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Black Country Communion WIth New Album Details

Afterglow, the new album from the hard-rock supergroup Black Country Communion, has been penned for release on October 30th. Check out the cover art and official trailer for the album below. The album is the band's third and continues in the same vein as the first and second albums.

Singer and bassist Glenn Hughes had the following to say about the new album: "It's kind of a continuation... There's gonna be some darker stuff on there, because the lyrics I'm writing are kind of dark. There may be some moments of drama in there, I like drama in the music. So the songs I have ready are definitely a continuation of [the first and the second albums]."

Original Site: http://www.metalstorm.net/events/news_comments.php?news_id=17645

GEOFF TATE - The Voice of Queensryche To Tour With ALICE COOPER

GEOFF TATE - THE VOICE OF QUEENSRYCHE will be joining the legendary Alice Cooper this November for a string of dates in Canada. So far, the tour will hit seven different cities including Calgary, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat, Dawson Creek, Edmonton and Vancouver. The solo tour will feature a vast selection of Queensryche songs, spanning the gamut of the band's immense hit-laden catalog. "I'm going to reach way back on this tour and look forward to coming at you with everything I have and more," states TATE. More dates are expected to be announced in conjunction with the release of Geoff's forthcoming solo CD, slated to be released this fall on InsideOut Music.

This Saturday night, August 25 at 11:00pm eastern/pacific, VH1's That Metal Show (Season 11 / Episode 3) will feature GEOFF in a brutally honest and candid interview (taped earlier this month) where he discusses the recent events with his former band mates and what lies ahead...


November 7, 2012 - Southern Jubilee Auditorium / Calgary, Alberta, CAN
November 8, 2012 - TCU Place / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN
November 9, 2012 - Mosaic Place / Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
November 11, 2012 - Medicine Hat Arena / Medicine Hat, ALB, CAN
November 13, 2012 - Escana Events Centre / Dawson Creek, British Columbia, CAN
November 14, 2012 - Northern Jubilee Auditorium / Edmonton, ALB, CAN
November 16, 2012 - Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC, CAN

Original Site:

Grave Digger Premieres New Video

Grave Digger have premiered the video for their new single 'Home At Last' exclusively on Metal Hammer Germany's website. The video can be watched at this location. 'Home At Last' is taken from the band's upcoming studio album "Clash Of The Gods", which is set to be released on 31st August in Europe, and 4th September in North America through Napalm Records.


Megadeth To Begin Pre-Production This Week

Megadeth will begin work this week with producer Johnny K (Machine Head) in California for their next full-length album, tentatively due out in early-2013. Frontman Dave Mustaine had the following to say: "[Johnny] is arriving tomorrow to start pre-production on the new CD. This should be a very interesting record."

I can not wait for another Megadeth album. The last Megadeth Albums have been awesome!!

Will you get it?

Original Site: http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/272/26081/MEGADETH-To-Begin-Pre-Production-This-Week

Interview: Vince Levalois from Psychosis

Band: Psychosis
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 1989
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Members: Bruce Hall - Vocals
Kragen Lum - Guitar
Vince Levalois - Guitar
Jason Mirza - Bass
Jimmy Schultz - Drums

Interview Though Email With Vince Levalois

How has the band impacted the Thrash Metal scene in Los Angeles?
     "Since Psychosis has been around for so long, technically since about 1988 or so, we've made somewhat of a mark on the scene.  Our EP "Lifeforce" is recognized as a highlight of Thrash at the time and can be found on several websites as being somewhat influential.  Still, the scene in L.A. has never really been that good overall for Metal believe it or not.  Crowds here aren't as rabid as in other parts of the country or Europe for that matter."
Why did the band disband in 1993?
     "We didn't really disband, we changed our name to Prototype and got a new drummer and bass player.  Kragen and I have been the stable core of the band from the beginning.  At the time we got a letter from another band called Psychosis that was threatening to sue us over the name.  Even though we knew we had possessed the name longer than this other band, we were changing directions in sound and just decided to change the band name ourselves."
During the time the band was not together what were the members doing?
     "The only time Kragen and I weren't together was for a brief period of time in 1997.  Other than that, we've always been working on music.  Psychosis lay dormant from 1993 to about 2007."
How has the band improved since 1989?
     "Needless to say we're all a bit more experienced at what we do as well as better players overall.  We're focused on making quality Thrash and so far so good!"
On the band's website the first song on the music page is 'Face of War' what is the theme behind this song?
     "Here's what Bruce had to say about it:  "Well...effectively it is anti-war, anti-violence.  It is saying how humans have to overcome their nature which is cowardly, weak, and scared.  Our vicarious thrill from violence is kinda chicken hawky.  Most Americans won't fight for anything but they love people fighting, y'know?""
When should expect some new music?
     "We're working on a new 5 song EP which we should have ready in a few weeks.  We'll have a Kickstarter campaign with some exclusive items to stay tuned!"


The Into Darkness can not participate in the Covenant Metal Fest due to some commitments. The band will not be replaced with another group.





21 & 22 Settembre 2012 /21 & 22September 2012



h.20.00 pm - Venerdì21 Settembre 2012 / Friday, September 21, 2012

INTO DARKNESS (ita) - Obscure OldDeath Metal
NECRO (ita)- Old Skull ’90 Death Metal
INFEREN (ita) - Thrashing Black Metal
UNCTORIS (ita) - Macabre and Obscure Black Death Metal
MEFITIC (ita) - Morbid Death Black

After Show Metal VJ SET
h.14.30 pm - Sabato 22 Settembre 2012 / Saturday,September 22, 2012


MORTUI CORPUS (ita) - Death Metal
MEPHETH (ita) - Thrash Death Metal Mosh
DEATH THE BRIDE (ita) - Storming Thrash Death
ULVEHARR (ita)- Pagan Death Metal
CANNIBE (ita) - Grinding Metal Madness
VERATRUM (ita) - Spiritual Death Metal

Aperitivo/Drink with Metal VJ SET
h.20.30pm - Sabato 22 Settembre2012 / Saturday, September22, 2012


SOULPHUREUS (ita) - Blackned Death Metal
ADVERSAM (ita) - Fats Evil Black Metal
IMAGO MORTIS (ita) - Occult Black Metal

After Show Metal VJ SET

Via Taramelli n° 6, 24030
Clusone - Val Seriana (Bergamo)
nei pressi della discoteca/near the disco Afrostation
Cell. +39 347 6652710 - Michele
www.beerhouseclusone.it- info@beerhouseclusone.it

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Delta Sound Service: www.deltasoundservice.it

Album Review: Boundaries by In Dying Arms

Band: In Dying Arms
Album: Boundaries
Genre: Melodic Deathcore/Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Year Released: 2012
Album Number: 3
Number of Tracks: 10
Rating: 8.5/10
Thoughs: Lacking nothing. Any fan of Metalcore will love this album, this album is just great. You need to listen to this album. If you like breakdowns, trust me, they have plenty of that.

Otep Announces Two New Albums

Otep has announces the release of her first ever live album to be released November 2012. And to release her sixth studio album in January 2013.

Are you ready?

Original Site: http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/301/26078/OTEP-Announces-Two-New-Albums

Album Review: Outlive You All by I Am War

Band: I Am War
Album: Outlive You All
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year Released: 2012
Album Number: 1
Number of Tracks: 15
Rating: 8.5/10
Thoughts: From the first track 'Don't Worship Assholes' to the last this album is fast, intense, and in your face. This is a great album to start off with. Hardcore/Punk fans will love this album. And if your not a fan of that genre still need to give this album a listen to.

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Video of the Week: Week #1

This weeks 'Video of the Week' is Kingdom of Sorrow - "Lead Into Demise" (Performance Cut).

This song is off from Kingdom of Sorrow's self titled debut album.

Let us know what you think!


I'm waging the war
in a shattered city
Accused and condemned
Imprisoned by a man's word
Made to bear witness
Raped into submission
The most severe price

No name, no voice, no face
Victims of deranged injustice
Inhumanity, Instability
Straight jacketed by tradition
Fear and desperation in an enclosed world
Lifting the veil

Lead into demise
Imprisoned by a man's word
Intimidation into power
with ruthless force
The slightest provocation
evokes their crimes
Now law is absent

Incecurity, Inhumanity, Instability
No name, no voice, no face
Victims of deranged injustice

Lead into demise
Imprisoned by a man's word
Lead into demise
Now bear witness to my sacrifise

I've been lead into
Led into demise
and I paid the most severe price
Imprisoned by a man's word
I've been lead into
Led into demise
and I paid the most severe price
Imprisoned by a man's word
Into demise
Now bear witness to my sacrifise
Into demise
Now bear witness to my sacrifise
Into demise

Album Review: Misadventures by Such Gold

Band: Such Gold
Album: Misadventures
Genre: melodic hardcore/punk
Year Released: 2012 
Album Number: 1
Number of Tracks: 11
Rating: 8/10
Thoughts: Pretty solid album, any one who is into the Hardcore/Punk scene would like this album. At first, I am not going to lie, but I didn't like the album, but it is one of those albums that just grows on the lister and the lister starts to like it. This album is worth a listen.
What do you think of the album?

Interview: Danny Lilker from Nuclear Assault

Band: Nuclear Assault
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 1984
Hometown: New York, NY
Members: Danny Lilker
John Connelly
Scott Harrington
Glenn Evans

Interview Though Email With Danny Lilker

The bands last release was in 2005, Third World Genocide, how do you feel about that album?
     "To be honest, I do not like that album, and I actually regret releasing it."

How does that album differ from the music the band was making in the beginning?
     "It doesn't have the intensity of the older stuff, there's too much mid-paced material and not enough   all-out thrash."

The band appeared in the Metal Merchants Festival in Oslo, Norway in 2011, how was that experience for the band?
     "That was a GREAT show! It was the band's first time ever up there, and it was fucking killer."

You band Brutal Truth latest album, "End Time", that came out 2011 what is the over all sound of that album?
     "Ultra hi-speed chaotic grind, yet also filled with memorable riffs at the same time."

What is the future for the Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth?
     "Nuke is pretty much over, but BT is writing music for a split with Bastard Noise and lining up festivals for next year."

Chimpgrinder New Album Oliver

Chimpgrinder has relased there new album "Oliver" on bandcamp.com.

"For twenty years Oliver had been kept in a small, isolated compound. Agent Jefferson was his only friend. He exposed Oliver to the blues, he shared cases of Budweiser with the Astro Chimp as they watched boxing matches and the Discovery Channel, he brought in armfuls of magazines Oliver used to makes collages; Agent Jefferson was the one-time space chimp’s pipeline to the outside world. Jefferson was also the man paid by the government to keep Oliver satisfied and imprisoned. When Oliver found a photo of a certain blonde nurse in the wallet that Jefferson carelessly left out one day, 20 years of friendship, and imprisonment, came to an end. Now Oliver, with blood on his hands, must face the legacy of a past he doesn’t understand and a future that has flashbacks of Centaurus A screaming across his mind."

Tracklist for "Oliver"
01. Warm Beer, Cold Ape (Intro) 00:39
02. I. Turning From the Sun 01:51
03. II. Meetin' My Baby 01:53
04 III. Just an Animal After All 01:45
05 IV. My Crime 1:49
06. V Sacred Ape 02:19
To listen to album go to this link http://chimpgrinder.bandcamp.com/

Soilwork To Enter The Studio

Swedish melodic metal maestros SOILWORK will enter the studio on August 23rd to begin recording the follow-up to their 2010 release The Panic Broadcast.

"It's been a pretty long time coming, but as we speak I'm sitting here smiling my ass off listening to the demos that will forge into The Living Infinite,” commented the group’s towering vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid. “I've been feeling pretty damn restless from this break to be honest with you, therefore it is with great excitement that I've approached this new album. As soon as we started working on songs in March, all my focus and energy went into building this new beast. We're finished writing songs and I'm currently laying down demo vocals and I'm having a blast. I feel very inspired.

Around the time that we released The Panic Broadcast, I moved into a house by the ocean in a tiny fisherman's village. The ocean has given me so much inspiration and raised a lot of existential questions, which will inspire a lot of the lyrics on The Living Infinite, the words Jacques Cousteau used to describe the ocean. Pretentious? Hell yes, but in the most typical SOILWORK manner, with the right intensity, dynamics and melodies to back it up and make it real. I can't wait to team up with the rest of the guys and start putting this album on tape, together with the amazing producer Jens Bogren!"

“It’s almost time to start recording The Living Infinite and I seriously can’t wait,” added drummer Dirk Verbeuren. “The new demos are super intense guitar-wise with tons of harmonies and typical SOILWORK-style riffs. I hear A Predator’s Portrait peppered with some The Panic Broadcast, a hint of Stabbing the Drama and a bunch of new spices thrown in for good measure. We’ve all been writing and arranging like mad for the past few months, now we’re about to get together in the ole rehearsal space to finish everything up. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride folks, and it’ll be captured in stereo by the mighty Jens Bogren. Better sharpen your sledgehammers cause SOILWORK is back!”

The Panic Broadcast debuted on US Billboard charts at #88 upon its release in July 2010.

Original Site: http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/69709/26070/SOILWORK-To-Enter-The-Studio

Dethklok New Album Details Revealed

Dethklok, metal band from Adult Swim's show Metalocalypse, will release "Dethalbum III" this Fall. The album features 12 brand new tracks and is set to hit stores in North America on October 16th through Williams Street Records. The cover artwork and tracklist can be seen below.

 "Dethalbum III" tracklist:

01. I Ejaculate Fire
02. Crush The Industry
03. Andromeda
04. The Galaxy
05. Starved
06. Killstardo Abominate
07. Ghostqueen
08. Impeach God
09. Biological Warfare
10. Skyhunter
11. The Hammer
12. Rejoin

Origin Site: http://www.metalstorm.net/events/news_comments.php?news_id=17614

Interview: Antti Riikonen from Trail of Life Decayed

Band: Trail of Life Decayed
Genre: Groove/Death/Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2008
Location: Tampere, Finland
Members: Antti Riikonen - Vocals
Janne Välilä - Guitar
Jussi Viderholm - Guitar
Joonas Vuomajoki - Bass
Anssi Koivulahti - Drums

Interview Though Email With Antti Riikonen

How did the band come up with the name Trail of Life Decayed?
     "As usual, figuring out a good name for our band was a long process. Several sloppy candidates were circled around, until we somehow came across with Dark Tranquility's first demo. The name of the demo, Trail of Life Decayed, just had a good sound to it, and it kind of stuck. In our opinion, the name depicts well the current state of the humanity and/or the global political situation, which are also discussed in our lyrics. Also, Dark Tranquility is a great band and has affected us in past as musicians."

How did the band do at the first show on November 2009?
     "In our first show in 2009, we had a different drummer than today, Saku, and the band was still kind of finding it's own path. Although it was a first gig for many of us in the modern metal genre, it went pretty well and there were pretty much people in the audience. For a fun fact, Saku actually played the songs from the sheets!"

What was the game plan going to record the band's 4-track EP ”Slave – Inequal – Hostile”?
     "The songs for the new EP "Slave - Inequal - Hostile" had been bounced around for quite a bit already in the first half of 2011, and we decided to create a quick demo of them in the autumn. The demo versions were discussed with our producer / mixer Erno Sallinen, with whom we had already been working with during our first demo "Demo 2010". After some tweaking of the tracks, the drums, the guitars, and the vocals were laid down in our rehearsal room in three weekends during the winter. The lead guitars and the bass were recorded at home in a few days. After a long mixing and mastering period the EP was finished in March 2012."

What should the Lister expect the EP to sound like?
     "The band's music is all about full throttle and brutal fist-in-the-face attitude with groovy flavors, and this is also the case with the new EP. However, we are trying to get across much wider spectrum of the ToLD toolbox, presenting a wider scale of feeling while preserving the undertone of aggressiveness and frustrated anger that ToLD is all about. Also, the sounds on the new EP are fantastic in our opinion!"

When should we expect some new music?
     "We have quite a few new, face smashing tracks that we play around currently in our rehearsal room, and we expect that there will be some new material available during 2013."

Any up coming tour dates?
     "Currently, we have only been performing in Finland, but we would be eager to do some foreign gigs, too! This saturday (25.8.) we will play at Tampere, and there are also some other gigs that we have agreed on, already:

22.9. Tervapääsky, Tervakoski
19.10. Rytmi-Katti, Kouvola
20.10. Back Room, Kotka

Also, plenty of other gig possibilities are being discussed around the country."

Maiden United Streams Clips From New LP "Across The Seventh Sea"

The all-star, all-acoustic Iron Maiden tribute band Maiden United is streaming clips from the forthcoming album "Across the Seventh Sea," which is set for a September 2012 release on CD/vinyl/digital download formats.

Maiden United sees contributions from the following artists:
Damian Wilson (Threshold, Ayreon): Vocals
Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation): Guitar
Joey Bruers (Up The Irons): : Bass
Marco Kuypers (Cloudmachine): : Piano
Mike Coolen (Within Temptation): : Drums
Anneke van Giersbergen (formerly The Gathering): Vocals

The track listing for "Across The Seventh Sea" is as follows:
1. Seven Deadly Sins
2. Only The Good Die Young
3. 2 Minutes To Midnight
4. Prowler
5. Flash Of The Blade
6. Children Of The Damned
7. Infinite Dreams
8. 22 Acacia Avenue
9. The Evil That Men Do
10. Wasted Years

To listen to the samples go to the original Site: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=83727

Municipal Waste Announce Co-Headlining North American Tour With Napalm Death

Metal brethren, we'll make this as quick and painless as blunt force trauma: speed metal punks Municipal Waste have teamed up with grindcore legends Napalm Death for a co-headlining North American fall tour that will make fans around the world chew their arms off in envy!

Launching on October 26th in Springfield, Virginia and presented by AMP and Hails & Horns magazines, direct support on the tour will come from California's own Exhumed and will include one of the following four opening bands (depending on the date): sci-fi Arizona thrashers Vektor, Canadian punk band Dayglo Abortions, Bay Area crossover stalwarts Attitude Adjustment, and Colorado speed thrashers Speedwolf. The tour's added attraction includes guest sets from US grindcore innovators Repulsion, Chicago punks Dwarves, and Seattle's Martha Splatterhead's Revenge.

Just how awesome is this tour gonna be? We present to you with this personal guarantee from drummer Dave Witte of Municipal Waste: "The energy will be off the charts! The tour in general is stacked with great bands and totally worth traveling for. I've been a huge Napalm fan since the beginning and I'm thrilled to be able to combine forces for this tour."

"I've been wanting to tour with Napalm for ages," vocalist Tony Foresta confesses. "I'm so glad this is finally a reality. Waste and Napalm hand-picked all of the openers. We're beyond stoked that all these great bands wanted to be a part of it. We're really excited!"

Municipal Waste will be decimating stages in support of their latest album The Fatal Feast, which was released in April.

Municipal Waste & Napalm Death - North American Tour 2012:
with Vektor
10/26/12 - Empire - Springfield, VA
10/27/12 - Gramercy Theater - New York, NY
10/28/12 - El N Gee - New London, CT
10/29/12 - Middle East - Boston, MA

10/31/12 - Les Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC
11/01/12 - The Opera House - Toronto, ON
11/02/12 - Fun Fun Fun Fest - Austin, TX**
11/03/12 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL***
11/04/12 - Station 4 - St Paul, MN*

with Dayglo Abortions
11/05/12 - Osborne Village Inn - Winnipeg, MB
11/06/12 - Riddell Centre - Regina, SK
11/07/12 - The Pawn Shop - Edmonton, AB
11/09/12 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, B.C.

with Attitude Adjustment
11/10/12 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA w/ Martha Splatterhead's Revenge
11/11/12 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
11/13/12 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
11/14/12 - Observatory - Santa Ana, CA w/ Repulsion
11/15/12 - House Of Blues - Hollywood, CA w/ Dwarves
11/16/12 - Rocky Point - Tempe, AZ
11/17/12 - House Of Rock - El Paso, TX*

with Speedwolf
11/18/12 - Rail Club - Fort Worth, TX***
11/20/12 - Exit In - Nashville, TN
11/23/12 - Kingdom - Richmond, VA
11/24/12 - The Casbah - Charlotte, NC
11/25/12 - The Valarium - Knoxville, TN
11/26/12 - Zydeco - Birmingham, AL
11/27/12 - Siberia - New Orleans, LA
11/30/12 - Terminal West - Atlanta, GA
12/01/12 - Orpheum Theater - Tampa, FL

12/02/12 - Grand Central - Miami, FL Barge To Hell Pre-Party**
12/03-07/12 - Barge To Hell Cruise**

Original Site: http://www.metalstorm.net/events/news_comments.php?news_id=17611

Interview: Kosta Vreto from Wardrum

Band: Wardrum
Genre: Metal
Location: Thessaloniki - Greece
Members: Kosta Vreto

Interview Though Email with Kosta Vreto

How did you begin playing guitar?
     "Actually I begun playing classical guitar at the age of seven and electric guitar at around 13. I started listening to rock music at about 12, but it was only after I heard Uli Jon Roth play "catch your train" that I knew I had to play electric guitar. The funny thing is that in 2010 I had the chance to play in Uli Roth's band for two gigs in Greece and being able to play on stage the song that changed your life with the person that pushed you in that direction is something that words cannot describe!"

How have you improved since you first started playing guitar?
     "I hope a lot [Laughs]. Well I always listen to a lot of different kinds of music and play as well different styles. It's always a struggle evolving your musical abilities, so i try to maintain an open mind and ears. Also I had the privilege to play since a fairly young age with some really great bands and musicians, so that helped very much."

What guitarist influence they way you play guitar?
     "Well there are so many guitarists over the years, but if I had to name just a few, I would say definitely Uli Roth, Greg Howe, Mattias Eklundh, Frank Gambale and Jeff Kollman."

You play for the band Wardrum, how would you describe the overall sound of that band?
     "That's kinda hard. We try not to label our music, but overall I guess the band best fits in the prog-power genre. We try to have as a guiding point the strong vocal melodies and then build around them interesting harmonies. Everything else just comes naturally since that's the way we play..."

What is the future for the band?
     "Only the sky is the limit. We hope to get out there and get our music heard by as many people possible. We love what we do and love working hard on our goals. So far we released two album in two years. There's a Greek tour coming in Autumn and the road goes on."

Arch Enemy Shooting New Music Video, Posts Photo

The Swedish metal squadron that is Arch Enemy has checked in with the following brief announcement about recording a new music video:

"It's 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) here in Cologne, Germany! So, I decided to take a refreshing bath in blood & mud and shoot some scenes for a new video we are working on... Guess for which 'Khaos Legions' song?"

A still photo from the shoot is available below, and you can also watch Arch Enemy's previously posted video for "Under Black Flags We March" at this location.

Original Site: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=83679

Interview: Dennis from Raw Ensemble

Band: Raw Ensemble
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Location: Ulm
Members: Uffe

Interview Though Email With: Dennis

How did the band come up with the album name 'Jesus is Back...And He is Fucking Anrgy'?
     "This is one title of my very first band 20 years ago and it was inspired by a t-shirt I found in Bremen at one shop. The same shirt was mentioned at a Steven King book, I think it was Tommykockers, but I am not shure anymore.
     The lyrics based at the totally misunderstanding of Jesus throuout the Church or even their believers - in a funny way."

What is the overall theme behind that album?
     "We are asking some questions of life (it should be the original title, but the actual is more fun and you will remember it much better)."

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
     "Yes, all of them because we recorded our faves which should give the listener an overlook of our music! [..]
     We have a straight one (Jesus), a fast one (Question) a melodic (Kingdom), a Rocker (ghostrider), a stomper (murder) and a long hymn (Devil)."

How would you describe the overall sound of the band?
     "Blasting Thrash Metal, inspired in between the Bay Area and Germany (of course)."

What is the future of the band?
     "I am not an oracle, sorry!  But I hope we can continue with our after work  band for some more years and play at weekends for friends and fans If they want!"

Interview: Jerry Fielden from AraPacis

Band: AraPacis
Year Formed: 2003
Genre: Hard Rock/Doom/Prog/Classic Metal
Location: Montreal Canada
Members: Lizzie Fyre - Lead Vocals
Jerry Fielden - Guitar, Synths, Back Vocals, Mandolin
Mathieu Roy - Drums
John Yates - Bass, Back Vocals
 Official Site

Interview Though Email with: Jerry Fielden

Can you give a short history of your band?
     "I have been playing in bands since the late 60s and some of my most fun years were in the 70s when I played progressive hard rock, so I talked to two former bandmates from those years and we decided to form a band , which came to life in January 2003. I always intended for it to be female fronted and we went through a lot of lineup changes until it stabilized enough for us to release our first album "So Many Leapers" in 2006. We toured a lot, playing shows with Anvil, Raven and The Agonist and were going to play Europe when the drummer and singer quit at the same time. It was then (January 2007) that Lizzie joined the band and she has been there since, so we played quite a few shows including anotther one with Anvil and started working on our second album "Consequences of Dreams", which took a while, again because of lineup changes but it eventually came out in 2009. We went though a brief break at that point when Lizzie left town, but she returned and we started working on our third album, with drummer Mathieu Roy joining the band in mid-preproduction sessions. We went through several bass players at that point but none of them did the trick, so I ended up playing bass myself on the third album, "Netherworld", which came out in 2012.  We've been promoting it since, playing several festivals this summer and other shows coming up as well. We are working on a video project and other things with our new bass player John Yates, who comes from Cincinnati via New York City. We will be starting writing for our fourth album soon."

How does the music the band made on the third album "Netherworld" differ from the music the band made on the first album '‘So Many Leapers’'?
     "It's much more aggressive and the production is way better. Obviously the vocals are different and challenging and the drums are much more percussive and modern in style. I still like our first album for its diversity and it is the same with all our albums, we are not stuck to one particular style and like to vary and experiment a lot. But I'm happier with Netherworld as we took our time and worked much harder on our sound in the studio. It was fun to have a couple of guest musicians too (Guy LeBlanc from Camel on keyboards and Regan Toews from McGill University on viola)."

What is the overall theme behind the bands music?
     "There are a lot of themes obviously, there is an aspect of humanism vs. religion, love vs. hate, peace vs. war but while those are defining aspects of our view, it's not a monolithic perspective, but a very fragmented one. Expect anything with us, lyrically or musically."

Why did the band choose the name AraPacis?
     "I am a huge Roman History fan, and did one of my University degrees specializing in the Roman Empire period, so I thought the Altar of Peace monument (Ara Pacis) in Rome, which was built by the Emperor Augustus around 8 BCE, would be a fitting name. I contracted the syllables to read AraPacis as to not mistake one for the other and make it easier for people to find using Internet searches."

What is the future for the band?
     "Right now, we are playing shows and festivals this year to promote Netherworld. As I stated earlier, later on in the Fall, we will be working on a video (and another project that will be sort of a surprise for our fans, something pretty cool.) I'm getting ready to start writing some songs soon for our next album as well, and Lizzie and Matt have already written one each."

"Thanks very much for this interview and cheers to all the readers of Everything Heavy Metal! \m/"

Cradle of Filth Reveals New Artwork

On October 30th, CRADLE OF FILTH will release their tenth studio album, "The Manticore And Other Horrors", though Nuclear Blast; You can view the cover Art below

Vocalist Dani Filth commented: "This is our 10th commandment in metal. We have diversified and kept alive the spirit of this band and breathed it into something that I can proudly say, slays like an absolute motherfucker. The Manticore is coming… Long live the filth!" 

Interview: Terry from Scar of the Sun

Band: Scar of the Sun
Genre: Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Location: Athens & Salonica, Greece / London, U.K.
Members: Terry - Vocals, Keys & Programming
Alexi - Guitar
Greg - Guitar
Panagiotis - Bass
Thanos - Drums

Interview Though Email with: Terry

What is Atmospheric Metal?
     "Well, I think the term speaks for itself. Atmospheric Metal is this kind of metal that incorporates ethereal and dramatic elements, it's very emotional and very melodic and usually it's more modern and more commercial than other kinds of metal. Due to it's character it's easier to be approached and appreciated by more people, both in and out of Metal which I find extremely good, because Metal shouldn't be a kind of music for a limited 'portion' of audience. You can say, it gives Metal a good name, [Laughs]
     It includes Gothic and female fronted metal bands also, and it has a big range, from Evanescence to Amorphis, from Lacuna Coil to Type O Negative, form Theatre Of Tragedy to Paradise Lost and from Anathema to Cradle Of Filth (well, they're mainly a black metal band, but very very atmospheric). You can even say that Danzig is atmospheric metal, or even Rammstein and Sonic Syndicate. For some reason it is kinda considered 'cheesy' in the US, but in essence it's not less cheesy than Lamp Of God and Slipknot if you look at it closely.
     Regarding us, atmospheric is just one of our sides, as we are more modern and with some smarter parts, as well as electro. On our new record we will be less atmospheric than our debut and even more modern for sure."

What is the Metal scene like in Greece?
     "We have a quite large metal scene in Greece comparing our size as a country. We have a scene that is flourishing the truth is. Stoner/Sludge metal bands that are playing in a high level, extreme/technical death metal bands, gothic/female fronted bands and a new generation of thrash metal bands that are doing great and they are in a really pro level, but without any similar help from labels as relative bands receive from countries of Central-Northen Europe or the US. We have much less modern metal bands and we are coming to cover this gap, with a more mainstream approach. So far we are financing everything on our own, even if we have a deal with a quite big label (Scarlet Record). They have helped us very much so far the truth is in regards of the promotion of our band, in contrast of what many other labels are doing for their bands today.
     The problem though is that there is a huge prejudice for Greek bands, maybe even due to the economic situation over here. This is where they fail though, cause apart from the fact that metal was always considered revolutionary and there was no space for such conservative and dated prejudices, it is a fact that there are so many metal bands from other countries like the USA, Germany, Sweden or the UK that although they are no better than some bands in Greece, they find it easy to get a deal. Greek band should be 5 times better and spend 10 times more money in order to get a chance. And I can ensure you that the quality of many Greek bands is much better than a lot of crap bands that release albums every month through a well respected label.
     There is a rumor that Greek bands are not reliable, but the truth is that every Greek band that was actually offered a chance to make it, they were all extremely reliable and hard working. Bands like Firewind, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Suicidal Angels and Nightfall work very hard. There are not more than these bands that were given a chance to do something by a big level (yet). Labels should be less prejudiced for sure, Greece has a vast culture & music history and this is obvious in many Greek releases today. This gives personality, originality, style and good taste, so all that is needed are equal chances and treatment from the labels. Being prejudiced is not very wise also... "

On you debut album "A series of Unfortunate Cuncurrencies" How was it working with Bod Katsionis (Firewind)?
     "Working with Bob was extremely easy and great at the same time. The reason is that Bob is a huge musician with a very sharp musical perception, that makes co-operation really easy. You don't need to say much, Bob gets it straight away! We didn't ask him to do something specific, we just presented him a few ideas that he really liked (even due to the fact that they were the most prog ideas of the album), so we all decided to work together on the self titled track. He added a few parts that fitted with the rest and we ended up creating a quite complex, but very interesting song. Basically he was completely free to add whatever he wanted. We trust him so much, because due to his great musicianship he can adapt to the needs of any song and due to his great taste he adds awesome parts. He also played the keys and a piano outro in another track and he also did whatever he thought it was the best, we didn't interfere with guidelines...
     Other than that, it was also easy because he is one of my best friends and we have established a high level of communication. Seriously, it couldn't be easier to work with Bob, it was though a pleasure and an honor for the band."

How was the band's experience at Rockwave Festival 2009?
     "[Laughs], it was a strange experience! First of all, we managed to jump on the bill even before our album was released, we had no label and this was just the 5th live performance of the band!!! This is the biggest summer festival in Greece, it has a story of 16 years and it always has a bill with the biggest bands around. From Sabbath to Priest, from Maiden to Slipknot, it's got anything that's hot. It's not just a metal festival, it's got some days of alternative rock bands and some days of metal. The year we played, there were 2 days of alternative rock and 2 days of Metal, and we played on the first Metal day. The total bill was really great, on the alternative rock days there were bands like The Killers, Moby and Placebo and on the metal days the bill included WASP, Slipknot, Mastodon, Arch Enemy, Down, Kylesa, Monster Magnet, Motley Crue, Saxon, Voivod, Torche and some more, so the experience was mind-blowing, even more considering how early on our career we managed to be on such a bill. But on our day, due to a heavy rainfall some of the bands didn't manage to perform. It was crazy really, there was too much water, much more than you can see in a central European festival, which in a way is normal, because in countries like Greece, the summer rainfall is like an tropic storm. It was really impossible to continue. We managed to complete our set, as well as a couple more bands, but the rest of the day was cancelled. The next day went smooth though, so overall it was a quite strange experience, but definitely positive."

How has the band improved since you first started?
     "Well, I have to say that we have improved in many fields and aspects. First of all, the current line up is the best we ever had, we play together for 3 years now and the bond between us is really strong. This is obvious on stage for example, you see the first tour worked out really well and it was a huge lesson for all of us. If you don't tour, you don't actually see how it works on stage! Another important field is obviously the song writing. This is the most important and most crucial in my opinion! The majority of our first album was composed by me, which was necessary due to the fact that the line up was not completed, but it was not what i wanted. The idea of a band to me is about the team work. I really enjoy to see all the members to contribute on the song writing. This is what a band is, otherwise it's more like a solo project and I don't wanna do that. The current line up is really talented on that field and after many many discussions, hours of interaction and exchanging of ideas we have managed to achieve good chemistry, which is obvious at least to me, on the new songs composed so far. I see that as a very important improvement. On the other hand, after all these years we play together, we have improved as players/performers for sure! Each and every one, on his own field. Plus we have stabilized our style, we know where we wanna go and how to do it, so this is a stylistic improvement as well, if you want. But that doesn't mean that we believe that we have reached the level we want to. Playing in a band is about constant improvement."

How are you getting ready for your tour with Pain, Moonspell, Swallow The Sun and Lake of Tears in November?
     "Well, during the summer we didn't really rehearsed too much, we were all busy, and we needed some time apart after our tour on March/April, but now we have started rehearsing our set for the tour. The experience from our last tour showed us a few things about how to prepare and this has to do more with stage communication. The set we are playing it is the same for the last 5 years, all the songs come from our debut album, so we don't really need much playing rehearsal. It is more about getting in the routine. We're not gonna play new songs yet, we don't think it's necessary because we are still touring for our debut album. So after 5-6 rehearsals we will be back on track regarding our set. We will try to work more on the stage presence which we believe that there is more room for improvement, but the truth is that we will be many adjustments during the tour. The job is getting done on stage really, no matter what you do in the rehearsal room. The truth is out there, [Laughs]"

The band is working on the new album, how is that going?
     "This is the next most important thing for us right now (well, after the tour of course). We are still composing, we have 6 tracks completely ready and 2 more more on a very advanced stage, so that makes almost 8 tracks so far. We hope to finish composing just before the tour starts, so that makes a couple of more songs, for which we have ideas, and maybe we will do a cover as well. If we'll do the cover, it will be something non metal that will undergo a severe experimentation and change, even in the way it is orchestrated. Overall, we have kept some elements from the past, but there is a significant change I would say. I think we are going more mainstream and less atmospheric, but without losing the will to orchestrate our songs in a more interesting way. It is going more towards my idea of 'thinking man's mainstream metal', and the approach is certainly even more modern. This is where we wanted to take our music for this album. We will start recording around Christmas in my studio (this is what I do for a living) and regarding the mixing we will most probably work again with Rhys Fulber in Los Angeles. He is the most suitable person to handle our music, even more now, but there is nothing sure yet. We have talked about it with him and we'll see what we'll do. If we go with Rhys, mastering will be done by Greg Reely again most probably, as they work together many years now and they really do miracles in my opinion!"

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