will most likely be more in a Ritual Ambient style and less in the older Doom/Black Metal/Ambient styles i have been focusing on. though you never know how things will turn out in recording. things may change as i record the album."
How does the music you were making in 2008 in the project differ from the music that you are making now in it?
      "There is absolutely no comparison. the old music was more rock/black metal. the songs were less abstract. the Misery demo from 2008 sounds nothing at all like Desolation from the very first full length album right after it. the emphasis now is more on ambiance and mood, and less on metal and standard structures and patterns. its far less important to me now to make "music", as we generally accept it, and more important to make something with emotion and atmosphere."

As of right now you are working on your album called 'V" how is that going?
     "V being the Roman numeral for 5, as it is my fifth full length album. its not going well. constant issues so far. computer problems, recording gear blowing up, hard drive malfunctions, etc., but despite all this, it is slowly getting done. i'm three songs into the new album as of now. my estimate of the release date for it may have to be pushed back, but it will be finished, hopefully before the end of this year."

What is the game plan going to record this album?
     "There's never a plan. my work is unpredictible, and i just have to do it when i can find time. i can't read or write music, so i have to record ideas as i have them. all Desolation albums are improvised recordings. i do wish i had a more formal background in all this, so i could plan ahead and do this a bit more properly, but i just have to do it the best i can manage."

What should listeners expect it to sound like?
     "Darker. slower. still heavy as hell but with less emphasis on the metal aspect for this album. i'm more interested in the atmosphere and the mood this time."

What are the things that influence your music?
     "Nature and poetry, as far as physical things i can interact with. my personal life in general has nothing to do with my music, as it seems to have for a lot of other artists. i make music to escape from life for a short time. as far as other bands are concerned, Celestiial, Funeral Mourning, and Lustre."

Interview: James from Three Victims

Band: Three Victims
Genre: Brutalgrindinghateslam
Year Formed: 1995
Location: Burnie, Tasmania
Members: Simon "Gonad" Jones-Slamming Chunks of six string and Backup grunts of pain.
Martin "Dickface" Baumgartner-Subsonic brown notes and Backup burps.
Allan "Shitheels" Byard-Ear piercing shrieks of unending horror.
James "Fuckin' Fat Cunt" Hooper-Rythmic slop and a useless fuck all else.

Interview with: James

Interview Though Email:

Why did you join this band?
     "I Joined the band 16 years ago, I was 18 at the time. I had heard there was a band just lost a drummer in burnie (I lived 150km away in launceston at the time) and was asked if I wanted to join. At the time I was between bands so the answer was an obvious yes, at the time we were not called three victims but were called hemlok. A notable feature of this era of the band is that the vocalist at this time was Matthew Chalk, better known for having done vocals on the early psycroptic albums."

How did this band get started?
     "The band was started by gonad the guitarist, chalky on vocals, Tim durkin on drums when they were in high school."

How would you describe the band's sound?
     "I think of the bands sound as chunky deathmetal with small elements of grindcore, we are all about the chunk."

How does you music/sound now differ from early in the band's career?
    "Early on it was more grind, the chunk and accents have come over time, practice and musical competence allow greater expression."

What was the game plan going to record "Exhibits A, B, and C" EP?
     "The gameplan for recording was that we had released the demo in 2004 because we were too lazy to record beforehand, it had been 6 years (again because we are lazy) and there was some pressure from our peer bands and fans to do something (anything!!) and so we recorded it, the other consideration was knowing that we're too lazy and can't be arsed promoting or selling them and that it would not make us any money therefore to record it for as little as possible. I did everything, recorded mixed and mastered on gear that I already own (cheap shit gear) the only thing we paid for was microphone hire. So anyone who thinks it sounds shit, you're right. That's the sound that $65 buys."

Do you have a favorite song off the EP?
     "My favourite song is #3, I enjoyed the noise you made."

What are some of the bands that influence your music?
     "I love Nile, origin, braindrill, beyond creation and other "technical ear rape" type bands. I also enjoy the old school early entombed, carcass, deicide, morbid angel etc, but ultimately we just play what we write, if that sounds like anyone in particular it's purely accidental."

How did the band come up with the name Three Victims?
     "We changed the name to three victims as after hemlok we were called butchered cunt and that causes problems with newspapers and flyers etc. the vocalist (Allan byard drummer from intense hammer rage) suggested three victims as three victims gets you classified as a serial killer and he lives that shit so we went with that."

Interview: Patrik from BatAAr

Band: BatAAr
Genre: Art Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Location: Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Members: Seb - vocals
 Patrik - guitar
Simon - guitar
Felix - bass
Tobias - drums
Interview with: Patrik

Interview Though Email:
You describe your band as "Art Metal", what is that?
     "Art Metal is the sound only BatAAr can create together. We want to show that our kind of rock music has so much more potential. There's a profound thought behind everything we do and every single detail we put into our music, and that the emotion should dictate what we play right now. We don't want to be bound to any specific genre. If we ever feel like writing a song that goes from, for example, black metal to a funky piano ballad, that's what we will do."

What is the Metal scene like in Sweden?
     "People have this idea that Sweden is some kind of mecca for metal music in the world. But honestly, lately it feels like it has become stagnant. We don't know why, but we want to be the kind of band that goes on to break the trend of painting yourself into a corner and being stuck with a sound forever."

What are the things that influence your music?
     "Pretty much our own experiences and feelings. Things we witness. We try to write and compose things that are true to ourselves rather than trying to write about things we don't really know much about."

What are your goals for this band?
     "To surpass ourselves and never write the same song twice."

What is the message behind your music?
     "Even if there might be a specific message behind our music sometimes, we'd rather leave it up to the listeners to interpret our songs and performances, and build their own ideas from it. This interview sure was a bit light on details, but we enjoy this mystique."

Rex Shachath Announces More UK Shows

Northern Irish death metal outfit Rex Shachath have proudly announced more UK dates to follow their 3 shows with The Rotted in Scotland and Ireland in support of their debut EP 'Sepulchral Torment' which is due for release on 07th September 2012 via Hostile Media.
The band will hit the road from the 26th September till 07th October with the UK's Necrotize which features members from Dragged Into Sunlight. Old school death metal quartet from Overoth will join the tour in Liverpool on 29th September.

The band will appear at the following cities across the UK: -

07/09/12 - Voodoo - Belfast, UK w/ The Rotted
22/09/12 - Hordes Of Belial Festival - Dundee, UK w/ The Rotted
23/09/12 - Ivory Blacks - Glasgow, UK w/ The Rotted
26/09/12 - Bannermans - Edinburgh - UK
27/09/12 - The Borough - Sunderland - UK
28/09/12 - The Head Of Steam, Newcastle - UK
29/09/12 - The Lomax, Liverpool - UK
30/09/12 - Snooty Fox, Wakefield - UK
03/10/12 - The Asylum 2 - Birmingham - UK
04/10/12 - The Croft, Bristol - UK
06/10/12 - The Unicorn, London - UK
07/10/12 - Bogiez, Cardiff - UK

Websites: www.rexshachath.com

The band recently released 'Seven Serpents' a track from the EP for streaming online. Watch it here: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A693DPad5Y

Interview: Vince from Magoa

Band: Magoa
Genre: Metal
Year Formed: 2006
Location: Ermont, Ile-de-France
Members: Cyd - Vocals
Martin - Drums
Vince - Guitar
David - Guitar
BenoƮt - Bass

Interview with: Vince

Interview Though Email:
Does your band name have any meaning?
     "Yes of course, Magoa have several meanings in many languages. In portuguese it means "hurt", "magician" in basque language, and this is a name often used in many myths to designate powerful characters . For us it's very interesting because Magoa is taking inspiration from different metal styles. There is a connection between Magoa's meaning and our message. Most of all we don't want to encourage anger or violence, we want people to believe in themselves and to fight for their convictions."

What is the Metal scene like in France?
     "The french metal scene has seen many good bands emerge this last years. Gojira, Dagoba or Betraying the martyrs are the perfect examples. We think that metal in France is about to change considerately. There are a lot of good organizations working to expand the bands awareness."

Can you give a brief history of the band?
     "Basically we are just good friends sharing the same love for metal and music in general. The band exist since 2006 and the adventure really begins when we met our producer Charlers "Kallaghan" Massabo. He produced our first album "Swallow the earth" and our new EP "Animal", where the singles "Animal" and "Enemy" come from. We released a music video for each of those songs, directed by our friend Benjamin Cappelleti. And for now we will release or 6 tracks Ep "Animal" in October. We hope that you will enjoy the next songs!"

How do you feel about your latset release "Swallow The Earth"?
     ""Swallow the earth" was a great step for us, for every band it's always exciting to release its first album. It gave us the opportunity to do a tour with Sybreed and Beyond the dust during "the pulse tour 2011". Not many people knows but this album has been recorded in 2009 with Matt our first singer and re-recorded in 2010 with Cyd. This album is 3 years old, Magoa has really changed since this period ad it's what we wanted to show you with our new songs."
Do you have a favorite track off from it?
     "In 2009 I think that I'd have answered "swallow the earth", and by the way is still one of the few that we play on stage from the first album. But today our favorite song is "Enemy" because it really matches our message : "Wake up you are your own enemy", in other word : believe in yourself!"

How would you describe your band?
     "Groove metal with bestial energy. And most of all 5 stage addicts." 

Interview: Pete Wells from Apathy

Band: Apathy
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2004
Members: Pete Wells: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Mike James: Bass
Daniel Cadena: Lead Guitar
Bill Jameson: Drums

Interview with: Pete Wells and Band

Interview Though Email:
Why start a Thrash Metal band?
     (Pete Wells) "Growing up listening to all types of metal, Thrash Metal always seemed to fit me, The aggression and angst behind the sound was honest. You couldn't fake it. As Emo and the so called NU METAL was the in thing, I made sure APATHY did not stray to the norm, "Apathy is a Thrash Metal band always and nothing more" When we started doing shows back in '05 we were criticized as being old school metal. Thrash Metal's played out. Now it seems everyone wants to start a Thrash band here NJ."

What is the message the band wanted to display with your debut album "A Decade of Violence"?
     "The message behind the album was never planned, its just happened! While we were in pre-production, the producer kept asking what each song was about, (self loathing, destruction and the evil shit men do) as we explained it, it hit us, that each song had a violent twist to it. So we thought, oh we gotta name the album "Violent Nature" which is the last song on the album. But then that seemed so typical! Pete kept mentioning how he wanted the record to be as raw Metallica's "Kill em All" and then it hit! Call the album "Decades of Pain"! all of us thought that was fucking cheezy! Then as the art work came, with the world all blown to shit, "DECADES OF VIOLENCE" would be the title. Mankind is always fucking shit up, decade after decade so why not call it that, its fit all the tracks including the instrumental "Mourning After". The title actually came from two songs "Forever In Darkeness" the first line in the song is "Decades of pain and truthful lies, seems the way we live, we will die" and of course you already know were Violence came from."

How do you feel about that album?
     "It was good for what we wanted, we did not want to overdue it with effects and stuff, because we aren't like that live. We wanted it to be raw not polished! From a fan stand point, we were all blown away at the response the record received. We thought people weren't going to like it, but it received great reviews and won Best thrash metal album of  2009 on a website called Silencedsoloud.com. People actually had to go on and vote. We were up there with Slayer, Megadeth, Gama Bomb, Kreator and others we look up too. It may not be a grammy but it was acknowledged by the Thrash Metal community and that was huge for us."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     Pete: "Final Threat"
     Bill Jameson: "Era of Terror"
     Daniel Cadena: "Born Into Pain (new lead gutarist as of Aug 2011)"
     Michale James: "Still learning the songs but so far they are all good (new bassist as of June 31,2012)"

Where do you see the band in 10 years?
     "Hopefully still making music and touring as our permanent occupation! It would be really cool to see us sharing our metal around the world! Taking over were pur thrash legends left off!"
How would you describe your band?
     "We are a dysfunctional group of misfits, that seem to gel together well. We have a saying in the band, its called the "Apathy moment" because just when we think things are going great. Something happens! Example: first day of recording drum tracks, we are in the control room listening to Bill warm up and we hear "beeeeep-doooom" the audio control board and PC died! found it was the PC! Delaying the recording almost a month."
What are some of the bands that influence your music?
     "Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Onslaught, Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator and so much more." 

Interview: Draugr & Kaalfinn from Thurs

Band: Thurs
Genre: Pure Norse Heathen Metal
Year Formed: 2005
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Members: Draugr Skaldvard: Vocals
Likskuggi: Lead Guitars
Blekkjesdrotten: Rhythm Guitars
Dargoth Raatne: Bass
Kaalfinn: Battery

Interview with: Draugr & Kaalfinn
Interview Though Email:
What is Pure Norse Heathen Metal?
     "We are not sure what genre to put our music, there's elements of black/death/folk/viking metal in our music... Pure Norse Heathen Metal is a slogan that we came up with , we have norse roots, and the lyrics in our songs comes from vikings, norse mythology, old norwegian folklore tales basicly.... When you hear Thurs, you will hear the sound of Pure Norse Heathen Metal!"
What should some one expect to hear when they play you album "Myths and Battles from the Paths Beyond"?
     "Easily summond, Pure Norse Heathen Metal!"
Where can someone pick up this album?
     "Various webshops, or directly from us!"
What bands influence your music?
     "Kampfar, Amon Amarth, Thyrfing, Mitothyn, Enslaved, Satyricon, Mayhem, Windir"
The band formed in 2005, how do you feel about the bands career?     
     "Well we have released an album and played small and larger gigs, but we have not yet come to work with bigger promoters and labels yet. We are still going strong, so the bands career will keep growing we think! We are currently working on material for a second album, and looking for a potential label, and we want to play more gigs around the world!"

Interview: Adrian Powell from Awake by Design

Band: Awake by Design
Genre: Melodic Metal, Heavy Rock
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Memebers: Adrian Powell - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Callum Downing - Lead/Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Luke Smith - Lead/Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
 David Favill - Bass Guitar
Gary Arlett - Drums
Raedon Mac - keyboards

Interview with: Adrian Powell

Interview Thought Email:
How did you come up with the name for the band?     "It took us awhile to come up with a band name we were happy with, same with most bands really! we had a song called "Awake By Design" before we had a band name. My guitarist said that would make an awesome band name. I always looked at it as a song name but I'm really glad we used it as the name! I've never looked back!!! The actual song never gets played now, it was never very good anyways haha!"
How does you upcoming album "Carve the Sun" differ from "Sentiment"?
     "It differs a lot but still keeps the Abd sound! The new songs show a new side of Abd a more deep Awake By Design shall I say? There's lighter elements and faster elements. The songs I think are a vast improvement on the "Sentiment" songs. As we've used a lot of new keys and emotions and made it more interesting for us and the listener."
How would you descride Melodic Metal to some one that has never heard of it?     "I would describe it as therapeutic Rock music with beautiful pop melodies and emotional vocals in a heavy drum and distorted guitar sandwich. Or am I just describing what Awake By Design's version of Melodic Metal is?"
Is there a message behind your music?     "Lyrics Yes! each song has its own message. I've written about vanity to happiness and anything I feel about at that particular time"
What has been the biggest hill you had to over come?
     "We're alyways climbing, The hill never ends!!! but so far the stress of recording an album when it's not going right. Every musician knows what I'm talking about!!! It can be more stressful then the soundman telling you he doesn't have enough inputs for your vibrator."

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