Everything Heavy Metal: 2012-07-22

Interview: Chris from Chimpgrinder

Band: Chimpgrinder
Genre: Metal
Location: Philly
Members: Aaron,

Interview Though Email with: Chris

What is the overall sound of your latest release "Volume 666"?
     "The bluesier side of sludge. A lot of Sludge has a southern rock influence but being from Philly we bring the blues you get trying to make it in a cramped post-industrial East Coast City to the dirty world of Sludge."

What gave you guys the idea to use the same type of cover as Black Sabbath's album Vol. 4?
      "Sitting at the bar one night after practice, we thought the concept would be a cool idea for a T shirt as a tribute to our forefathers and a little ironic statement about ourselves. The resulting photoshop product was so right that we decided to put ourselves in the same stratosphere as Sabbath and Sleep (gasp). The Vol 4 cover is symbolic and instantly recognizable; to anyone into slow paces and skull numbing distortion it's iconography is an admission of brotherhood and invitation to the sacred rite of jamming the fuck out."

How do you feel about the EP?
      "It put us on some peoples' radar and captured where we were at musically at the time. It's heavy and it's the work of a band just finding its sound. Right now we're finishing up a new EP Oliver that builds on Vol.666's sound and, we think, shows us coming into our own."

How was it being in the recording studio?
     "We self-record and mix thanks to today's technology. It's cool to draw on the energy of our home base where a lot of the vibe from the songs originates. Plus it's fucking cheap."
What is the band's writing process?
     "Riff-based with everyone offering suggestions/opinions as we build the songs. For the new EP Oliver we had a couple songs written ahead of time but built the EP around a concept. Lyrics get started as ideas and then once we have a song they get adapted to fit the composition."
Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "For Vol.666. we dig Obliteration and Bliss
for our new joint Oliver we have to say Sacred Ape"
Can you give a short history about the band?
     "We've have all been in bands since puberty, which for all of us was more than a minute ago. Steve and Chris T have been playing guitar and drums together in different projects for over 15 years. Some of your readers might know Jeer at Rome and Perils of Obedience. Chris S played in legendary NYC drunk punk band As$troland waaay back in the 90’s (sorry Chris), and came into the fold in the fall of 2010. Aaron is a poet transplanted from the California punk and metal scene who hasn't done anything you're likely to have heard about. Aaron got in touch with Chris T and Steve through a Craigslist ad and jammed but nothing really came of it except for an invitation to play bass but Aaron, knowing his vocal gifts were not to be squandered behind the 4 strings declined. In an act of characteristic altruism he told them to expect an email from a better bass player than he. Aaron knew Chris S through playing in another band where Chris's funktified talents were being wasted and Chris S gladly jammed with what was then an unnamed project and their chemistry changed the sound and direction of the group. Things went full circle and eventually Aaron was convinced by Chris's unique ability to motivate to join the Chimp cabal in time for a show that Chris had optimistically booked in Brooklyn and which was just 3 weeks away. Show went off well, we had a blast and here we are. Our practice space is a small room in the animal wing of what is now one of the largest decommissioned human centrifuge buildings in the US. You can walk down the hall from us and see the Chimps' old living quarters now piled with garbage. In the heart of the building is the old Centrifuge with grooves in the wall from the damn thing spinning so fast. They rent it out for weddings now. Beginning in 1950’s this is where scientists studied the effects of G forces on animals and humans. Training for the early space missions were all done there, including spinning some chimps. We try to live up to this legacy of exploration, torture, sci-fi wet dreams and questionable ethics in our music."
synopsis for "OLIVER"
     "For twenty years Oliver had been kept in a small, isolated compound. Agent Jefferson was his only friend. He exposed Oliver to the blues, he shared cases of Budweiser with the Astro Chimp as they watched boxing matches and the Discovery Channel, he brought in armfuls of magazines Oliver used to makes collages; Agent Jefferson was the one-time space chimp’s pipeline to the outside world. Jefferson was also the man paid by the government to keep Oliver satisfied and imprisoned. When Oliver found a photo of a certain blonde nurse in the wallet that Jefferson carelessly left out one day, 20 years of friendship, and imprisonment, came to an end. Now Oliver, with blood on his hands, must face the legacy of a past he doesn’t understand and a future that has flashbacks of Centaurus A screaming across his mind."

Upcoming Albums in August

August 7
Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head
Grave Digger - Clash of the Gods

August 14
Dubling Death Patrol - Death Sentence
Doro - Raise Your Fist in the Air
Fozzy - Sin and Bones
In This Moment - Blood

August 21
While She Sleeps - This is the Six

August 28
Phantom-X - The Opera of the Phantom
I am War - Outlive You All

Obsidian - Call It Quits

What's with the sudden trend of bands calling it a day? Now it's Obsidian's turn. The Dutch progressive death metallers announced today that the band is no more, mostly due to lack of energy and creative inspiration. The band released two albums: Emerging (2007) and Point Of Infinity (2010).

Here is the band's full statement: "Sad but inevitable news from Obsidian. After more than a year of searching for inspiration and energy to re-ignite the metal machine, the oil would not flow anymore. After our latest release Point Of Infinity we noticed that our musical focus had shifted. We thought about (and tried) changing our direction, creating a new set list. Basically to start over again. But we could not find the energy needed to pull something like this off. Individually we still spend a lot of time in making music, so our creative hearts won't stop beating, although it might not be for the same genre in some cases."

"So, from the more than a few bands called Obsidian, there will be one less. We hope that people have enjoyed the music we brought out and urge people to not harm themselves in light of this new perspective of a world without Obsidian. We want to thank everybody who helped Obsidian directly or by just making wind by hair to our music."

Original Website: http://www.metalstorm.net/events/news_comments.php?news_id=17431

Lacrimosa To Release New Album "Revolution", Special Guests Announced

Swiss gothic metal act Lacrimosa will release the new album "Revolution" on September 7th through Hall of Sermon. This is the first Lacrimosa release with Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade) on guitar. The band also announced that the album will feature guest performances by Mille Petrozza (Kreator) and Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept).

The album art for "Revolution" can be seen here:

Original Site: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=83048

Bury Tomorrow Announces European Tour Dates

U.K. based metalcore powerhouse Bury Tomorrow will tour Europe in October/November 2012 in support of the band's new album "The Union Of Crowns."

Commented the band: "We're extremely happy to announce a full euro tour with two of our favourite bands, not to mention close friends, in Bleed From Within and Crossfaith. Having known both bands for ages and being lucky enough to tour Japan with Crossfaith we are expecting carnage. Get your tickets and join the party!"

Dates are as follows:
10.10. B Hasselt - MOD Club
11.10. NL Rotterdam - Baroeg
12.10. D Berlin - Cassiopeia
13.10. D Hamburg - Logo
16.10. CZ Brno - Melodka
17.10. SK Bratislava - U Ocka
18.10. A Vienna - Arena
19.10. H Budapest - Durer Kert
20.10. SLO Ljubljana - Orto Bar
22.10. I Milan - TBC
23.10. I Forli - Big Barre
24.10. I Turin - Lapsus Club
25.10. CH Zurich - Dynamo Werk 21
26.10. D Karlsruhe - Substage
27.10. D Augsburg - Musikkantine
31.10. F Lyon - Marquise
01.11. E Barcelona - Mephisto
02.11. F Paris - Trabendo

Original Site: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=83042

Bornholm Signs With NoiseArt Records To Release New Album "Inexorable Defiance"

NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation are proud to announce the signing of Hungarian black metal horde Bornholm. NoiseArt commented on the band:

"They offer an extremely cold, evil version of black metal which has been made even richer by sickening, epic and mind-blowingly aggressive elements. With their incredible, fantastic visual components such as front cover, booklet artwork as well as the official pictures Bornholm are way beyond the generic crowd and look down on them from a 'throne of crows.' The beast that is 'Inexorable Defiance' will be unleashed early 2013, an extended European tour is in the making."
The band also stated: "Since we have began to work on the new album we felt that is a turning point in our history. We wanted new possibilities, new goals and a higher level of playing this kind of music. Now we proudly announce that we have signed to NoiseArt Records/Rock The Nation and this new era has begun. We want much more concerts in the future and a more professional management and we feel that can be a perfect solution. Our third album 'Inexorable Defiance' is on the way, we are very proud of it, this is a blueprint of the last years full of majesty, medieval feelings and a unique atmosphere."

Check out a making-of trailer for the upcoming "Inexorable Defiance" album below.

Original site: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=83043

Interview: Southern Discomfort

Band: Southern Discomfort
Genre: Southern Metal
Year Formed: 2006
Location: Kassel
Members: Sascha - Guitars
Marcel - Drums
Timo - Bass
Basti - Vocals

Interview Though Email
    How would you describe Southern Metal?
     "For us musically, it's the combination of the heaviest ball busting metal riffs, no matter of which genre, with those swampy blues influences. Beyond that, we think the categorisation of music in general is bullshit 'cause there are no boundaries in music. You can do whatever the fuck you want and thats the cool thing about it. You just play the music you love."

How did the band formed?
     "Me, Sascha (Guitar) and my brother Marcel (Drums) had a Death Metal Band called Cryptic back in 2006 but it went not so well with the project and at that time we get more into that sludge and southern music kinda thing. We listend to bands like Pantera, Crowbar, Down, Eyehategod and black sabbath, we loved that shit from the first song. So we thought, lets do this kinda music."

What is the song "Pounding Snake Eyes" about?
     "Snake Eyes was the first song we ever wrote for the band so you can call it a band classic. The Lyrics are about being pushed around, about growing confidence and revenge for things that other people did to you. It's a classic motive."

When should we expect some new music?
     "At the moment we writing some new songs and the next demo should be recorded in december."

What is your inspiration to write music?
     "That's simple. We are four metalheads that want to play metal. The inspiration is the music we listen to and the will to create our own kind of music."

Why should some one listen to your music?
     "If you want to bang your head or wreck something or just to party hard, it's your kind of music. There's no band like us were we live!!!!!!!! We don't want to fit any trend, Just honest, aggressive metal. Always against the stream. Trendkill!"

Metal Album Review: Living Like a Runaway by Lita Ford

Band: Lita Ford
Album: Living Like a Runaway
Genre: Hard Rock
Released: 2012
Album Number: 8
Album Length: 40.9
Number of Tracks: 10
Favorite Tracks: Branded, Hate, Relentless, Devil In My Head
Rating: 8.5/10
Thoughts: Great Hard Rock album! Maybe my favorite Lita Ford album. There isn't a song that I don't really like. If you like Hard Rock then you need to Check it out!!

Metal Album Review: Raining Rock by Jettblack

Band: Jettblack
Album: Raining Rock
Genre: Rock
Year Released: 2012
Album Number: 2
Length of Album: 54.6
Number of Tracks: 14
Favorite Tracks: Raining Rock, System, Something About this Girl, In-Between Lovers
Rating: 7.5/10
Thoughts: Pretty good albums, only a few songs that I don't like. But this album as a real old school feel to it, and the title track 'Raining Rock' has to be the best song on the album.This album is worth check out!

Interview: Dr. K from The Prowlers

Band: The Prowlers
Genre: Metal
Year Formed: 1996
Location: Rome, Lazio
Members: Vocals – Fabio “Bruz” Minchillo
Guitars – Roberto “Robin” Franzò
Bass – Alex Vincis
Keyboards – Max De Stefano
Drums – Dr. K

Interview Though Email with: Dr. K

Since the band started in 1996, how has the band improved musically?
     "When we started as tribute band, we were quite young and ourtechnical capacities, as musicians, were much lower than now of course. During the first 2 - 3 years we grew up a lot, we used toplay almost every day, looking for gigs wherever it was possible to play! Then, growing up, we’ve started to feel the need to proposesomething of ours…I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s something that every“real” artist feels… So we started to compose our songs, recorded some demos and,finally, we’ve released our firs Album (Souls Thieves) in 2003. Since then, we left the tribute band activity and dedicatedourselves to original music. In 2006 we released our second Album (Devil’s Bridge) and in2009 our third (Re-Evolution). Our music is a mix between Heavy, Power and Prog Metal."

When that band was playing the first gigs with cover songs, besides Iron Maiden, what bands/songs were you covering?
     "We’ve been the first Iron Maiden Tribute Band in Rome for years, we where coveringonly Iron Maiden! Today, only in Rome,there are maybe 4 or 5 Iron Maiden Tribute Bands!"

The band played in the Devilstone Open Air Festival and the Total Metal Festival.How was the bands experience at those festivals? Did one top the other?
     "To play at a festival is always a great experience becauseyou meet lots of bands and you always have lots of fun. Festivals give to your band the possibility to be heard bypeople who didn’t come for you, which means to get some new fan! Devilstone and Total Metal Festivals have been quitedifferent, personally I enjoyed more the Devilstone because of the location (a wonderfulforest close to a big lake) and the huge number of bands and metal fans!" 

What is the overall sound from you latest album "Re-Evolution"?
     "It’s more Power Metal than the previous one and songs are a bit more “commercial”. It’s the last Album that we’ve recorded with the originalline-up, in 2009 both guitar players left the band and have been replaced byone."

When should we expect to hear some new music?
     "We’ve ended recordings and mastering of our 4th Albumat the end of 2011. Unfortunately we are struggling a lot to find a Label to release it, even if I’m sure that it’s our best Album, both from the technicalthan the artistic point of view. The crisis that is sweeping the music industry is quitestrong, but I’m sure that we’ll come out from it soon!!"

Interview: Joonas Koto from Malpractice

Band: Malpractice
Genre: Metal/Progressive
Year Formed: 1994
Location: Kouvola/Kotka/Helsinki
Members: JOONAS KOTO - Guitar

Interview Though Email with: Joonas Koto

You started off as a Thrash Metal band, why did the band change over to a Progressive band?
     "We always had progressive elements even when we played more Thrash oriented metal. Our influences were always more from the progressive side of Thrash and metal/rock. The Progressive stuff just seemed more musically appealing. We still haven't totally cast aside those Thrash elements

How does the music you were making in your first album "Of Shape and Balance" (1998) differ from the music you are making now?
     "First of all it's more focused and better written mainly because of the amount of experience gained throughout the years. The basic building blocks are still the same: Complex guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies with a lot of harmonies. Of Shape And Balance was a bit all over the place arrangement-wise so I guess you could say we're more mature musically nowadays."

How do you feel about your career so far?
     "There's been a lot of ups and downs that's for sure. But mainly I'm happy that we have had the possibility to make our own kind of music without making compromises. Of course it would be great to get more success internationally, but that's something you can never know. It's been a long road since 1994 but definitely worth every struggle."

Why did you start this band?
     "Why do people start bands in the first place? For the love of music and as an outlet for creativity and expression. And of course to have a blast with good friends."

When should we expect to hear new music?
     "We have already recorded the drum tracks for our next album. Guitar sessions are on as we speak. If everything goes well, the next album will be out within 6-8 months. The new material is even more versatile than before. Both extremities, the melodiness and Thrashiness have been stretched further once again. So watch out! We're not done yet!"

Interivew: Fang VonW. from Lords of the Trident

Band: Lords of the Trident
Genre: Metal
Year Formed: 2008
Location: Madison, WI
Members: Fang VonW. - Lead Vocals
Killius Maximus - Lead Guitar
Asian Metal - Lead Guitar
Pontifex Mortis - Lead Bass
Sledge Garrotte - Lead Drums

Interview Though Email with: Fang VonW.

How does the music you recorded in "Death or Sandwich" differ from the music in "Chains on Fire"?
     "The first album ("Death or Sandwich") was a lot more haphazardly put together than "Chains on Fire". This was the first time we had ever recorded an album, and we recorded the songs as we wrote them. Due to this, we recorded on a large array of different amps and setups. Chains on Fire was a much more concentrated effort, and the production is much improved. In terms of the songwriting, a large majority of the songs off of the first album were written or co-written with our original guitarist, the Socrates of Shred, who is no longer with us. Asian Metal and Killius Maximus have easily picked up the the songwriting duties, however, so we never really had a break from creating new material."

Do you have a favorite out of the two?
     "Definitely "Chains on Fire". We're always trying to create better songs, or songs that speak to us currently, so I think we usually gravitate towards recommending our new stuff. There are some fantastic songs on "Death or Sandwich" as well, though."

How did the band improve in between those two albums?
     "There was a huge amount of change that happened between the first album and the second. We lost two founding members of the band, and were lucky enough to replace them with equally talented immortals of metal. We solidified ourselves as a band by playing a large number of live shows, and growing our fan base by touring around the Midwest. I learned how to record more instruments more skilfully. Lots of change!"

How did the band up come with there names?
     "Pssh, foolish mortal! These are our birth names! We only use our invented "human names" when we have to check into a hotel all incognito-like. Or on standardized tests. You know how they have those boxes where you can write your name, and they only give you so many boxes to use? Usually "Fang VonWrathenstein" is far too long for the amount of boxes provided. I thought "Ty" would be a much shorter name to use."

How bands influence your music?
     "Since we've been playing metal since the dawn of time, technically most bands are influenced by us. Iron Maiden totally ripped off our schtick. If I had a pick bands that closely resemble us, and that we enjoy listening to, I'd say Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dream Evil, Dio, Savatage, and possibly Scar Symmetry."

How would you describe your band?
     "Lords of the Trident is the most metal band on earth. Our metal's so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Our amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on our door and asked us to "please turn down". Don't let your girlfriends near LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, 'cause our music is guaranteed to make panties explode. You think you're bad? While you're watching our sweep picking wondering how we bend space-time to fit all the notes in, we'll punch you right in the face without missing a beat."

When should expect to hear some new music?
     "We're currently working with industry mogul Martin Atkins (Drummer for Nine Inch Mails, Killing Joke, and Pigface) on the next EP. We should hopefully be headed to the studio in a few months, and you'll probably get to hear the new stuff shortly after that!"

Metal Album Review: City of Vultures by Rise to Remain

Band: Rise To Remain
Album: City Of Vultures
Year released: 2011
Genre: Metalcore/Heavy Metal
Album Number: 1
Album Length: 45:21
Number of Tracks: 12 and 4 bonus tracks
Favorite Tracks: The Serpent, Illusions, and Nothing Left
Rating: 7/10
Thoughts: I really enjoyed the album it only had one track I didn't really enjoy but the rest are good there was a few that really stood out and especially The Serpent, and Illusions they went right into the workout playlist.

Interview: Sassy and Rotten from Reactive Black

Genre: Dark Rock, Goth´Rock, Doom Blues
Location: Hamburg/ Germany
Members:Sassy Skeleton/ Vox and Lyrics
Rotten/ all Instruments/ Programming, Lyrics/ Production

Interview Though Email with: Sassy and Rotten

 How did you come up with your name?
     Rotten: "The name REACTIVE BLACK refers to a chemical fomula of a dye. This so called "reactive dyes" act on the atomic level of the material to be dyed. Anyone who has ever worked with this dye , especially the  BLACK coloured ones, know, everything came together with the dye is permanently black, [...]
And this is how we see the world, for our belief, we got both sides inside of us, good and evil, light and shadow, etc. AND we should be aware of and should explore them, NOT hide them. Human depths are much deeper than we think. And this is REACTIVE BLACK is about, the dark and too often hidden sides of mankind."
     Sassy: "The name means to us a kind of black reaction to the dishonest society, the thought of the western world with her​​, for us, false values​​, and against the religions that deceive people and oppress them. Religion themself use people as stupid instruments for their needs and justify their actions against other people or unbelievers in the name of their damn god !Whether this is Christianity, Judaism or Islam or whatever .... any religion that oppresses its people and blind them, can not be right.
It's our black attitude, you know,  we "react" at least with our music against this damned world outside. The "stupidity"and the "mass conformity" of the people gives us our blues to do our thing."

When you guys started in 2005, did you think that you would still be going strong today?
     Sassy: "Hmm, the question gets back to you...what does it mean for you to be "still going strong"? Do you mean it in the direction of being successful?
So the question is: what does it mean, to be successfull? To sell thousands of records and have enough money not to have a small job? Going the commercial way, or just do your own thing?! I think, if you want to artistically express yourself through music or any kind of art because it is a part of your life, it is not so important how successful you are, because as long as you do it, it's you."

     Rotten: "I totally agree! Of course, you use opportunities that arise here and there, and rejoice over any type of sales and distribution, especially in these times. But above all, music is my therapy, my daily drug, my way to endure through the pain that we call life! Some speak of success only in terms of money or making money. I am quite sure - and definitely - not a capitalist and I wish this kind of thinking and the moral values of this civilization straight to hell! In my opinion, anyway it is time for a new revolution in order to reset some things and completely rearrange or bild them up new!"

What are some future goals for Reactive Black?
     Rotten: "....to continue to be ourselves?! Of course you put your budget as certain limits. So, playing live at the moment means as well a huge financial outlay, we can hardly cope alone. As well the live situation is totaly down!
We'll see what happens. As well, we are working on a more "unusal" video! Unfortunately we experienced some bitter disappointments with our current partners in distribution and promotional ways. We sometimes really wonder ...but thats another story....
At the moment we are as well working on some remixes for some other bands! We've got our hands full!"

     Sassy: "Oh, yes! [..] Our third CD is already finished, but our actual so called partners seems  to be no longer be the right one. Maybe we release the album by ourselves. It can hardly be more disastrous, but the last words on that are not spoken yet! But first will shortly launch a fee-based download EP."
Why start a Gothic Metal band?
     Sassy: "I wonder if it's really gothic metal?!  I think, it´s more a combination of gothic rock, dark rock with heavy guitars and melodic keyboard, maybe it sounds here and there like gothic metal, but we call it "doom-blues"!"
     Rotten: "Hu, I personally have never thought about what musical direction I use or want to use!  I think my influences are too complex. I think we are combining many things 70ies rock, Metal, Punk, Doom, Wave, Gothic, Electronic influences etc. I don´t really know, hard to describe.....but all in all it is very emotional as well as dark and delicious!"
     Sassy: "Yep, that´s right! You know, we need our music to express ourselves, so it could  even be some kind of "dark pop", lol....why not?! I do not think you need the pain to get any pruning, only because you have to fit into any drawer."

     Rotten: "Well-worded!"

You have two full-length albums out (If I am correct) "Upcoming Evil" and "A New Dawn...", where can some one go to get these albums?
     Sassy: "That's right! As already mentioned, we are currently not very happy with our co-operation partners! So, many thing have to change before the next release! Well, for Europe you can get our CD´s at your local record store and for the digital thing use Itunes, Amazon and this things! As well, we sell our CD by ourselves worldwide via our webshop, BUT we´ll sign them and send them with a little goodie!"                                                                                                                                                                                               So, take a look here: www.reactive-black.net/merch.html  Feel free to order! 

How do the two albums differ from each other?
     Rotten: "Well, when we started Reactive Black in 2005, of course, some songs came into the race with which I already finished, but they needed some kind of a special sounding voice, not one of those opera singers or growls. So, when I first met Sassy, I decided to offer her 3 of this songs and.....her voice fits wonderful and gave the songs a very unique touch.
I can say, Sassy´s voice is a real trademark of REACTIVE BLACK and I like that!!!
We both got very excited about the results and for the rest of the writing we've dug ourselves and the result was "Upcoming Evil." 
"A new dawn" was a completely new approach, a real impression of a time, which was not the easiest for me. I had to made many changes in my life and lost friends by death, so say only a few things! All this influences are part of this record, this is how we feel, how we hate and love!!!"

      Sassy: ""a new dawn..."  for me, is more "forward" and heavier than our first album, without loosing  it´s melancholy, we already got on "upcoming evil". But all in all, this musically mixture seems to be very unique and polarising and that´s cool! We walked our way and worked out some kind of "more depth" on the songs or let´s say "this sweet darkness"!"
"i think, when you 're listening to the songs, especially the ones of  "a new dawn..." you have to be in a special mood. It's not an album for party time or goth´ disco events... it's more for individuals who wants to retire from the world outside. How we said, it´s dark and delicious!"
When will listeners expect to hear a new full-length album?
     Rotten: "Well, the new CD is already finished and contains some goodies and collaborations with other well known musicians of this genre. I am very proud of this co-works, but I do not want to talk too much about that!"
"However, in the next few weeks we will release  a download EP, which  gives a little taste of the stuff coming up next!"
     Sassy: "Really soon! But, we'll release the new album when we think the time is right for it. In these days, we will see, what comes."

Rotten and Sassy:
Thanks, David for this interview for Everything Metal, cheers!
Stay black and be yourself!!!

Interview: Jacob Schmidt from Defeated Sanity

Band: Defeated Sanity
Genre: Progressive Brutal Death Metal
Year Formed: 1994
Location: Berlin, Germany
Label: Willowtip Records
Members: Konstantin Lühring - Vocals
Christian Kühn - Guitar
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Lille Gruber - Drums

Interview with: Jacob Schmidt

Interview Though Email:

What is Progressive Brutal Death Metal?
     "I made that one up haha. Well we are influenced a lot by progressive metal bands like Watchtower, (early) Cynic or Atheist as well as Jazzrock stuff. I think you can hear that in our sound and I figured it is more accurate to be called "progressive" Brutal Death rather than the often used term "Jazz Death Metal"."

What is the Metal scene like in Berlin?
     "It is alright but has seen better days to be honest. Right now the "extreme" music scene here is all about nu-core. There are still a few bands left like Sinners Bleed, Harmony Dies, Requital, In Demise, Cerebric Turmoil, Orth and of course a lot of softer metal Bands as well."

The band is coming out with an album called "Passages into Deformity" in 2013, what should someone expect that album to sound like?
     "People can expect this to be our masterpiece of course. Well everybody says that, I know, but I'm really confident that this is our best material so far and the most worked-out to date composition wise. I think there will be something for everybody: slams, technicality, jazzy parts and of course pure death metal riffing."

Whats that game plan going to record this album?
     "We're going into the studio in September for recording and mixing. We'll be recording live (= all together in a room) again like we did on Psalms but of course with some overdubbing to improve things."

How does the music that band record in "Prelude to the Tragedy" differ from the music being recorded for this album?
      "Prelude was more a compilation of songs written over a couple of years which makes it our least consistent album in my opinion. Nowadays we know better what we want and what exactly we don't. Everybody is contributing and it sometimes really feels like we have the same mind when thinking about riffs."

How did you come up with the name for the band?
     "Lille came up with that in the 90s, long before I was in the band. The name just represents what our lyrics are about: the weak mind, despair and infatuation that are the reason for human cruelty and sometimes also a result of it."

The band started in 1994, How do you feel about the band's career so far?
     "It has been going pretty slow til the late ninetees. Lille and Wolfgang were mostly jamming and recording demos for years before ever entering a stage. From 1998 it all started to shape up and from then with every album we gained more experience and also reputition.
We never made a sudden big step of fame or anything, it was very consistent. Maybe it's the better way..."

Interview: Arthur Migotto from Hazy Hamlet

Band: Hazy Hamlet
Genre: Classic Heavy Metal
Year Formed: 1999
Location: Brazil
Members: Arthur Migotto - Vocals
Fabio Nakahara - Bass
Julio Bertin - Guitars
Cadu Madera - Drums

Interview with: Arthur Migotto

Interview Though Email:
Why did you start this band? And how did you come up with the band name?
     "Well, back in 1999, all we wanted was to play cover of our favorite groups' songs. Needless to say that in very shortly Hazy Hamlet started to writing its own songs. The band name was suggested by Fabio Nakahara, band founder and bassist, and it refers to the sad world we live in. We believe a lot is hidden from us due to the interest of huge corporations, churches and politicians, and so we live behind a curtain of lies, an illusion. They impose us their rules but fill us with cheap entertainment and coax us their lies in a way that we believe it is fine. Blinded by media and promotional brainwash, we even love them! In summary, this planet is a small hazy hamlet, a dense fog of lies."

Whats the Metal scene like in Brazil?
     "You know, Brazil is huge and the metropolitan areas are really far from each other. With very little or no investment at all, it is very difficult for underground acts to promote their work, and even big Brazilian names are struggling. On the other side, true passionate headbangers are numerous, wild, and our country is going through a fertile period when talking about Classic Metal groups."

How do you feel about you debut release "Forging Metal"?
     "We know there are mistakes and sound problems, but we had so many troubles to release it – it took four years from its concept to its release – that we are really proud about it. Although it still has some Power Metal in it, remains from former members, there are many songs that aim at the root of Classic Metal, and the album was really praised by True Metal community. It was the key for taking Hazy Hamlet to be acknowledged and respected worldwide."

How did you come up with that name for the album?
     "We already had composed the homonym song, and we wanted a title that represented all our effort and passion. Something with impact, strength. We then came with all ideas and details for the cover artwork. Promoting the song name to the album title was almost automatic."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "No, not an unanimous one. Each one of us has its favorite. However, we all like Field of Crosses and Chariot of Thor, because of their choruses, transitions and solos with a lot of feeling."

When should we expect to hear some new music?
     "Soon! We've been composing for a new album since February of this year, and in July we were in studio tracking rhythm guitars, basses and drums. In September we'll track vocals and guitar solos. We already have a great cover artwork ready, and if we manage to close a deal with a label for a vinyl press quickly, the album will be released by the end of the 2012."

Why did you choose to release the "Monuments of Steel (True Metal Compilation)" and "The Crimson Cover (Tribute to WASP)"?
     "In fact we did not choose, but we were chosen – and this is very cool! After releasing Forging Metal and some months promoting, the album received a lot of positive critics. Hazy Hamlet was then invited by Bart Gabriel, chief-editor of Poland's Hardrocker Magazine and also producer, to take part on Monuments of Steel compilation, with the honor of featuring aside names like Whiplash, Steel Assassin, Metalucifer ... Parallel to this, we were invited to record a cover song for a tribute to WASP titled The Crimson Covers, which was released by German label Remedy Records. It wasn't easy, but with had a lot of fun!"

How do you feel about your career so far?
     "We've gone through so many problems in these 12 years - health issues, member changes, studio trouble, member moving, promoter default – that we don't even know how we're still together. But we've raised the flag of Brazilian Heavy Metal and we are part of its history now. Add this to lots of delightful moments, and we can assure you we feel really proud about it all. The problem is we're not teens anymore, and accumulated responsibilities are making it harder every day, so we'll bet everything in this new album and put all our passion and effort in it to have a chance to present our Metal worldwide, once and for all."

Metal Album Review: Rise by Icarus Witch

Band: Icarus Witch
Album: Rise
Release: OUT NOW
Label: Cleopatra Records
Album Length: 45.6
Number of tracks: 12
Favorite Tracks: The End, (We Are) The New Revolution, Break The Cycle, In The Dark, Last Call for Living
Rating: 8/10
Thoughts: Nothing that will blow your mind or anything, but it is still a solid album. If you like the sound of Judas Priest or old school metal then this will be an album that you like to have.

Metal Review: Native Blood Single by Teatament

Band: Testament
Single: Native Blood
For Album: Dark Roots of Earth
Year Released: 2012
Label: Nuclear Blast
Rating: 10/10
Thoughts: This is a great song, sorta has an old school testament feel to it, like Practice What You Preach. Can't wait for the album to come out

You can buy the single here!

Also Pre-order the album here!!

Interview: Andrey Aza from The Name

Band: The Name
Genre: Progressive Metal/Metal
Location: Bilbao, Vizcaya, Es

Interview with: Andrey Aza

Interview Though Email:
What are some of the bands that influence you music?
     "There are a lot of bands and names of musicians that all members of 
The Name we follows during our lifes, but the most important bands 
would be these:
Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Pink Floyd
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Spiritual Beggars
Paradise lost"
How would you descride your music?
     "Well, each one of us - band's members - have his own influence, favourite music style, own mode of instrument playing, etc., so the combination of all of us, appends to our music touches of force, melody, feeling, rhythm and so, represented in differente rock and  metal styles. The union of all I could describe like contemporary metal, loyal to the classic heavy metal, with some touches of 
progressive metal and classic and hard rock. Our music is the expression of the filling of the 5 members of the band, so the basic style adquieres varied touches of different styles."
What is your writing process?
     "Usually is the singer, me (bass player) or solo-guitarrist brings to our rehearsal hall, the idea, like giutar riff, or chord progression, and all band begins working in the idea, developing the song. This is the more pleasant process, but is the most uneffective, because there are a lot of differences in our opinions, so is difficult to come to an agreement. The most effective method is to develop our own ideas each one of us at home, an than bring semi-finished ideas to the rehearsal and terminate it in team."
How do you get ready for a show?
     "Many people could think that, being the metal band, we get a lot of  beers, whiskyn and other stuff before the show and than we go plaing... But no, our way is taking a look on the choreography notes, more difficult parts of the songs, cable connections, and so. I think we are a bit responsible so we would prefere to have everything ready to show, to play nervousnesslessly, and enjoing our music, the show and people reception."
How do you feel about the band's career?
     "The music is our hobby, but, we feel us "musicians". The musis is that we like and appreciate, the music is a part of our lifes, so we're trying to "make a step". We're looking for shows, for the artistic 
agencies who helps us to prepare the shows, for the discographyc agencies to distribute our CDs, and so: we are musicians, so we're working in our ideas making music, and we hope we will make a step to pass to the next "music division"."

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