Everything Heavy Metal: Distured's Frontman Producing Trivium Upcoming Album?

Distured's Frontman Producing Trivium Upcoming Album?

     Yes it is true, David  Draiman is producing Trivium's new album. Is this a sign that Trivium will try to be more mainstream? Or is Trivium just trying to add a Big Name person to the albums so it can get more media attention?

     Well it is not like Trivium isn't going bad. With three albums (In Waves, Shogun, and The Crusade all come into the top 25 of the Billboard Top 200 and all last about 4 weeks. But are they looking for a number 1? Looking for an album to last more than 4 weeks? Well they try to go mainsteam to get this? And that is asking to those people who don't already think that Trivium is already in the mainstream.

     And a lot of people are still waiting for them to stop sounding like Metallica and create there own sound. Then again people think that have created it.

     But bringing David is just them trying to make a good album and an album that sells. Well they keep making the same music or will they take a different route, we wont know till the album comes out.

So until then, do you think that this is a good move? Do think the band's sound will change? Looking forward to there new album?

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Article: http://www.metalinjection.net/shocking-revelations/disturbeds-david-draiman-producing-new-trivium-album


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