Everything Heavy Metal: 2012-09-23

Interview With Jig-Ai

Interview with: Brain (guitars, vocals)
What is the Metal scene like in the Czech Republic?
     "It is good in general. We have a lot of bands here, well known festivals such as Obscene Extreme or Brutal Assault and many local shows across the whole country."

What is Grindcore?
     "For me it is the most powerfull and energic music I have ever played. Kind of a lifestyle. Good friends all over the world..."

What was it like doing the split vinyl with ASS TO MOUTH?
     "We have been friends for a long time. We played many shows together and also did Tour de Polgne with them in 2007 where we planned that split. The rest was easy, record that, release that."

What is the future of the band?
     "To make a new CD, play some shows, have a lot of fun for us and our fans."

Arch Enemy – Video For ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’

Arch Enemy’s ‘Khaos Legions’ campaign gathers more steam as the band announce a new video for the song ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’ from the bands latest album ‘Khaos Legions’. Vocalist Angela Gossow of the Sweden based melodic death metal quintet comments, “I’m very pleased we got this video done for one of my favourite songs off the ‘Khaos Legions’ album. The video is quite raw and extreme as it reflects the lyrics very well I believe, dealing with a subject matter close to my heart – animal cruelty and vivisection.”
Angela adds, “We want to thank the good folks at Peta2, Hardforce, Metalitalia and The Metal Circus for supporting a serious subject. All of us have been well aware that a video like this doesn’t find everybody’s acceptance. But rock music was always more than guitar riffs – it’s also the voice of the voiceless.”
This autumn will be see the band trail blaze across European soil with 4 shows in Spain with special support from extreme metal legends Voivod. The year will close with a South America tour ending in Mexico City (where despite the Mayan Calendar the world doesn’t end).
05/10/12 – Hell Inside Festival, Würzburg – Germany
10/10/12 – L’Usine, Geneva – Switzerland
12/10/12 – Blackout Rock Club, Rome – Italy
13/10/12 – Fillmore Live Club, Piacenza – Italy
14/10/12 – Z7, Pratteln – Switzerland
16/10/12 – Gemeindesaal, Kundl – Austria
17/10/12 – Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg – Germany
19/10/12 – Kulturfabrik, Krefeld – Germany
21/10/12 – Le Bataclan, Paris – France
23/10/12 – Totem, Pamplona – Spain
25/10/12 – Capitol, Santiago de Compostela – Spain
26/10/12 – La Riviera, Madrid – Spain
27/10/12 – Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona – Spain
21/11/12 – Teatro Caupolican, Santiago – Chile
23/11/12 – Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires – Argentina
25/11/12 – Carioca Club, Sao Paulo – Brazil
27/11/12 – Club Platense, Montevideo – Uruguay
29/11/12 – Centro De Convenciones Scencia De La Molina, Lima – Peru
01/12/12 – Club Peppers, San José – Costa Rica
04/12/12 – Circo Volador, Mexico City – Mexico

Limited edition 250 copies new EP 7”

Limited edition 250 copies new EP 7”
Drakkar Productions - DKEP016
Laggiù dove muore il giorno, dietro a quelle vette, Il Maestro invoca la grande adunanza… Where the day dies, behind those mountains, the Master evokes the great adunance…
Standard 7” black vinyl EP with stiker and CD-R with the songs Price 6.00 € +shipping
Only standard 7” black vinyl Price 5.00€ + shipping
Scusate non possiamo scambiare / No trades sorry
For more info please contact direcly us: info@imagomortis.net or
Omega Music Entertainment web:
www.omegamusic.org / info@omegamusic.org

Interview with Asaroth

Why did you start this band?
     "Basically we start Asaroth for the simple fact of having a band. Almost all the members have already had a band, but we try to make this one the most serious, sincere and productive project so far."

What inspires your music?
     "In first instance, all our music influences make that we could write some riffs and songs. But others things like feelings (hate and contempt mainly), experiences and even movies or books, can make it all happen."

When should we expect to see a full-length album?
     "We have written two songs for a full-length album but because of other individual projects the band has been somewhat inactive so we could not advance in terms of composition. However, we expect at the end of the 2013 the album will be ready."

How do you feel about you Demo "Genocidio Christiano" and EP "Idolos de Ignorancia"?
     "The experience with “Genocidio Cristiano” was quite pleasant. It was the first recording of the band (and for most, the first recording of our life) and did that all members get linked better since we did the artwork, design, mix, mastering and production. The good reception over Mexico and other countries like Peru, U.S.A. and France makes easier to us to play in several cities of our country.
     With “Idolos de Ignorancia”, the things were different. After many changes of line-up finally the band had stability and we start to record this EP. The process was very slow almost one year between recordings, artwork, mixing, mastering, production and get some copies from the printing. The good of it was that the sound achieved was better than the demo. The presentation and the reception were good but, for the “hiatus” in which we are currently, the promotion has been a little forgotten."

How would you describe your music?
      "Basically we play Death/Black Metal with some touches of Thrash Metal. In terms not musical, we try to sound like an expression of destruction, war, hate, rebellion and make with it that the Christianity and the others religions get crumble."
What is the message behind your music?
     "The first idea of the band was express anti-Christianity. But as we mature as a band we try to send a message of liberation from religions trough any possible method to materialize as human beyond the submissive beings exposing in our lyrics the abominations, lies and inconsistencies behind religion, their preachers, followers and other beings corrupters of the world."
What are the goals for the band?
     "Actually we’re ending the recording of three songs from a Split album with the band Chainsaw called “Devouring Christianity”. We hope the CD be released at the end of this year only need work on the mastering of our songs, artwork and production. After that we retake the composition, doing some shows at the beginning of the 2013 and in the middle of the same year be ready to enter to the studio to record the first full-length."

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